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  1. We are on board until PPT. Ship is in tip top shape and very clean. We love our room & have excellent attendants. We found the first 2 days out of Miami a bit rocky, the canal absorbing ...but can't discern why we are docked overnight/a day in steamy, not absorbing Panama. JMO. Internet has been sub par. We have found the cuisine often very good but with some significant disappointments [chewy steak, a soup and a sauce too salty to consume e.g.] Crew has been excellent..officers, the usual remote and removed. Entertainment varied...lots of music, especially in the Cove..a comedian we did not appreciate....and a tenor w some talent obscured in his rather eclectic production. Fellow passengers are quite pleasant.
  2. Thank you for your balanced and interesting review. Similar to some others, I have felt that the ‘selling’ on Crystal has intensified over the past few years. Steiner is notorious for this approach..and although Park West has not returned, you will find offers in addition to the orthotics. A few come to mind... teeth whitening acupuncture (for cranky knee, she suggested 2x per day when at sea ) Botox and various other fillers It strikes me as inelegant at best and when pushed, especially while in the Spa, tawdry and cheesy. I am sorry that Crystal has taken this plunge..one which disregards passenger comfort zones.
  3. TA did reach out to Crystal and they sent a letter articulating their policy.
  4. We are sailing Serenity in January and paid in full in the spring. Our milestone award could not be assigned until the new system activated in September. Surprise.....your milestone award [a combination of onboard credit and credit in lieu of ground transfer] cannot be applied as such on an already paid cruise. Huh? You can hold both until your next cruise or you can apply the onboard credit only. In the latter case the transfer credit cannot be held and you simply lose it. What an alienating, dyspeptic policy.
  5. Just wanted to mention that the last time we went through security at Newark they were shouting ‘no food items’. I don’t know whether this was a Newark issue or a temporary restriction, but you might wish to explore current status immediately before you invest in any take home foods.
  6. I have sailed Regent [Voyager] a few years ago and we docked in town, meaning a short taxi ride away. Paula
  7. PaulaJK

    Takeaway cups

    Yes, they do....all day long.
  8. Good news for you. I saw many items labeled gf on both the menus and on the buffet items in Marketplace.
  9. Just a few additions to the excellent answers above: -PCPC is wonderfully comprehensive. -You can dine outside at Churrascaria at night. -You can check out 2 books from the library at a time. It is also the home of daily crossword and other puzzles. As noted, it is the source of tickets for the magician's show. Like yourself, we are not fond of magic shows but find these intimate shows great fun and hope that you will try it. -We had a PH but did not notice early boarding -Do not fret about a butler. Room service is readily available and prompt. While we also have significant time on Regent and enjoy it, the offerings outlined above are significantly more numerous and varied on Crystal.
  10. You are correct, it was Waterside and clearly I concur.
  11. Correction: I just re read Reflections and indeed Waterford was open until 2:30, a most reasonable time.
  12. A few months ago someone mentioned this phenomenon. Several tour buses have returned a little after 2pm. The line for Trident atretches into the pool area. We’ve been on board 12 days and Waterford has been closed for lunch three days. Perhaps there would be a staffing deployment way to keep the Marketplace open later when this is anticipated.
  13. Yes,indeed, beets, fennel as well as beets and fennel combos..and goat cheese in several apps. Several of the modern entrees tend to come with multiple small cuts of veggies (a roast beet wedge, a carrot cube), attractive presentations and good tasting. Also pasta w pesto on several occasions. But I was talking about the menu presentation. So last night the Modern, desserts and beverages were on the left page and the traditional on the right. You might find it picky. I just find it confusing reading. BTW the M&M was held yesterday afternoon.
  14. I,too, select from both sides of the menu. While I do not find too many startlingly modern items (ignoring the 24 hour poached egg) I certainly was not suggesting eliminating choices, just not being so pretentious or even deceptive about ‘modern’. Vince, not argumentative, just curious, what modern items do you think would raise the ‘ire’ of folks? I really don’t expect molecular offerings but foams seem a bit passé.
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