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  1. This doesn't work for me. I have four cruises listed and no matter which one I choose, it defaults to the first cruise. I thought it was me....
  2. I worked on cruise ships many years ago, and did two full seasons in Alaska. I would pick May over September. Alaska’s weather is unpredictable but generally May is drier than September. Plus you will see more snow and ice whereas September is greener. We’ve cruised in May and didn’t even need jackets when we were at Columbia Glacier. Amazing itinerary, by the way. You’ve got me thinking now, lol.
  3. My savings was on a 2023 cruise tour. My 2022 booking has steadily gone up so nothing to see there.
  4. It does say "a threshold of COVID-19." Hopefully that would mean more than just a few cases.
  5. Thanks - this didn't work for me 😞 sounds like maybe you actually were logged in. I can't get there.
  6. How did you get into cruise history? Was that just luck do you think? I can access my booked cruises but it's the cruise history I really want to see. Thanks!
  7. Against my better judgement, I tried resetting my password, first with existing one which it promptly rejected. Then with new ones which also didn't work. Latest reset link from Princess takes me to a string of random code. Sigh...
  8. I just booked a one way fare for a transatlantic cruise. Watched when dates were available and then booked right away. I was able to book business for one-eighth the price the airline was selling it for (prices have since gone up somehwat). With their excellent pricing, easy refund policy and not paying until final payment, it is a no brainer for us!
  9. Agree. We really enjoyed Share and would definitely go back. I prefer it over Sabatini's. Each to their own!
  10. No table set up on embarkation in Buenos Aires - we were fully prepared to pay!
  11. Interesting. But both the Hawaii and Transpacific September/2021 cruises out of Vancouver are both still listed.
  12. Agree, they have large balconies and are very quiet. We've booked 6300 a few times.
  13. Just watching it now - very good. I did not know about the Gord Downie connection - thanks.
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