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  1. Question, what happens if you have excess FCC in paying off a final payment? What happens to the excess?
  2. Quantum has more variety in their port visits. We sailed on Ovation last year and really enjoyed it. And we have 3 cruises in 2021 to Alaska, 2 on Quantum and 1 on Ovation. I think both are good options
  3. Don't know if this is magical, but here goes. The plumbing failed on the Radiance on one of our cruises. DH got up and used our bathroom. He said whatever you do, don't do anything in the bathroom. Well as soon as he said that I had to go....with no where to go. So I started exploring the ship in the middle of the night with no one around....trying to find working amenities. Well my brain finally woke up and I decided to go to the opposite end of the ship from where our cabin was and found what I was looking for. The ship was amazingly quite and serene on my sojourn. All this resulted in a $300 OBC from the captain for everyone on the ship.
  4. There are also great prices on this itinerary on September 13, 2021.
  5. Club Royal can do it even if you booked directly with Royal consultants
  6. We too usually cruise on Royal Caribbean but have been on the royal princess twice. We had L502 in January. The location on the lido deck is very convenient but there is some motion constantly. I was not bothered until late in the cruise when I got my first case of vertigo on a cruise. My husband who is prone to seasickness was not bothered at all. Go figure.
  7. Thank you very much. Did not want to call RCCL during the Corona Virus Chaos
  8. Does anyone have information on when the Future Cruise Credit is issued for the deposit (minus the cancellation penalty)? I would like to apply it to another cruise that I already have booked. I never canceled before so any information is appreciated.
  9. The last sea day sailing back to California will be rough. Every Mexican Rivera cruise I have taken (10+) has been the same. It will also be colder than you expect on the last sea days
  10. We also had tags torn off in San Pedro. I guess they didn't like our tip
  11. Anyone have a suggestion for a reliable car service LAX to San Pedro and return to LAX at the end of the cruise?
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