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  1. Yes we’ve watched a few movies and they were free
  2. I haven’t read the entire thread , however we’re currently on the Millennium and we have free movies. Harry
  3. I’ve had a few hundred days on Celebrity as well and never had any issue with this. I was curious if anyone did and some are getting bent out of shape over it. Unfortunately this happens on a lot of threads. Sad 😞
  4. I suppose every member on Cruise Critic has seen this post. NOT. I asked once and then asked to please see post #1 and stick to the subject. You don’t have to follow if you think I have gotten my answer. I’ve not had any problem as well and in fact received my passport back today. I had a question and as a member here are entitled to do ask it. Threads don’t end when you want them to.
  5. Please see the topic in post #1. It’s not about the why’s , where’s or how’s or what Nationality is more more concerned than others. . It’s a simple topic asking if anyone ever had their passport lost by Celebrity and if so what assistance if any did they receive.
  6. Just received this letter and we haven’t even gotten to Iceland yet ( we arrive on Monday ). Go figure. Anyway , there’s been no answer to my question.
  7. Same here but I’m asking if anyone has.
  8. Same here but I’m asking if anyone has.
  9. We’re do to get them back after we leave Iceland. Anyway , that’s not the topic here but thanks for sharing that.
  10. I have an American Passport. What’s yours ?.
  11. We’re on the Silhouette and had to surrender our passport till we leave Iceland. It’s usually a bit unnerving to do so ( we’ve done it more than a few times. ). Once we were handed someone else’s but of course quickly returned them ( which I’m sure most if not all would do ). Just wondering if they ever lost one and if so how did they assist with replacement. Harry
  12. As an additional caution Choice Air recently booked us on a flight to Vancouver via San Francisco our of Florida with a 35 minute turn around for an international flight. When we contacted them they told us the airline would not have booked the tickets if the time wasn’t sufficient . We called United and they apologized for the mistake and rebooked us. We then informed Choice Air of our rebooking. There have been other instances where our flight times have been changed and they didn’t notify us. We won’t be using them any longer. Harry
  13. We’re on the Silhouette now and they are offering many excursions. Call the Captains Club and they’ll send you a link to the brochure. We’re arriving at Bergen ( first port ) today and are excited / glad to be here. Harry
  14. Interesting that you mention being British. Our four table mates were as well and they brought up the topic. We wouldn’t have as the practice of tipping varies from culture to culture and we don’t care to offend others.
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