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  1. Hi. We are going on a seacation cruise soon and were thinking of purchasing the ultimate drinks package. Does anyone know if when asking for a gin and tonic for example we could ask for two 50ml gins as the price is under £6,95 each and then a separate tonic?

  2. Would appreciate some advise. We are sailing on Ventura soon and have freedom dining. After an unpleasant experience on sharing a table a few years ago, we would like to dine on a table for two whenever possible. Any advise on the best time to go to dinner?

  3. Hi. We have been given a time of 1.30 for embarkation for our cruise but are booked into a hotel the night before and have to check out by 11a.m, with only a 10 minute taxi ride to the port. Can anyone tell me if it is okay to go direct to the embarkation lounge and wait?

  4. Hoping to book a last minute cruise on the Ventura. Have been offered inside near the aft of the shipA725 or obstructed ocean view, midship E220. Other than price difference would there be many other benefits of obstructed view, mid ship?

  5. Have not booked a cruise with p& o since they altered thier web site.

    Trying to book a select price inside cabin but asking for payment before I can choose freedom dining and double bed. Does anyone know if this option will come later?

  6. Could anyone advise me their experience regarding coach transer to Southampton. In the past we have driven and parked but thought it might be more relaxing to travel by coach. We will be travelling from Cardiff, would it take a lot longer

  7. Many thanks to everyone who replied to my posting concerning recent reviews. Nearly all were positive and re-assuring and I am now back to 'looking forward to my cruise holiday' mode. One more question, we are cruising to the Baltics, will we be able to purchase items from the Duty Free Shop in Southamton to take on board with us?

  8. Hope someone can re-assure us. Will be cruising on Arcadia to Baltics towards end of July but have become very anxious after reading recent reviews especially one posted in the last few days!!! ' more like a nursing home,' uncouth, drunken, beer swilling obese people,' 'decks marred by a permafog of cigarette smoke'. We have not been on a P& O cruise before so did not know what to expect but to read this has made us think of cancelling although we will lose the cost. A few reviews posted earlier weren't wonderful but no too bad.

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