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  1. From the opening screen of the App click on "dining" at the bottom of the screen and then when you select any of the specialty dining option or the MDR there is a link for menu in the middle LH side of the screen. You can then select what day of your cruise you are interested in. Kind of cool.
  2. We did a Miami to San Diego through the Panama Canal on Celebrity Infinity. Was a bit of an older crowd but there were a few kids onboard. That being said I prefer RCCI a little better.
  3. Does anyone know if there are any type of nightlights in the balcony cabin bathrooms on Oasis? I had an inside cabin on Independence OTS and there was no nightlight and no place to plug one in. It made it difficult when getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. I had another inside cabin on X Infinity and they had a little night light built into the overhead light which was quite nice. Thanks for any input.
  4. I am not sure about others but I don't want to have to carry my phone around all day and take chance of it getting lost, stolen or broken. If I want to jump in the pool to cool off I don't want to have to go drop my phone off in my cabin if I am not with a friend to watch it.
  5. To the user who posted about not wanting to wear an "Orwellian" device you have one in your pocket/purse that tracks your every move and that is your cell phone. Also every time you use your debit/credit card and/or your local merchant reward card you are being tracked and that purchase is being recorded. There is very little you can do to get away from being tracked in your everyday life. I recently worked in a data mining company and it is scary the amount of data being collected on each of us.
  6. I have taken a case of either 21 or 24 bottles on 2 different cruises. I just taped a luggage tag to the case and dropped it off with my luggage. It's possible that you might not be able to do that anymore but it is certainly worth a try. My DW bet me that the water would get confiscated but it made it to our cabin.
  7. I haven't done a Western cruise yet, scheduled for next year, but did a Eastern cruise that had a stop in PR. My only complaint was the time in PR was TOO short to do much sightseeing. Other than that it was quite interesting. We took a tour around St. Marteen and it really made you appreciate what you had back at home. Either way you are sure to enjoy yourself on whatever ship/itinerary you choose.
  8. My understanding is that the connection to the ships for the APP is free. And the APP itself is free.
  9. According to RCCL rep I chatted with earlier the app is "SUPPOSED" to be able to use a free WIFI connection while onboard and you will be able to chat with family and friends while onboard. Personally I don't want to be carrying my phone around the ship all day. If I want to swim I don't want to leave it on a chair/deck.
  10. Every time I have had OBC it was tied to the cabin so any charges to the cabin went against the OBC until it was gone. This could be drinks, spa treatments, stuff in any of the shops, shore excursions etc.
  11. I am one who likes the behind the scenes stuff. I've always been amazed that they can pull into port, offload people, luggage, trash then clean the ship, restock food, load baggage and people al in a VERY short period of time. I did a behind the scenes tour during a Panama canal cruise and thought is was VERY interesting. Like others have said be prepared for a lot of walking but it is worth doing at least once if you haven't every done one.
  12. Probably part of the reason that RCCL doesn't install public laundry facilities is the the fact that a dryer is a fire hazard if the lint filter is not cleaned out regularly. While in the Navy we usually had a fire in the laundry at least once a trip when the lint in the lint filter caught fire. Plus there is the obvious revenue difference between a paying cabin and a self serve laundromat.
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