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  1. Did you have to purchase Wi-Fi or anything to use text feature? We went on recent Carnival cruise and we could send texts through their App - had to pay $5 extra (just a one time fee) . It was very handy. Does the Royal App have a similar feature?
  2. Same here.. I'll see you at the Solarium bar on March 10 for a Kareme Special :) Didn't realize you could have lunch there as well.. probably much less crowded than WindJammer
  3. We just arrived on Saturday from Breeze. We were in the early luggage group and did Cortrans shuttle. I looked at my watch and it was 10:40 after we dropped our bags at SouthWest counter. If we had carried off I assume we would have been there 30-60 minutes earlier. Our shuttle left Port Canaveral at 9:30 or so
  4. We just got back from Carnival Breeze and had an excellent snorkel tour with Radical Adventure Catamaran. It is not the West End though.. They go to the south end of the island. The food, drinks, staff were all wonderful. They picked us up and it was a 40 minute drive or so to get to the sailboat. The road has been improved so not bumpy like it used to be. We went to 2 snorkel stops and had a great lunch. Highly recommend! http://www.svfreeradical.com/
  5. I would not object if they are still in high school. Like a previous poster said, they are all in high school anyway. They should just make the club for high school students (18 and younger). If person is in college then they are not able to attend. A valid high school id should be shown.
  6. We are sailing on Breeze (first time on Carnival) and my DH and I both have CPAPs. We will bring extension cords. Are there 2 outlets in the room that we can use? Or should we bring an extension cord that has 2 outlets on it? Any kind of extension cord will work? We've only sailed RCCL and they DON'T want you to bring extension cords. They want to provide them. 2nd question- - I haven't been able to find where to order the Distilled water. Should I just wait until we get on board? or is there a place to order this ahead of time? Thanks.
  7. I downloaded the app.. but can't log in. You have to wait until you are onboard to do that?
  8. Thank you for posting the teen program and the daily compasses. We are going on this same itinerary next March and this will help with our planning! Enjoy your cruise!
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I will make sure we both do on-line check-in early and pick the same time. I think we have YTD but I will confirm to make sure so we don't have any issues there.
  10. Hello. I've never sailed Carnival before, going on our first one with our friends in January. I see that Carnival assigns a check-in time for you. How do we ensure that both couples get the same time? Do we need to link our reservations somehow? I would hate for one couple to have to wait a lot longer than the other one to board. We will be sharing ride to port. Thanks.
  11. I got a call today as well. But they wanted alot to upgrade to Jr Suite. I could move up from Deck 8 to Deck 11 for a couple of hundred but didn't think it was worth it.
  12. My first time as diamond will be on my next sailing. A couple of questions: I usually drink 2 glasses of wine with dinner. Can I get 2 glasses from lounge or bar at once and take them to dinner? Also - what about specialty restaurants? Could I get my drinks there? or better to get them beforehand and carry them with me?
  13. I bought the 4 night package for our upcoming Allure cruise. I know they assign us a reservation for the first night and we have to book the rest when we board, correct? Where do we go to do these reservations once we board? Thanks
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