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  1. If you buy the $50 soda card for $25 and you don't use all of that, can you still get that credited back to your account? I bought one for my daughter but then realized that she isn't much of a soda drinker.
  2. Any idea what the internet packages are like on the Nieuw Amsterdam? We're taking a cruise on this ship in December and I would like to have internet connection if it won't cost a fortune.
  3. I took my kids when they were 5 and 6 years old. They had a fabulous time. They loved the stingrays. The only issue we had was that the water was kind of cold and they were really shivering when we got back on the snorkeling boat.
  4. We will be on a two week MSC cruise this summer. Our ports include St. Petersburg, Kiel, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Flam, Geiranger, Bergen and Tallinn. What kind of currency will we need?
  5. That's good to know about the Royal Caribbean cruise. We did book on the MSC Preziosa. It had a good itinerary and a low down payment. I haven't sailed on MSC before but we don't require a ton of extra services on a trip like this so I think we will be very happy.
  6. So we ended up booking the cruise last night. I am glad that we called because they only had 4 balcony Fantastica cabins left. I am surprised since it is almost a year until the cruise. I didn't think it would be so booked up already.
  7. So if we decide to go ahead an book this cruise, most people generally book directly with MSC or do you book through a travel agent? The cruise travel company that we generally use, doesn't do MSC cruises. I'm not sure if I am allowed to ask for names of reliable travel companies that book MSC cruises. If so, I'd love some recommendations. Obviously, I don't want to break any rules here though but asking for recommendations if that is not allowed.
  8. That's a good piece of information to know. We are just getting started with looking into and booking a trip for next summer so I haven't done a ton of research just yet. We are picking this trip because we are kind of thinking of it as an overview of the places that we want to visit. Hopefully we will go back and do a land trip to a couple of the places that DH and I like best. The family we are going with has already visit a few of the places so they are less concerned about where they go.
  9. I love the Viking cruises and their ships look very nice. But they seem to be a much more expensive cruise than we were aiming for. I might need to look into some back to back ideas.
  10. I am relieved to hear some positive thoughts on the ship. We are pretty experienced cruises/travelers and know that some things can and will go wrong on any trip. We can roll with that. But having an overall negative experience (especially when it will cost quite a bit) is something we want to avoid.
  11. We are looking at taking a cruise next summer. We would like to see both the fjords and St. Petersburg. We can take a cruise as long as 2 weeks. So far, I have only found one cruise that seems to cover this itinerary on MSC cruises. We have never cruised with them and the mixed reviews make me a little nervous. Any other suggestions for cruises that have this itinerary? Or we could also book 2 shorter back to back cruises but that would seem to waste time moving from one ship to another. I'd appreciate any thoughts/ideas from people who have managed a vacation of this sort. We are very experienced cruises but we've never cruised in Europe before. We are looking at cruising this time because my husband's elderly parents will be with us and we thought it would be easier for them.
  12. We are considering booking a 14 night cruise that visits St. Petersburg, some of the other cities plus goes to the fjords. We haven't seen another cruise that seems to combine both St. Petersburg and the fjords in one trip. But I've seen some mixed reviews of the Preziosa. Has anybody done this trip? What did you think? We are experienced cruisers and have cruised an almost all of the major cruise lines. How does it compare to Costa? We would be going with some family and we have one or two people who are kind of picky eaters. Will there be enough selection for them?
  13. That's a great way to display your sea glass. My MIL has some other colors. Lots of browns and a few pieces of blue. I think she has one pink piece.
  14. It has been even longer than that since we've been there. I think the first and only time we were there was 9 years ago. My MIL has been collecting for a number of years now. She loves searching for the pieces every time we go to the beach. The BEST beach ever was Glass Beach in Hawaii. It was quite hidden and we really had to search to find it. But we found tons of sea glass.
  15. Thanks! Luckily my MIL doesn't have any huge mobility issues. She and my FIL like to walk on the beach in FL pretty often. She will probably be more interested in the sea glass than the conch shells though so I will have to ask her which she'd prefer to do.
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