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  1. I prefer the firm (not hard to me) mattresses on RCCL.
  2. I have a chance to Royal Up and bid on a balcony on Rhapsody. It looks like all balcony cabins are on Deck 7. Deck 8 looks to be all suites. Is that correct? Are any of the Balconies obstructed? Are there any bad Balconies?
  3. I saved $100 per person and got (2) nights hotel by using Expedia bundle deals over the best Air2Sea deal going to Barcelona.
  4. yes it's $900 per cabin. My TA responded with his bad and he would correct invoices. In the middle of the night, I received (3) corrected invoices. Then an hour ago, I receive (1) more updated invoice showing only $500 deposit on the one cabin. Then right after, an email from the TA saying all done. Really ???
  5. thanks for the info Brillo ... I am okay paying the higher amount but $900/person is a ridiculous deposit.
  6. So my fear is the possibility that the TA does this on purpose sometimes to charge extra and when people ask, it's just a mistake and corrects the final amount owed. If RCCL hears about it, he probably wouldn't do it again.
  7. I booked (3) Interior cabins with (2) people in each. It was supposed to be $1500 deposit and I was charged $2700 ...
  8. So I've been trying a few different online TAs. I'm wanting to change from this new one that has great reviews. So when I tried to book with a quote that he sent, he said the price went up … note he was not the lowest quote but still a very good quote with good reviews. I told him my best offer and he matched the price and almost matched the OBC so I booked with him. Paid $500 deposit for each of (3) cabins per the receipt that he sent. Check my credit card and I have (3) pending $900 RCCL charges. I'm waiting for the charges to finalize and then get with RCCL for complaint … will I be able to keep my booking and change TAs?
  9. We went on Seaside last May in an interior room. While different than RCCL, we loved it. The food was very good and the entertainment was excellent unless of course you want to see the same RCCL shows again … and again. The service is different as they are a little more reserved but just ask for what you want or need and no problem, The ship is beautiful and can't wait to go again. Probably doing an MSC Mediterranean next year as my daughter is on an MSC Mediterranean right now.
  10. it would be so ironic if the 2 of you were on the same cruise … in cabins next to each other
  11. Thanks for the link but it really doesn't answer my questions for frozen drinks. Is the all in the easy package?
  12. A few questions. I received a TA quote for this package: 1. the quote says service charges included. Is that accurate? 2. are frozen cocktails included? Thanks John
  13. I Havana, we used FerTours. Christina was an excellent tour guide For a small extra fee, you can get a tour guide that will take professional pictures for you as well. Lexie has very good reviews also. Check this website and TripAdvisor for reviews so that you get a great tour guide.
  14. On Royal, your husband will be fine ... on Carnival, he will be overdressed
  15. Anyone that recently went on a tour in Havana or Cienfuegos thru RCCL, what tour companies did RCCL use?
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