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  1. We went on Seaside last May in an interior room. While different than RCCL, we loved it. The food was very good and the entertainment was excellent unless of course you want to see the same RCCL shows again … and again. The service is different as they are a little more reserved but just ask for what you want or need and no problem, The ship is beautiful and can't wait to go again. Probably doing an MSC Mediterranean next year as my daughter is on an MSC Mediterranean right now.
  2. it would be so ironic if the 2 of you were on the same cruise … in cabins next to each other
  3. Thanks for the link but it really doesn't answer my questions for frozen drinks. Is the all in the easy package?
  4. A few questions. I received a TA quote for this package: 1. the quote says service charges included. Is that accurate? 2. are frozen cocktails included? Thanks John
  5. I Havana, we used FerTours. Christina was an excellent tour guide For a small extra fee, you can get a tour guide that will take professional pictures for you as well. Lexie has very good reviews also. Check this website and TripAdvisor for reviews so that you get a great tour guide.
  6. On Royal, your husband will be fine ... on Carnival, he will be overdressed
  7. Anyone that recently went on a tour in Havana or Cienfuegos thru RCCL, what tour companies did RCCL use?
  8. We paid 30 CUC total each way for 4 people. The driver offered to pick us up at the end. He was waiting as we exited. I recommend changing to CUCs.
  9. I'm looking at getting a box or two of Cuban Cigars. Looking in the $4-5 CUC per cigar range.
  10. It is indeed a disappointment especially since it is an RCCL computer glitch. It was never a 2 day port as it was from noon on Christmas Day to 5:30 pm the next day. Definitely a few hours lost at Havana and Coco-cay lost so yes disappointing but not a catrastrophy. All tours that I have booked want payment at the end of the tour so I can see why a tour operator that is charging at least 3 times the going rate wants the money paid upfront and non refundable If your tour company won’t adjust to the new schedule, you will be able to find a good replacement at a fraction of the cost
  11. I understand the $8000 was for 3 days for 8 people … bullshit flag is still at full mast. Oh but he has a private jet and bigtime lawyers … who cares.
  12. email the CEO and you should hear back within a day or two mbayley@rccl.com
  13. I'm raising the bullshit flag on your 8 grand and I'm curious what is closed on Christmas as I know a few things are (Hemmingway Museum).
  14. I recently booked private excursions for (4) people for these same ports. I spent no where near $1000 per person. I didn't book the most expensive excursions but I couldn't have spent $1k/pp if I tried … not even thru the high priced RCCL excursions. Please share what you booked.
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