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  1. We ended up not doing it based on the fact that there was no shade. DH gets overheated pretty easily. We booked the bungalow and it was totally worth it.
  2. So I really liked the lounge. OUr cabin was only 2 doors down and that made it handy for a quick snack or drink of juice or water. The afternoon tea in the sanctuary got me hooked on the bigelow peppermint tea and I got one or 2 a day in the lounge after that. I did NOT enjoy the coffee. I was pretty bummed. It tasted very bad and like PLASTIC to me. I was really counting on that next cruise when I wont have a coffee card to fall back on. The attendant didn't seem to know much and did not know anything about changing our reservation for the specialty dinner night. He called and said they couldn;t . We have never had a problem changing it on our own so we will continue to do that in the future.
  3. Exactly. I don't understand why people comment on things if they just want to be jerks about it. There's plenty of us that will answer the question for the person in a friendly manner. One time I was so sick of it I went to one of the boards where you ask for help with Cruise critic and asked how do I search for something better so this is not happening. I got no responses until finally someone said to just Google it. In the way that I advised to the original poster. So that's what I do now. So you can't win for losing. You ask a question and you get Flames for being stupid or you try and find out a better way to ask a question and nobody helps you. Also as a chef I enjoy reading drink and restaurant menus anytime. Do I like to read books about World War II airplanes? No but I'm sure airplane mechanics and Pilots probably do. So the comments about why do they need to see them and why can't they just be patient or unnecessary as well.
  4. Is it too late to call them? Are you within the 48 hours? This next Cruise we're going to be on next month we booked a mini-suite because there were no mid-ship Suites. Even though I would like a suite upgrade I didn't want to be aft due to my motion sickness. So my vacation planner through princess said she put in the file to notify her first of an upgrade and she would call me directly. We did end up changing to Mid aft penthouse suite in the end. But I was glad she said she could be notified and call me because I don't check my email that often.
  5. And the reason I mentioned the Google search was I was trying to give a precise example of being very detailed in the search itself and not just Googling princess drinks or something similar. Trying to save them a little time. Trying to help them a little bit instead of just giving snarky comments.
  6. When I clicked on it it brought up 4 images. That was it. Four. so I guess if you need to feel Superior about the fact that yours brought up more than mine. Enjoy it. I just don't know why you had to be so rude to the original poster.
  7. I have found the best way to find some of these are to put it into Google and put the word Cruise Critic with it. For example Princess Cruises cocktail menu Cruise Critic. It will give you direct links to threads that have existed previously. Although there is a thread out there recently with the updated cocktail menu. Not sure if it will be in use when you go.
  8. The link that you posted shows a thumbnail of the posters room at the Hyatt in Fort Lauderdale. When you click on it it does go to the drink menu. However it is the drink menu for the elite Lounge. Which is not with the O p asked for.
  9. Which ship did you have coconut milk on? I have yet to have coconut milk which is what I used exclusively at home! I tried to use rice milk on the star last fall and it was just okay. I don't like soy or almond so I'm stuck when we out of town most of the time! Even if I want to go somewhere else I usually go to Starbucks because I can get the coconut milk there.
  10. This is this first I'm hearing of food carts. They are princess carts?
  11. I think people have said this December, those prices will be out. We are looking at a September 2020 Alaska for our anniversary. Not sure we can pull it off because we have two cruises between now and then but we've never got to Sail on our actual anniversary and Alaska is our favorite! So we're going to try LOL we are kind of hoping for a slightly different itinerary.
  12. On a slightly related note, anyone that is new to princess or new to that class of ships, I definitely second the recommendations of the scavenger hunt. We took our adult children on the emerald we did it to help all of us get acquainted with that ship. It Was the largest we had been on and our children had never cruise before. We found it very helpful. About three-quarters of the way through we got bored and we joined the sail away party on Deck.
  13. Great tip on going there after the gym. That will be convenient. I'm a little bummed about and how far we're going to have to travel for breakfast to sabatini's from Riviera deck. It was one of the few times I could get my husband to use the stairs during the day! Doubt that will happen now. [emoji13] Great information on this thread. I was wondering the same thing about changing our specialty dining meal.
  14. Hi friend. We will be in St Thomas from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in November. DH would like to see as many islands as we can on one trip. So we are looking at excursions that takes us to St John on the island girl and then offers an open-air vehicle tour of the island with 30 minutes of free time. 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. . There is also an Excursion that takes us on the same boat with the same time frame but we're completely on her own. Can anyone Offer any opinion on if taking the tour is worth it over having free time. 30 minutes of free time in St John doesn't seem like a lot to me. Although we will have 6 hours hours in st. Thomas before we have to leave after we get back. Are there things that are easy access where the island girls docks to get somewhere? We do not need to do any Beach time or snorkeling. It would be more just walking around exploring, shopping, eating.
  15. For the record I've never done the ultimate breakfast. Sabitinis and rs is enough for us.
  16. You likely wont be able to do the ultimate that day. I believe it starts at 5 or 6 am. In a suite you can order meats and eggs , many ways. and a few other things not available to other state room categories. Many of the daily specials are the same as sabitinis. My favorite is the alpine muesli.
  17. You will have an expanded breakfast menu available from room service every day including a separate menu with a few specials on it. We ADORE sabatini's but we partake in RS a few times, including the last morning when sabatini's is closed.
  18. Something I learned in the last cruise is they also have access to all the milk alternative so that's one of the things that you can write in and they have no problem accommodating for. I wrote in rice milk everyday and got it no problem. And I also think that the coffee is quite good. And it stays very hot in the insulated pot that it comes in. We enjoy doing room service breakfast. Plus it helps with portions. If you're just going to have fruit and cereal and maybe a pastry in the buffet you will probably eat a much more appropriate portion and still enjoy yourself in room service then if you have the ability to get a lot of things that you didn't plan on eating.
  19. We are planning on doing this too. I am also surprised It is not on a ship Excursion list.
  20. On our cruise for 2019 our deposit was $1140. If you don't have that or FCD it can hurt. The sale did come with some OBC. and depending on what you are booking yes, 3 for free can Be better. But they also always have to have a sale running.
  21. We did too. We did not have any future Cruise deposits for the first time, so we ended up thinking that was the best deal. Unfortunately it also left much more cruise to be paid off whereas at least the future Cruise deposits we would have knocked a few hundred dollars off the top.
  22. Anyone know if there is a good area to run or exercise walk while on princess Cays. I typically do paved roads or concrete, preferably something I could do in a loop. We are on the Regal Princess and I have to do 27 times around the running track and that is not appealing! And I prefer not to use the treadmill. Thanks!
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