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  1. koolforkatz

    Edge/Revolutionized Ships---Hmmm---$$$$

    I was concerned too, Stateroom Sailor, that they might have started the prep on the Chile-San Diego cruise. So glad they changed the refurb date.
  2. koolforkatz

    Edge/Revolutionized Ships---Hmmm---$$$$

    The Eclipse is now being refurbished in November 2020. I'm also on the March 15 Santiago to San Diego with a B2B San Diego to Vancouver on March 30. https://webapps.celebritycruises.com/revolution/schedule/
  3. koolforkatz

    Volunteer Point suggestions

    One suggestion too - if you really want to see penguins on your cruise, you might want a penguin excursion plan B. Sometimes ships can't make it to the Falklands depending on weather conditions.
  4. koolforkatz

    Volunteer Point suggestions

    We did an amazing tour in March with Patrick Watts of Adventure Falklands. He sells out, though, so you might want to contact him sooner than later. It was probably my favourite tour of a 30 day South American cruise.
  5. That's the name of the tour company. Highly recommend!
  6. Cozumel Bar Hop is really good fun! You get to experience the beaches - and beach bars - on the other side of the island.
  7. A big thumbs up to Maya Chan. We did that a few years ago and it was amazing. Cold beer and top shelf tequilas served to you as well as made to order tacos - fish for us - for lunch. I would book a cruise that included Costa Maya just to go back there.
  8. koolforkatz

    2020 Canada open for booking

    Booked the Coastal cruise and specific cabin I wanted a little while ago too. Was happy to see them already loaded on their site.
  9. koolforkatz

    Buenos Aires too dangerous?

    We spent 6 nights in Buenos Aires pre-cruise in March. Never felt at all unsafe, however, my husband was cautioned in one restaurant about wearing a nice watch. It's like most cities - there's good places and not so good places. Just exercise common sense, be aware of your surroundings and leave the bling at home or in a safe. It is an amazing city and we are going back in a year.
  10. Just got 50% off our premium drinks packages for our Chile to San Diego cruise in 2020. Amazing deal.
  11. koolforkatz

    New Deployment Released

    I am hoping for this!
  12. koolforkatz

    New Deployment Released

    Hmm... interesting. We are on the Chile to San Diego cruise that finishes Mar 30. Now if refit isnt taking place until November there is a gap from Mar 30 to Apr 10. Would be great if there was a coastal to Vancouver tacked on and we could sail home.
  13. koolforkatz

    EMail about Edge

    I got the email but couldn't get the OBC applied because the price has gone up since I booked it.
  14. koolforkatz

    New Drink Packages coming to Celebrity?

    Does anyone actually believe they’re free? The difference in price, though, was considerably less than the perks’ actual worth so for us a good deal. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. koolforkatz

    New Drink Packages coming to Celebrity?

    Not sure if it applies to all their itineraries but my TA provided me with pricing the other day for Hawaii that included with or without perks. So baseline pricing was available for that cruise. Doing the math, for us, the perks were a very good deal.