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  1. Hello seasidemama! I am curious about getting cash against my Seapass. I have been procurring casino credit for each of the cruises I have booked thus far this year, including the Navigator this weekend. Amongst my credit cards, I have AMEX Platinum, Chase Visa (no foreign transaction fees) and Bank of America MasterCards. They all provide points for transactions, but I know that the BofA MasterCard allowed me to elect a grouping of transactions for which I earn triple points. If I use my BofA MC for charges against our cabin, and get cash against it, will those charges likely show up on my RCCL charges on my monthly statement as Travelling? If so, I can get triple points for those charges, including cash advances in the casino to the Seapass card. I eagerly await your response (hoping you know), or anyone else with knowledge of the interaction of RCCL cash advances in the casino and BofA MC points accrual programs.
  2. seasidemama, These are dragged from the pits of Hades (well either Montego Bay, Jamaica, Springfield, Oregon, or Guatemala City, Guatemala). You have to call CR after you see that you have an offer on www.clubroyaleoffers.com, as we never receive an e-mail identifying which sailings are included in which offer. They are not just issued on any regular basis by CR for all to download. Rather, the CR agents you call on the telephone can get them at some point (hours, sometimes days) after a new Offer Code is posted online, and they can then e-mail these listings to you once available.
  3. For the H19HVIP03 offer, I am curious, are you Prime, Signature or Masters level?
  4. Out of curiosity, for the H19JVIP01 offer code, are you Masters, Signature or Prime status?
  5. On Navigator of the Seas currently (7/29 to 8/2), but received a new offer today: Does anyone know what cruises and from which ports are available with this offer? Once again, no e-mails, and I am in Nassau, nowhere near my home's mailbox to await delivery of the brochure explaining the offer (if one comes). TIA!!!! OFFER NAME OFFER TYPE EXPIRES OFFER CODE TRADE IN VALUE CASINO ROYALE 2019 FALL/WINTER OFFER BALCONY 12/20/2019 H19FAL2 $0
  6. Anyone else receive the 2019 Club Royale Suitcase Event offer this morning? Also, it would be nice to know which ship it is taking place on, the number of sailing nights, dates of cruise, and what the event is. If anyone knows, your information would be appreciated. UPDATE: FB poster advised that the quarterly calendar lists a Suitcase Trade Up event leaving on the Independence OTS from Fort Lauderdale on November 9th for 7 nights.
  7. Just did the exact same thing, albeit only received $750 TIV.
  8. See the screen shot I posted above on Tuesday afternoon outlining all of the sailings offered by promo code.
  9. Think this might help everyone understand the types of offers available through this Variable Offer (code dependent).
  10. New offer, 191RCL707, received last night. I have still never received any e-mails from Casino Royale, so I have no idea what this offer provides for me. If anyone is familiar with this offer, please share the information.
  11. We were hoping that there would be an offering on the Summer/Fall Calendar for the Allure OTS on July 21st. But apparently not. So this morning, found the Summer Sizzler offer on casinorotaleoffers.com. Once again, no email. At 8:30 am, called CR once it opened, and booked a 4 night cruise on the Navigator OTS departing from Miami on July 29, from the Summer Sizzler Offer (H19SUZ1). This way, we can still get away one last time before her school starts up again the second week of August. Anyone else book a Summer Sizzler offer? If so, which one, and why?
  12. Yes, but this is consistent with RFID tech, as players do not get paid only with chips reserved or their buy-ins, color changes, and pay-outs. So, the dealer has to punch in the spots where players are betting so that the server can correlate which player (remember they use your Seapass cards for ID) is betting in which spots. Why else would they bother tracking which spots which player is betting at, whether one hand, two hands, three, or the whole table???
  13. According to the casino host they have, and ships are moving toward table games to RFID chip systems. He shared with me a screen showing the raw data on his laptop from the casino’s server reflecting every round’s bet, split, and double. So contrary to what others tell me on this website, the casino hosts on both the Quantum OTS (April sailing out of Shanghai) and the Navigator OTS (Miami sailing) have told me that they track players’ bets through RFID chips. PS - $100 rough average per hour (actually laptop indicated it was around $92+/hour) was about right for nights 1 and 2. On night 3, alternating bets from $100 min up to $500 mac, sometimes playing 2 or 3 spots at $150/$200/$250/$300, my average bet was around $145/hour. Although I understand your reasoning, and appreciate your thoughts, it does not explain how my roughly 2500 points that the casino host shared with me after night 2, went down after night 3 (when my days’ average bet increased by approximately $50).
  14. Amazing!!! That's all I can say. I remain astounded that the casino host advised me at the end of the second night that I had earned slightly over 2500 points by that pint in this three night cruise. Then during the afternoon of the third day of the cruise, I received the $100 certificate. Before dinner (casino did not open until 5:30 pm, but tables not ready until 6:00 pm), I went and talked with the casino host, and he agreed to look into why I got the $100 certificate, as he remembered our conversation the night before. Well, needless to say, after dinner, I went ballistic at the blackjack tables. Lost $1,700 of my profits from the first two nights, but was betting $100 min, up to $500 per hand, and only ended up with roughly 2,000 points in total for this cruise. *****!!!!!!!! Got a $500 certificate, not even an interior room cabin cruise??????? Rewards poster: 400/800/1200/1600/2000 Points - $100/$200/$300/$400/$500 certificates 2400 Points - Interior Stateroom 3600 Points - Oceanview Stateroom 4800 Points - Balcony Stateroom 8000 Points - Junior Suite 25000 Points - Grand Suite I cannot for the life of me understand how I went from just over 2500 points after the second night, to only approximately 2000 points at the end, knowing that I gambled straight (maybe 10-15 minute aggregate breaks between bathroom visits and switching tables) from 7:00 pm to 2:30 am, $100 min, up to $500 max bet per round, not including splits and doubles, and alternating periodically from one to two hands.
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