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  1. I am as eager as many to return to cruising and aboard Crystal..however - To be competitive and healthy, all crew will need to be vaccinated..even if it is through Crystal vs their country of origin -I would imagine that the arrangements w each port to potentially off load a very ill pax in need of high level medical services will be challenging. From St Barts one would have to take a ferry or day flight to St Maarten -If our ports are closed, will the Coast Guard respond? -I am unclear as to whether re entry into the USA of a critically ill pt is possible, under what condi
  2. I appreciate that this board has contributors w business experience and broader experience and perspective...it really helps the dreamers ( count me in) Stay on course.
  3. Kudos to Crystal in their efforts to keep us all in contact w this video as well as the daily schedule of cooking lessons, cocktails,etc. great PR move.
  4. You might wish to recheck with United as they are waving a lot of the change fees. Good luck.
  5. Stick man, With Symphony in dry dock and Serenity debarking in Perth, has Crystal clarified its plans for going forward? Serenity should be non booked as it was the WC but what is the plan for Symphony? I wish all of you good health in your travels homeward.
  6. Psoque, Not meant as an inflammatory question...Do you feel that all cruises should be d/c until this virus outbreak subsides? Italy is in lockdown and I have read that Denmark is about to follow. It becomes increasingly difficult to embrace non essential travel as well as air travel.
  7. There may have been a concern about virus remaining on the cloth. Clearly individual paper towels would be preferred. I went to my local supermarket today where they had a roll of paper towels and a non alcohol based spray bottle at the door. Senseless. That is why I wrote what I did...because a lot of the steps seem rather senseless. Certainly anyone at high risk or increased risk ..for whatever reason.....should factor that fact into their choices. a total self quarantine would not be fool proof ...good points Wendy...and also all emergency personnel would be out and
  8. And the crew members who tested positive on Grand Princess were all over 70, right? I find the ‘age’ approach rather irrelevant and not helping anything. The emphasis should be on hygiene plus avoiding close proximity/ crowds. That might mean everyone on a cruise ship, plane, at a movie theater, concert, theater, religious gatherings, schools,etc. ...irrespective of age. The best attempt at mitigation might mean quarantine in place for 14 days.....but the result on our economy would be mind boggling.
  9. It is difficult to know how to go about one’s world...and each person has decisions and choices to make. I do hope that we do not get into a position that 60 or 70 y.o. are automatically excluded from anything. Most of our cases in N.J. are well below age 60. NY also. For myself, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the line between hysterical reaction and reasonable caution. Of note, Crystal has just cancelled the remainder of its WC w all disembarking in Perth. They do not have corona on board but Mumbai is closed and Rome in question...their next 2 majo
  10. A verbal response by a well placed Crystal employee would seem basic and need not share any other person’s medical data. wishes for a negative test and improving health to OP
  11. Unfortunately, we are dealing w the retrospectoscope. I suspect that ships were accustomed to dealing w noroviros....but whatever mutation or variation this is, not. Ships are not sophisticated infectious disease wards of hospitals. This was beyond them. We are going to learn a lot from this...and hopefully, all survive it.
  12. Lockdown, Alone at home in a mask?....or w caretakers who have been sharing your quarters for days?.....we are all learning as we go along here....but did you watch or read the communiques of the surgeon general, WHO and CDC officers? I am trying to learn from them and lean on them so to avoid media commentators who seem to inspire panic. Just me...doesn’t need to be anybody else’s view. incidentally, Psqoue (? sp) posted an erudite, concise overview.
  13. During the past two days there have been interesting comments [TV and print] from our Surgeon General, WHO and CDC exhorting unaffected persons to not purchase masks as they do not prevent contacting the virus. The second admonition to all is to stop purchasing the masks so that supplies remain available to medical personnel who must wear them in the course of treating the ill.
  14. Psoque, Thank you for your very informative and illuminating summary. You certainly included many 'players' in the discussion and gave us a lot to think about. I have a science background [not infectious diseases] and agree about the goal of a quarantine which, of course, was neither reached on the ship nor subsequently. [I found myself wondering if perhaps the DP passengers should have been allowed to roam free onboard but the ship being at sea for a longer period.] I respect your last sentence. Again, thank you. Paula
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