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  1. paradise in 3 weeks ty for the review getting excited 😍
  2. im sailing out of tampa in 3 weeks my passport expires in 5 months they said as long as it is not expired on return i am fine.
  3. i did it i booked the paradise. its perfect for our needs this trip. super excited. had a future cruise credit and i just paid the balance but it says i still owe the amount of the credit so i called and they said it takes 2 days for the credit to post i dont owe a balance so ill keep checking . then after i get off the phone i go to print documents and see they have my husband as a mrs and i cant book shore excursions it says whlie under courtesy hold but its definatly not . so now i have to call again wanted to see if fttf was available uggh
  4. the ports are all mexico . what is better to go out of gavelston or new orleans im going to spend a few nights before the cruise also
  5. my husband is of no help he says just pick one lol
  6. ok ive been going back and fourth all day and still cant decide on a 5 nite cruise, checked airfare and all that . airfare prices almost the same so thats not an issue anymore. ive never traveled from any of these ports .. choice a carnival paradise choice b carnival valor choice c carnival dream .port of calls similar. if you were me what cruise would you choose. mostly we just like laying by the pool during the day and casino at night.
  7. lol as far as jon herald it was just one of my vifp offers. i have been on the valor back in 2009 would not mind going on her again but flights to new orleans are a little pricy i really really wanna go on the carnival dream i would get 500 onboard credit for that one too but have not heard good things about cruising out of gavelston
  8. im between paradise and elation lol
  9. more costly to fly to new orleans i just realized i could choose the elation also amber cove and grand turk
  10. paradise ports are grand caymen and cozumel valor is cozumel and progresso and magic is grand turk amber cove and half moon keys. we are more about the cruise itself and not so much the ports although we do get off and enjoy them. i know the magic is the nicest boat i just cant get over losing that 500 onboard credit that is only for certain cruises it called a hot streak bonus offer
  11. ok so we want to take cruise in october i have been going back and forth for days and still cant decide .first choice carnival paradise 500 dollar onboard credit from casino 5 nite, carnival valor 5 nite 500 dollar onboard credit. or carnival magic sail with john herald special cruise 6 nite but only 50 dollar onboard credit,
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