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  1. I believe Princess paused through December so Carnival may do same.
  2. Just had lunch and about to have a second rum punch. Headed to Aft Wrap Balcony to snooze and feel the ocean's love. 🙂
  3. Rescheduled the rescheduled... Which deck for aft wrap? Have had a couple and am thinking Deck 6 as supposedly larger balcony and wrap. Have you had one on this ship and what did you think? Thanks for your help.
  4. Fascination was shown moving to Mobile originally. Now she moving on...
  5. Well? So much for my Plan B by booking first the June 2021 and in case cancelled, booked October 2021. Boo hoo. Both cancelled of course. I opted for FCC. FYI, you cannot stack onboard credits if it was a rebook. The onboard credit you may currently have will move with you - not an additional $600 according to what I was told this morning. I was also told you can cancel a seven night and use the $600 onboard credit on a shorter cruise. Does not have to be seven nights. Dang it. I really wanted this itinerary!!!
  6. Fascination is supposedly going to Mobile in January 2022. Try to do a booking and you will see this. It is what I saw a couple weeks ago.
  7. Alright. I am proactive on this and I am sharing this with you in case you want to be. I have not cancelled my possibly cancelled cruise next June. Will wait for Carnival to confirm. Hope it still happens! Just in case, I have held another date of 10/31/21 which does this same itinerary if IT happens. I have a refundable deposit so I can cancel if original next summer happens. I am hoping for a new ship in October 2021 but will sail Fascination if she survives. Just a Plan B!
  8. I started looking a bit and there are none with even close to this itinerary.
  9. May be but $70 is a nice round number. Aren’t port fees normally not like that? I don’t remember.
  10. I would call Carnival and ask. They should be able to tell you specifically what refund was for. Weird. Let us know how it goes.
  11. We did this sailing many years ago. I kept waiting for a different ship to repeat similar itinerary. Loved the ports. Decided it was not coming and booked for March 2020. Cruise was cancelled and rebooked for June 2021 on new S. Caribbean itinerary. Thinking already of a Plan B. Rats!
  12. In September 2022, Fascination sails from San Juan and ends in Mobile. Looks like repositioning. This is all so weird. Just give us a good ship in San Juan to replace and what the heck about 2021??? ARGH! (pirate voice please)
  13. Ugh! Booked for awhile and just did final for 6/27/21. Loved this new itinerary. Called Carnival and agent didn't know why not showing. Said there would be an announcement if all cancelled till 9/2021. Ugh again...
  14. Well, just burst my bubble by golly!! Oh well. Will wait and see.
  15. Just saw on carnival site that there are cruises from Mobile on the Fascination after first week of January, 2022. Anybody heard what ship, if any, will be replacing her in San Juan and Barbados? I love the itinerary and would love a larger ship. 🙂
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