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  1. I just had my required Covid test taken at an Urgent Care near me and I was not too happy/impressed with the paper work they gave me as proof of my negative. Basically it was a photo copied generic form with my name, date test taken and test takers initials hand written. Negative was circled.There was a company letterhead, address and phone number along with a paragraph about the Rapid Antigen test. Has anybody used this type of proof and was it accepted? I’m concerned with the shoddy appearance of the paperwork. If there is any doubt would Royal call the testing facility to verify?
  2. Royal math lives in all aspects of cruising numbers not only in discounts and planner offers.
  3. On a Canada/New England cruise there is a probability of seeing whales for that reason I would go with a balcony cabin over an ocean view. To take it a step further I would try to get an aft balcony cabin if available.
  4. Just saw a pack of 12 different color generic silicon wrist bands for sale for $6.00. I think Royal should have their own made with the anchor insignia to avoid people buying their own and wearing them.
  5. Have you seen this in a release anywhere? I have not been able to find a definitive stance stating this by RCCL. I have 2 ports within driving distance and would feel much better about cruising if this is the case
  6. Not to mention all the Richard Fain videos with him and his wooly hair promising to protect the people on his ships and employees, that is all but forgotten now.
  7. With this poll at the top of the page being a small but experienced slice of cruisers I wonder if RCCL is aware of the percentages to the 2 answers. If the reversal of their vaccination stance is only applicable in Florida and Texas because of the states issues with the original rules then Royal needs to make a statement. There are other ports available to cruise from so let the people know what your plans are so there need not having to decipher and read between the lines of a vague an open ended previous statement that as widely reported on. That is why people jump to conclusions. If other states are going to follow the CDC guidelines that Royal agreed to with percentages of vaccinated in order to sail then make it known.
  8. I believe people who aren’t vaccinated will get tested before embarking because they have to but the same guests adhering to other protocols after the ship has sailed is a different story altogether.
  9. With Florida being at the forefront of proof of vaccinations not being required and the State of Washington requiring vaccinations does the state set the rules for RCCL to sail from each state? What comes to mind what does New Jersey and Maryland do now? The seemed to have more Covid restrictions in place than Florida did. I can see NJ wanting proof of vaccines and maybe as well as Maryland.
  10. Here is an outside the box idea on how to satisfy everybody. Royal has multiple ships doing the same durations and similar itineraries, ie: 3&4 night Bahamas out of PC and Miami. Make 1 ship that proof of vaccinations are required and 1 ship where they are not. Then people can make a choice just like we make a choice in what cruise to book. It could also set a delta for the cruise industry as to what the numbers of infection flare-ups are for on each type of cruise.
  11. Hopefully a Royal announcement is soon as I have final payment coming up and would like to have an option for a long awaited and needed vacation
  12. Currently on Navigator 8/30 sailing in a junior suite. We thought the same thing about upgrading and was told to come back after the ship pulled away which we did and was told that there were no upgrades were available above our category
  13. On Navigator now and the listed price onboard is $82.00 per day plus gratuities.
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