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  1. Thank You Copper!! :) I just spoke with her, she talked with someone at the Front Desk and he told her that there is 0% chance of her bag going to the Princess ship, let’s hope so!! Because, if by chance it does, that ship is going down the coast of California!! :eek: My DD will NOT be happy!! :( I am Positive she will get her bag, I have never heard of such a thing!!
  2. My DD just called in a panic!! She just boarded the Eurodam in Seattle for an Alaskan Cruise and is watching people bringing their laggage onboard. She gave her bag to a Porter as she has done before on past cruises. But, now she is worrying that her bag is going to go to the Princess ship next to her ship!! Does this ever happen??!! She is So Stressed!! Should she have brought her bag up to her room? Thank you.
  3. Hi! :) We have cruised on the Dawn 5 times in the past, but never in an “SJ” Family Suite Cabin. I have looked at many pictures and a few videos of the Bathroom/Shower in the “SJ” Cabins and I think it is big enough for my shower chair. It is 20 inches wide, 12 inches in depth. Does anyone have any opinions, thoughts or experience? Thank You!! :)
  4. This "foggy problem" seems to be an issue on the Norwegian Dawn for the "SJ" Family Suite Cabins. Has anyone had personal experience with this? Thank You!! :)
  5. Hi! I am planning a cruise on the Norwegian Dawn and I have reserved a Handicap Cabin, #12032. Does anyone have any pictures of this cabin or cabin #12532? Also, being so close to the pool area, will there be a lot of noise? Just wondering, any thoughts and opinions will be Greatly Appreciated!! :) Thank You!!:):)
  6. I am planning a little trip for my Husband and I to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary next month and I think the Norwegian Sky is a good fit. :D:D I have one question, for any anyone who has been in Cabin # 9075. I see that there is a walk-in shower, do you think it is big/wide enough for a shower chair and to sit fairly comfortably inside the shower? Thank you for any and all comments. :)
  7. Quick question, where is the elevator in the Haven on the Breakaway? I am looking at the deck plans and I see the Haven Restaurant, Lounge, Courtyard and Spa, but no elevator. I see an elevator in the Kids area. Help??? Thank You!!! :)
  8. Hi :) It has been quite a few years since I have cruised on Royal Caribbean and I am planning a cruise next March on the "Jewel of the Seas". :D Eight years ago when we were on "Explorer of the Seas", there was only the Concierge Club that was a "perk" for Suite guests. No Breakfasts and Lunch in a specialty restaurant, no Butler, etc....... Has anything changed since 2006? How about on the "Jewel of the Seas"? Also, can a mobility scooter fit through most cabin doors? I plan on getting an Owners Suite, so there will be room to park the scooter in the room, I was just wondering about getting it into the room. Thank you for any and all thoughts, opinions, ideas and suggestions! :)
  9. Thank You for ALL the posts on bathtub safety!! :) :) I truly DO appreciate it! :) I can bend my knee, I am just so afraid of slipping, that's how I ended up with a ruptured quad one month after knee replacement surgery!! :O :( I am still thinking about it........
  10. Now I am going to have to rethink the reservation I have for this August on the Summit. The bathtub sounds a bit scary! :O I am recovering from knee replacement surgery and quad surgery and have NO desire to hurt myself getting in and out of a steep tub!! :O :(
  11. I too would like to know ALL the "perks" for a Sky Suite on the Summit. I have a cruise reserved for this August, I am still thinking about it. I am a bit confused at what all the perks are. It would be great to find out whats what. :) Thank You! :)
  12. I like that, Don't Look Down! :D :D :D
  13. If the Rangers loose, which OF COURSE they won't!!! :D I hope that Montreal wins!! :D
  14. :D:D!!! VERY FUNNY!!!:D But, The Rangers are OF COURSE WINNING THE STANLEY CUP!!!
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