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  1. Here's the official map with stops and some points of interest (along with a downloadable PDF) https://www.cityofkeywest-fl.gov/egov/apps/document/center.egov?view=item;id=18310
  2. This is just an assumption, but I don't think the United States cares what you bring back on the ship. That is up to the cruiseline to decide
  3. We were just there a couple months ago and they now have bathrooms with outdoor showers
  4. Just for clarity, the name of the bar is "My Bar" - it is not "Capt BJ's bar"
  5. For 15 people, a private charter might be the best approach. Looking at Fury and Sebago, which are 2 popular tour companies that I've used in the past for traditional "public" trips", both list private charters as an option on the website - but you have to call for details. There are also lots of other private charter boats in Key West.
  6. We've been there several times and never bothered reserving early. We've also only ever rented beach cruisers. Maybe I'd think about a reservation if I really wanted a road bike or a hybrid.
  7. It is back in use If you rewind the Mallory square webcam, you can see it was in use about 5 hours ago
  8. Even in Grand Cayman, 120.00 buys a fair number of drinks - several more than "a drink or two".
  9. We were staying in Bodden Town last week and saw those ships also - they were definitely shuttling to George Town. I assumed they were there as the seas on the west side were pretty choppy for a couple days. Our dives had to be "moved" to the south side
  10. There's bathrooms on Mallory Square, Clinton Square Market (upstairs), which is next to the Customs House, has one - maybe the second one is done being constructed. The Conch Train Depot has bathrooms. These three are all pretty close together Going south on Duval gets trickier but I seem to recall the Walgreens about half way down has bathrooms available.
  11. All 3 ports are close to town with Mallory Square (M) being the closest
  12. Parking in Key West, especially near the popular areas is challenging. There are public lots where you could park and then walk a while. Most charge (maybe all of them, but I've only used a few) 4.00 an hour / 32.00 a day. If your plan is to, say, drive to Kermit's and get some pie, then drive to the Southermost point, then drive to somewhere in Duval to shop (for example), I think you'll find it incredibly challenging at each location and even if you park at the nearest lots each time, I don't know if your parking receipt from one lot will allow you to avoid a ticket at another if your hour isn't up yet.
  13. Cruise ship passengers are exempt from the fee for "Other water activities", which I'd translate to everything but scuba diving- see the note under NON-RESIDENTS
  14. I can echo pretty much everything Grumpy says - other than the tricycle part - we just rent standard beach cruisers when we're there. it's a great island to ride though - bike racks are everywhere. We also rent from Eaton Bikes. I've never noticed if they set something up near the piers for cruise passengers, but their main location is barely a mile from Mallory Square on Eaton Street It is a VERY nice walk if you go all the way East on Front Street to the harbor, then take the harbor walk until you get to Turtle Kraals/Margaret Street - in this parking lot you can stop for "world famous" Cuban Coffee Queen. Margaret takes you 2 blocks to Eaton and Eaton Bike is right on that corner. Obviously from here - ride anywhere you want. Depending on how much time you are on island and whether you;re into cycling, a circumnavigation of the island is a nice option. It's about about 10 miles. I'd recommend clockwise - get past all the busy commercial stuff on N. Roosevelt first. After dropping the bikes off, you can take the same route back and stop at Bo's Fish Wagon or the Waterfront Brewery (or both) Brewery has half price "fresh" brewed beer during happy hour from 4-6:30.
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