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  1. The usual rule is there is no problem changing the second person in the cabin as long as Passenger 1 (actually, either one) remains the same. I wasn’t charged for either my October cruise, December cruise (where I sent from solo to double occupancy), or a booked 2020 cruise. None of them was considered rebooking. I haven’t read any T&Cs where it would be. As you say, a small fee might be expected. Was it because that second passenger was fictitious?
  2. Is it refundable OBC or non refundable (OBN)? It's only a good deal if you planned to spend that much on board in the first place, such as taking the ship's excursions.
  3. The ships will be lined up behind each other, a bit like in Miami. I don't know if there is a way of knowing many days in advance which berth each has. Definitely walkable, which is also more convenient too. Just stroll along to your next ship. If really necessary, I guess you can grab a cab dropping off arriving passengers.
  4. I did say “for these countries”. The query was about Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. By the way, China now has 72 hours visa-free visiting, which is perfect for cruisers.
  5. You will need to double check for your particular passports, but for these countries the ship does whatever is necessary with the authorities. We have never needed separate visas on cruises. I don't think Canadians do, either.
  6. I don’t think there is. The point is that Canada classes DUI as a felony. It has been shown on “Border Control” several times where an unsuspecting driver from the US has been arrested when trying to enter Canada at one of the check points. Even when the DUI was many years before.
  7. Quoted reply on this same forum by CHPURSER CHPURSER When my ship stops in Victoria on an Alaska cruise, Canadian Immigration officials board before the ship cleared. They typically have a list of 5 or 6 American passengers they want to speak with. We agree to block these pax at the gangway. We first call their cabins to see if they are in. Otherwise we announce their names on the PA and ask them to come to the Rception Desk. The ship is then cleared and all the other pax can go ashore. One by one, the people on the list are interviewed (privately) by the Canadian officials. After each interview, we are informed to: 1) allow the pax to go ashore, 2) keep him onboard until we depart Canada, or 3) help him pack his belongings. With option 3, the person is usually handcuffed and escorted ashore by the officials. Option 2 happens most of the time. Option 3 happens once a month or so.
  8. We weren’t interested in another drink. Couldn’t wait to get out of the room, but remained to be polite. As you said, with the UBP there is no need for cruisers to seek out free drinks and more. Nevertheless, the drinks waiter still did not come around again offering a second drink.
  9. I do understad, but indeed I was not referring to ambassador level guests, but to the Lattitudes guest representative, also known at the Latitudes Ambasssador. Such as being the ambassador for NCL with guests. The last few "parties" after the captain and officers left was all about future cruises and not a word about thank you choosing NCL agsin. Yes, really, a napkin was put on each coffee table and a handful of crackers then a handful of cheese cubes were placed on it. We laughed when told by our friends in Gold, but the Platinum gathering received exactly the same treatment. The most recent experience was in January this year. I'll give it a miss in future.
  10. I have to agree. The Latitudes Ambassador should be there thanking guests for sailing with NCL again, but instead put on their CruiseNext Consultant hat and spruik future cruises. So wrong! Plus guests are served a few cubes of cheese, some crackers and one drink. NOT welcoming, and guests certainly don’t feel special. This is where Celebrity has it all over NCL. The Elite cocktail 2-hours every evening wins hands down.
  11. Plenty of dining options, so you don't need to pay extra. We never seemed to wait long at Tzars. There is a separate queue for booked tables and walk-ins. The latter has a slightly longer wait, but that made time for a chat with fellow cruisers. The other MDR has a lower ceiling and can feel claustrophobic. I couldn't get over seeing shorts worn at dinner there, but it's a choice. In January there was just three of us with my husband and my mother. This time we are a party of 8, so booking a table will be necessary. You will learn not to go down before going up! It takes a while to remember the decks don't go through on the same level as the MDRs, which means an extra pre-dinner stroll. We had the usual filter coffee at dinner and didn't buy speciality coffees. NCL might have a coffee card? I saw cappuccinos at the central cafe for around US$1.95-$2.50 + gratuity (now 20%). We had the drinks package, so enjoyed an occasional Irish coffee instead.
  12. The drink dispensers in the buffet areas include water and ice, lemonade and two flavoured waters (no sugar). Take an empty bottle to refill using cups of water rather than buying. Tap water is also drinkable. We liked using the aft outside buffet for breakfast rather than the busy main buffet. O'Sheahans on deck 8 is open nearly 24 hours and is a favourite for any meal. MDR aft, Tzars, requires men to wear long trousers at night, but the mid ships MDR allows shorts. Same menu, but more casual. I usually wore 3/4 slacks and a pretty blouse to both. My late husband hated having to take a jacket cruising, so he was happy with NCL's freestyle and liked Jewel's range of venues. He would wear slacks or jeans with a collared shirt or polo top. Not having to book for the MDR means you can decide where you eat as you go, especially welcome after a long shore excursion. I hope your 7-night cruise includes "Burn the Floor", a great show. My adult son is coming with me on Jewel on December 1st; his first cruise. The drink package swayed him!
  13. Depends if you have booked through an Australian TA/NCL online Australian website and chosen to include the DSC. Usually it is be added to the booking to pay up front. Australians also don't have the 20% gratuity added on top of the beverage and dining packages.
  14. What about the "fly free" promotion finishing this month? I booked Golden Princess out of Melbourne and received return flights from Perth (on dates of my choosing) as well as large OBC and deluxe balcony breakfast for two. I call that a good deal. The cruise price was not inflated either.
  15. All our NZ cruises have been on different ships, but I've cruises there 5 times so far, with two more booked. Now it's for the "ship resort", be in waited on and the entertainment. The other cruises each year are for the destinations, and there's been no repeat itineraries yet. Nothing wrong with visiting favourite places again, whether the port or the ship. Look at the families who rent the same holiday house or caravan spot for one week every year during school holidays. Wonderful memories of growing up. Cruise ships are just replacing the annual holiday house.
  16. It is probably heading to Australia for our summer season as it has in 2017 and 2018. Possibly via Japan again too, rather than Hawaii.
  17. Sounds great! We've been looking for both a cruise featuring Japan as well as a cruise from Vancouver to Australia. This answers to both.
  18. I've been reading this thread with great interest. We board Quest next week for 21 nights, including a transatlantic cruise. Spirits was also the venue for trivia and became very crowded in the late afternoon. I'm really becoming concerned. Evening shows are also important on the longer TA's where there is no opportunity to bring on local performers to supplement. By the way, removing casino tables and installing whatever: will this also impact on the use and enjoyment of Spirits? It looks like we might me creating our own fun out on deck 9 of an evening.
  19. No. Your credit card is charged when the bid is accepted. That means before you are told your new cabin.
  20. The lesson, though, is never to depart a cruise without checking your bill. If it has "been removed", ring and ask guest relations for another copy. Much easier to sort things out on the ship than dealing with Corporate in Miami.
  21. But it says "total paid" already? Actually, if you had written in your opening post why exactly you thought there was something wrong with the statement, then we might have understood. As it is, you posted exactly what you later said should be written. No wonder you're not being taken seriously.
  22. I think charging the same for all 4 pax in a cabin when two are so young is monstrous. I would cancel the DSC for the two children, but definitely tip extra to the cabin steward who has to somehow work around those in a crowded room.
  23. Yes, thank you. I've passed the word a few times and friends have definitely used him since.
  24. Jim 0402 529 279. Yes, we enjoyed the "tour" as well. He picks up from the shuttle area outside domestic.
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