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  1. Just watching it now - very good. I did not know about the Gord Downie connection - thanks.
  2. Points Guy is reporting 5 cases in total of COVID now have been reported or almost 10% of passengers on board 😞 https://thepointsguy.com/news/more-passengers-test-positive-for-covid-on-caribbean-cruise-ship/
  3. I was just going to post this - thank you HAL for a wonderful gesture to all those in need in Vancouver.
  4. Thank you - I also wondered about using an FCD. I also received this offer direct from HAL, nothing to do with Players Club.
  5. Did a fabulous TP in Sept/2019 (which sadly turned out to be our last cruise until who knows when). There was so much to do! There were several presenters - 5 or 6? With three presentations every morning. Plenty of trivia games in the afternoon. Movies. Japanese lessons. Meditation lessons. We also had a very active, well organized roll call with a couple slot pulls, three poker pub crawls, a book club, card games and all the usual. We were glad we were heading west with 25 hour days - we needed that extra hour there were so many activities. Loved it!
  6. I worked on a Cunard ship in the late ‘80s - we had skeet shooting.
  7. Cancelled a NZ/Oz end of January/21 cruise.
  8. Myself and two other couples all received our refunds last night/this morning for a May 9th cruise that Princess cancelled March 13. All of us chose option 2. One couple also received their EZ air money back this morning. We used FCC deposits that had subsequently expired and these were also refunded as a separate line item. None of us ever contacted Princess or our TA regarding refunds throughout all this. Glad this is over - good luck to everyone else still waiting!
  9. Just an fyi. We cancelled a Dec/Jan cruise on Apr 6 and were told 60 to 90 days before money back. On Friday I received the initial deposit back on one credit card and last night the rest of payments made on another credit card. So although it took a while it was still less time than originally stated. Much better than Princess who still owes me money, keeps moving the goalposts and with no refund in sight yet. Good luck to all!
  10. I have successfully cancelled and got my money back twice with a "we can't tell you the hotel's name" sites. You need to speak to someone directly at the Pan Pacific, explain your situation, who you booked with and that you would like to cancel. They will likely agree to your request and after that you need to phone back the booking site and tell them that the Pan Pacific has agreed to cancel. In which case the booking site will accept the cancellation and give you your money back. As I say, I've done it twice successfully. If you Google, you will find other people done so also. Good luck!
  11. We just received this too. First thing we’ve heard from them since March 12. Option 2, for a May 9 cruise. A timeline would have been nice. Oh, well....
  12. Finally got our FCC's in our account today for a May 9th cruise that we cancelled on March 12. We picked option 2 - hopefully money will be on credit card soon. Things are looking promising :)
  13. We also have a cruise for Dec/Jan, however, our final payment is July 1st. Unless things change dramatically it is unlikely we will make final payment. From what others have said on this board, Oceania has to date not extended final payment deadlines.
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