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  1. I’m not sure if my offer in my club Royale account is what you are talking about, but it is a tier offer for my prime for an interior. It has been there for quite some time now. It expires 3/31/2021.
  2. Hopefully we will see this changed. I only have a year before this will affect me. It already affects my husband. A signed waiver like the wave pool , etc. would be okay.
  3. Casino chick I don’t have that one, but I was getting both carnival and royal snail mail about twice a week and I haven’t gotten one since March 13 when I received one from Royal for the Odyssey . I booked that one for January 2021. I thought that was far enough out. Have a cruise booked for October that I hope goes. Not only because of the cruise, but that this craziness gets over quickly. I’m not a stay at home person! Our March 15 cruise was canceled 2 days before we were to leave, but I had canceled 2 days before that. I’m sure many were already in Florida ready to cruise by the time it was canceled.
  4. Like you Wally Alligator we don’t use ours either. Snail mail comes very often and email too. Got off of Harmony with a balcony cert and didn’t use. Just got off Carnival with a balcony cert and didn’t use that one either. I need to move to Florida!
  5. Thank you so much for the information!
  6. We booked a cruise on carnival Breeze quite awhile ago and have a regular cove balcony. Since that time my husband now uses a scooter for his balance problems. Has anyone used a 3 wheel scooter in a regular room? How tight is it getting into the room? Can it be turned around to drive back out? This cruise is completely sold out now.
  7. i just call the number on my snail mail mailers. No name. I have one assigned to me by carnival though.
  8. I live in a town of 7,000 people and was pickpocketed at the local Farm Fresh Milk store. Luckily all they wanted was the cash and my wallet was found and returned to me later that day. Don’t have to be in a big city for this to happen. I am much more cautious now.
  9. Last time we sailed Royal I was signature and had free WiFi. This time sailing as prime there will be just a discount. Can anyone tell me how to get the WiFi? Do I have to see a casino host to get the offer?
  10. I wash mine when I get home. I don’t use them to pack dirty clothes in either, but they have sat on those shelves in the cabin. My dirty clothes are in a hamper until the last day and they go in a garbage bag or a compression bag to be washed at home. I get grossed out when people say they leave their suitcase open under the bed and put their dirty clothes in it. You can’t wash the inside of a suitcase very easily. I love packing cubes. I just unpack the cubes and put them on a shelf or in a drawer. I usually take one or two of the cubes and hang those clothes up when I get there so if there are any wrinkles they fall out by the time we wear them. Definitely hang my dress clothes. Shorts and t shirts can stay in the cubes until needed. I really don’t like to wear wrinkled clothes, so I have a tiny spray bottle that I fill with fabric softener at home and add water when I get there. Spritzing and smoothing does the job for me.
  11. Ocean view ball04 and I don’t see a trade in value.
  12. We are going out of NY in about 3 weeks on Carnival Sunrise to Bermuda.
  13. I hope this isn’t a change. The $20for every 1000 points and the 2nd to last night isn’t anything I’ve seen before.
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