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  1. I heard back from my PVP at Celebrity who did some digging around and asked his supervisor about it also. Nobody seems to know anything about this.
  2. We’ve always enjoyed the drinks package and upgrade to premium. So does this mean now that we will pay the extra 20% per day each of the cost of the standard drink package and on top of that will pay the premium surcharge (which I believe has the gratuity included in it)? I was going to book a cruise while on a cruise in September. Maybe I should do it now instead. Confused but thanks OP for this heads up.
  3. If I hadn't looked at this post I would have no idea my Feb/21 cruise is no more 😞 Any idea when Celebrity is going to let people officially know? Or have they started?
  4. I am so happy that this was finally resolved for you. Hopefully you will see some healthy OBC on your account for your all trouble and time spent. Your grace and patience throughout all of this was amazing, as you seemed to have been left to your own devices by both Celebrity and your TA. Happy sailings!
  5. I have found Tuscan Grill to have gone downhill over the years. My opinion only. I would wait until you're onboard and maybe find out what others' experiences are like. If they're not getting a lot of bookings, they will offer deals throughout the cruise. Also, the first night in the MDR usually has prime rib and in my experience, it's always been really good.
  6. Nordstroms concierge will hold luggage, subject to availability.
  7. I did, yes. I also sent a request for an upcoming cruise booked several months ago. We'll see how that one goes.
  8. For what it’s worth, the shareholder OBC is already showing up on my Cruise Personalizer, lumped together with two perks OBC. I haven’t tried to use it, but it may actually be available to pre-purchase items.
  9. We have an upcoming cruise with many, many sea days and are trying to decide which package to get. Surf probably meets our needs but I'm wondering if there is a big difference in terms of speed while on Internet. We have lots of time so it's not really a huge issue, just wondering. Also, can you upload pics with the surf package? Thanks so much!
  10. It doesn’t hurt to apply for it - all they can do is say no. I have another upcoming one I booked months ago and I’m going to try my luck at that one too.
  11. At last! RCL has brought this back where you can combine shareholder OBC with promos. This just came into effect, June 1st. I heard about it through someone on our roll call. I submitted the form yesterday to have OBC applied to an upcoming cruise that was booked with two perk promo. I received notification today that it’s been applied to my booking. It is already showing up on my cruise personalizer. I am so happy to see this back again! It’s been years since I’ve been able to successfully use this. The amount is less, I believe, for 6-13 day cruises but is better than nothing. https://www.rclinvestor.com/faqs/shareholder-benefit/
  12. This just doesn't seem right. I cancelled a cruise about 6 weeks ago that was booked under a non-refundable deposit ($960 Cdn). I knew I was going to be out the $100 per person, but I did receive the rest back ($760 Cdn) as a credit. However, trying to actually get the credit took a few phone calls and it was 5 weeks after I cancelled that I finally got it. Sounds like somebody gave you misinformation. I would call the Captains Club - that's who helped me chase down my credits.
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