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  1. It's a 3+ hour trip. I'd just rent a car. This should probably be in the Florida departures subforum.
  2. It depends on the cruise ship schedule each day but Royal seems to most commonly dock at Pier B which is the next pier south-southwest of Mallory Square. If you look on Google Maps satellite view - it's the pier with the larger of the two ships
  3. This is the earliest I can find currently 5 Night Labadee Cruise Oct 24, 2021 . Now that the Local ordinance is preempted, I won't be a bit surprised if earlier trips get added. Earliest Carnival cruise I can find is Oct 11th
  4. I'm guessing the cruise ship ban is finally about to officially get preempted https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2021/1194 6/28/2021 • Signed by Officers and presented to Governor
  5. Agree with the above - it's not a lot of time. What you "MUST" do depends on what you like to do.
  6. I didn't have to have to decide - Royal decided for us by cancelling all NJ cruise in August. We did take the money this time though (the cruise was already a rebooking with FCC from last year). I'm not willing to take a chance on sailing with unvaccinated people and having an outbreak ruining my trip. Pretty disappointed in Royal for backing down on their requirements. Hopefully it works out for them, though there's a good amount of evidence of what happens when lots of unvaccinated people are clustered together. I'm not interested in being part of their experiment.
  7. This was a component of the bill that was voted for so I think there's no discussion to be had Prohibiting cruise ships with a capacity of 1,300 or more persons. YES: 7,852 (61%) NO: 5,087 (29%)
  8. 60 days - that's what I was missing. Certainly convenient timing. It gives little time for anyone to try and block it depending on when (if) cruising does resume this summer.
  9. Do you know if it would have defaulted to law by now? I can't find anything after that April 29th article
  10. Florida state officials not releasing medical examiners' coronavirus death data More data without context. 7 of the top 10 States with the highest death rates are also where the pandemic first exploded. As doctors learned how to treat the severely infected, death rates went down. Unless, you're claiming that FL is better at treating patients that NY, MA, CT, NJ,etc. but you;re gonna need evidence to support it. From that same source, there also this story Florida state officials not releasing medical examiners' coronavirus death data
  11. While I agree that Florida's handling of the pandemic has been "less than optimal", citing the raw data doesn't prove anything. 2482 new cases doesn't mean much on it's own. 2500 out of 200 million residents would be pretty good, out of 2 million would be alarming. FL has the 3rd largest population in the US. Even if the infection rate was perfectly distributed in every state, FL would have 3rd highest infection count. That's why the "per 100k" is so important. FL's 7 day moving average is currently 102 per 100k. I do however believe FL is still a high infection rate compare
  12. I won't actually see it in a different light. So I take it there are no physical requirements to be able to ride on amusement park rides (as one example) in CA? Based on your interpretation of that code, they are not allowed to "discriminate" due to height or weight or any other physical issue on the list of "medical conditions that prevent you from going on this ride"? By that same logic, cruise lines would not be allowed to prohibit pregnant women from cruising in their third trimester. I'll quote Disney's policy, but plenty of other lines (maybe all of them - I'm no
  13. Nobody is taking away anybody's "freedom over their own body". Cruising is not a right. You want to get on a cruise ship - you need to meet some requirements and one of those - for the time being at least - should be proof of vaccination against a virus that has been clearly shown will infect a large number of passengers given the slightest opportunity. HIV is is no way analogous to Covid - it doesn't spead like fire through the air. If it did - it would be completely reasonable to say ALL passengers (limiting to gay passengers is discriminatory) are required have some measure of prevention
  14. That's good and I support your business doing it - but this law isn't about masks. This law says you are not allowed to require patrons to have the COVID vaccine- even if you wanted to. I'm not saying a restaurant would want to - seems a bit excessive - but the point is you can't.
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