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  1. There are no direct flights to Ottawa with Air Canada or Westjet. I know the train from Montreal to Ottawa. Right now I am flying through Toronto and have the second last flight to Ottawa. I didn’t make my booking until 1705 out of Fort Lauderdale. What is the earliest I could book out of Fort Lauderdale on day of disembarkation?
  2. Since I never went to the US, I’ve never needed to have one or even look up the information. I managed to read up on it and saw that no way in h - e - double hockey sticks I would be able to get one. If Toronto is this crazy now, I can just imagine what it will be like on 22 Dec. Thanks to everyone who gave their input. @Fouremco I didn’t see any direct flights. I think your idea is maybe a way to go.
  3. Never even thought of getting a NEXUS card as I never go to the US. Guess I’ll be applying for one today. I hope I get it in time for my 4 Dec flight. I’m more concerned about my flight back. I have a direct flight from Ottawa to Fort Lauderdale, but coming back I have to transit Toronto and I only have a 2 hr 21 transfer time. Is the NEXUS card an actual card or is it digital yet?
  4. I printed my boarding pass and it was on the boarding pass for me when I checked in on their website a few days ago. The boarding pass didn’t show up on the navigator until last night.
  5. @ladysail2 @Sue from Canada Thanks. I managed to do it somehow. Just saved it to my phone as a pdf. I thought there would be more to it than that.
  6. If it’s not fish (or basically anything from the sea), and I don’t have to cook it… I’m good. 🙂
  7. It shall be interesting to see how it works now. But just to add to the excitment, I’m changing cabins as well. I booked the second cruise months after the first one and the cabin I am in on the first one, was booked for the second one. I am on a waiting list in case those people cancel but I doubt it. And I’m going into an aft cabin and never been in one before so I really don’t mind. Hopefully they will just bring my bags down the hall to the new cabin.
  8. Thanks for the info. I really don’t care one way or another on how it’s done. Even if they tell me I have to pack up all my stuff and bring it off the ship, not a problem. I’m just glad I am in the financial and physical health position to be able to go on a cruise (or two). Something others seem take for granted. 🙂.
  9. I just checked in the other day for my 5 Dec cruise. I was assigned Group A at 1300 hrs. I am staying at the HAL arranged hotel for the night before. I’m quite sure that checkout of the hotel will much earlier. I figure I will just hang out in the lobby of the hotel. I am also on a B2B on the same ship and have yet to receive any information regarding it. I am assuming that I will have to disembark and will get another boarding time for the second cruise in about a week. I will just have to find something to do to fill the gap. The ship isn’t leaving before 1600 so not in a panic to get on board.
  10. @Roz @Florida_gal_50 Actually only once someone has mentioned something. I wore the same outfit two years in a row for Christmas parties. And it was a Catholic Priest that actually came up and mentioned it. LOL.
  11. Thank you and also to Cruise Suzy for clarifying this for me. @Roz Now I’m gonna need three different outfits plus one more as I’m on the 7 day cruise right after and I’ve noticed that there are a couple of people that are also on both!! 🤣
  12. I was having issues with it yesterday. After clicking “accept”, I would get a warning box. I clicke “back” and entered again, and it’s actually a different page to “accept”. Everytime I got that warning box. I believe there is 4 places you have to accept. Then the checkmark turned green.
  13. WRT Gala Night Dining, I’m a little confused. Or can’t remember how it goes as I have not been on a cruise since 2016. On the HAL website, when I log into the “Already Booked” where you can purchase excursions, specialty dining, spa, etc, under special dining you can purchase “Pinnacle Gala Dining” for $142 for just one night that you can choose during a 10 day cruise. When I printed my boarding pass, it says 2 Gala Attire Evenings. So is this $142 Gala Dinner different from the Gala Attire evenings? I am also on B2B cruise and the second cruise is only 7 days. On the manage my bookings for it, there is no option for Pinnacle Gala Dining. I am still waiting to checkin for the second cruise so I don’t have the boarding pass to see what it says.
  14. Well, apparently I was wrong…. Or right… basically I don’t know. According the my booking online, there is only one. But according to the boarding passes and documents I just printed, there is two. So, now do I pack one or two dresses? Certainly wearing the same dress twice on one cruise is a major faux pas. (Heavy on the sarcasm). 🙂.
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