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  1. For the most part, we always use cash at the casino. We have a gambling budget, and that helps us stay within our means. There are occasions when I'll buy chips on my S&S card. I hardly worry about the 3%, since it's far less than a minimum bet of blackjack. And since I'm gambling, I'm hoping to recoup that 3% quickly 😉
  2. ....then what is your purpose for comments on this board other than soliciting crude remarks? It's obvious you "know it all", so......
  3. Just got off the Getaway. Probably one of the worst debarkation ever! If you're doing self assist, getting off the ship and thru customs, an earlier flight is possible. Took 75 minutes to get off last week....next time, less luggage and self assist!!
  4. Have utilized the Social Media Pkg on other cruise lines as means to stay in touch back home. Seems this may be fairly new to NCL. Pros...Cons??
  5. Enjoyed your review! I too, am a seasoned CCL cruiser, and will be giving NCL Getaway a try in October. Will look forward to your review of that ship
  6. There is a "vegetarian" option on the menu as well. Perhaps some days the selection will work well with the Keto. Just let that bread basket pass right on by!
  7. Charleston is an easy port to get to for a quick cruise. Doing a girls cruise on the Ecstasy April '19. Sailed the Fantasy a few times when she was ported there. Love the smaller ships
  8. I've seen some funny and interesting stuff while in the Muster Drill lines. Added "free" entertainment! Just thankful we don't have to bring our life vests and have to return back to the cabin. Take your time...no rush...enjoy!
  9. Loved your review! Sailing the Getaway in October with friends. Will link this review to our FB group.
  10. There is always a placard with the name of the drink and the cost on the servers tray when serving up the DoD
  11. I sent an email a couple weeks ago requesting info on excursions/tours. Have yet to get a response. Will be there Oct 15th on the Fantasy.
  12. Personally, I really like Milagro. Great for mixed drinks and still a good "shot" tequila
  13. Your review was awesome! Just like a good book, I couldn't stop reading. (took two afternoons) Sailing this itin with a large group of friends on October 26th. This review has helped me out immensely. I've recommended it to friends who will be arriving in SJ a few days earlier. Will definitely help them to get around.
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