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  1. Hello! I’ve heard that if you do a cash account, you can choose to pay with cash, credit or debit when you go to pay the cash account on the last day. Is this true that you can pay with credit? i am going on freedom of the seas. thanks!
  2. I’m sailing out in two weeks and have two last minute questions! 1) If you have a cash onboard account, can you pay that at the end with a debit card? Or do you need physical cash? If so, are there atms on the ship? Going on freedom of the seas. 2) Going to st Thomas, Antigua, st Lucia, Barbados and st Maarten. Are credit cards safe to use at these ports? you guys are the best! Thank you!!!
  3. Going on my second cruise on freedom of the seas in March and just confused about one thing. On our last cruise, some ports we needed to carry our passport off and sometimes we didn’t, if I remember correctly. How do you know what you need to leave the boat? Is it on the screens, or in the cruise compass? We are going to st Thomas, Antigua, Barbados, st Lucia and st maarten. Anybody know if you need the passports off/on the ship at any of these places? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks guys, this helps a lot! My only other question is is snorkeling gear included or can you rent it, and do they show you how to use it?
  5. Just looking for a little more info. What is the process for going to snorkel with turtles from boatyard beach? Is there a line you stand in? How long is the line? Just looking for a little more details! Thanks!
  6. We’ll be going to Dickensons bay in March and just trying to budget for food/drink spending money. How much are drinks st this beach, on average? Is there a beach bar? Are there restaurants on the beach or close by? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi! Going on freedom of the seas soon. Last time we had a window view room. This tome we just have an interior room. Does anybody know how many outlets are in the room and where it’s located? Our room last time had a mirror and I think I remember the outlets being close to the mirror. It would just be helpful to know how many outlets are in the room and bathroom so I can plan for adapters accordingly. thanks so much!!!!
  8. Wait so we are not allowed to bring any adapters with a plug? I’ll mainly need something for my hair tools.
  9. Can someone tell me what I CAN bring on then?
  10. Hi! Going on my second cruise in March and just want to make sure I pack the right adapter to where our luggage won’t get confiscated . I am going with 5 first time cruisers and also want them to know the right one to bring. I thought I read that the following adapter (see picture) is okay to bring. I’m going on freedom of the seas if that make a difference. Thanks for your help!
  11. Hello! I will most likely rent a banana boat or parasail at Dickensons beach. Anybody been there recently and know the pricing and method of payment/how much a deposit would be? I don’t use credit and would prefer to now pricing before I go. Thanks!
  12. Hello! We are going to Antigua in March and I was hoping to go to Dickerson’s Bay. However, I looked and there are four cruise ships in the port that day. This makes me quite nervous to take a taxi due to crowded nature. Anybody have experience with this? Any tips? Suggestions?
  13. We are doing the St. John on your own excursion half day through RC. I believe it is from 11-4. We want to go to trunk bay. What long does it take to get from the port to trunk bay? I know we have to take a taxi from st Cruz (I believe?) to trunk bay? How long does it take from the port to st Cruz then st Cruz to trunk bay? I reallllyyyyyy wanna go to trunk bay but just trying to figure it out time wise! Thanks to all! Also- If you have pics of trunk bay-I’d love to see them!
  14. Soooo I know the new policy is if you get a deluxe package, your husband is also automatically charged for one. I’ve heard you can get out of this if you call but someone in our party called and they told her that wasn’t possible. what do you need to say to get out of it? If you’ve gotten out of it, tell me your stories! Is this even possible? We will pay for one if we have to but I don’t enjoy drinking so I’d rather not pay 350 for something I’m not going to use. 😳😳😳
  15. Booking the St. John “on your own” excursion. I want to go to trunk bay. How long does it take to go to trunk bay from st Cruz? Is I / taxi? Are the taxis readily available? Thanks much! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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