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  1. Smokey Robinson! I love that one! Haven't thought of it for years, OTJ! Thanks for the reminder!
  2. CharTrav, you are a marvel! This is sooo helpful - thank you!
  3. They publish it the evening before - it is usually separate from the dailies and is available at Guest Services on Deck 1. It is not delivered to your cabin with your Viking Daily.
  4. Zitsky, Viking will have a water shuttle from the ship to a dock just east of St. Mark's. If you walk through St. Mark's square in almost any direction, you will encounter many willing gondoliers on the smaller side canals. We took an evening gondola ride from in front of our hotel, which was just across the Grand Canal from the train station, down a little of the Grand Canal and then into a network of side canals. At dusk, it was just beautiful! The lights are coming on all along the Grand Canal, and in the quiet of the smaller canals you could hear snippets of conversation and instruments playing. You might ask Viking where there ride will take you.
  5. We used Norled on our VH in September 2017 for the same reason - we weren't sure about the Rodne timing. Norled was a wonderful experience - nice boat and crew. I think the two companies are pretty similar. Have a great time on this wonderful itinerary!
  6. Pushka, we did the Flyover Canada several years ago - I was going to suggest it as something fun to do on your long waiting day! Also, the lobby of the Pan Pacific Hotel has a beautiful fountain/pool with outlines of the countries of the Pacific Rim - worth a walk by. And, if it's a lovely day, walking past the Convention Center so you can watch float planes take off and land at the seaport is interesting. I'm a pretty cheap date! I hope embarkation is full of wonderful surprises for all of you!
  7. Before our last cruise with Viking, I contacted the kind folks at TellUs just to let them know that we were celebrating an anniversary, and the date. A delicious and beautifully decorated carrot cake (which was the cake we served at our wedding 34 years earlier - how could they know?!) magically appeared on our coffee table in our cabin while we were at dinner. Of course they included the appropriate tableware. That was the perfect amount of "fuss" for us!
  8. Thanks so much, Peregrina! That does sound pretty easy to accomplish.
  9. Oh, St. Peregrina, font of all knowledge!😉 When you say get a cab from the ship in Barcelona, do you mean they are literally right where the ship will dock as we disembark? We are planning to cab to the Sants station to take the 9:30 train to Paris, and I want to plan our timing well. I'm not sure how to get to the Esplanade taxi rank if there is no ship shuttle on disembarkation day. Thanks in advance! We are now less than 4 weeks away from our flight to Europe - can't wait!
  10. Viking arranged shuttle was available at: Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Gdansk, Copenhagen, Bergen; not needed ( you dock right in the city center) at Alborg, Stavanger, Eidfjord. Not sure about arrangements at Warnemunde - we took the train to Berlin, and it was just a couple hundred yard walk to the train station. In St. Petersburg we took a private tour that met us at the port - since you need a visa there unless you are with a guided tour, I don't think many passengers ventured into SPB on their own.
  11. Wow, LongRiver, this is just remarkable! Thanks so much for sharing these photos!
  12. We indeed left included tours and then took the shuttle back to the ship - as Captain_Morgan said, just let the tour guide know that's what you are doing. And be certain to find out where in town the shuttle departs from before you leave the tour!
  13. My best answer to your question is "usually - " based on our only experience to date on Viking Homelands. We had (and used) a shuttle to the town center in most ports, I believe, but in some ports we took an excursion leaving first thing in the morning so I'm not sure about those. Maybe someone who has been on the Midnight Sun will weigh in - really all that matters to you is whether Viking provides a shuttle in those particular ports! Have a great trip - we'll be on the Mediterranean Odyssey in May/June and can't wait!
  14. This was just excellent, Clay! Gave me a chuckle! Thanks for sharing with us!
  15. just_dont, several excursions were marked as Sold Out before our booking window opened. I'm not sure about times within excursions - maybe someone else has noticed if those are marked as Sold Out before their window opened.
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