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  1. KansasScrapper

    Thoughts about Empress of the Seas

    Did you find you could find things to do or did everything seem to close up at 10pm? Did you feel sea sick at all? My hubby gets it and I am hoping this ship is stable.
  2. KansasScrapper

    Cuba on Carnival

    The travel affidavit is different than the VISA.
  3. KansasScrapper

    Cuba on Carnival

    We received it at check in. Take your VISA to your room as you don’t have to fill it out till you get off in Cuba. Be very careful filling it out as you can not make a mistake on it. You are only allowed ONE! The $75 is added on you sign and sail card.
  4. KansasScrapper

    Walking off in Havana

    We just got back. They do have one working and anyone can use it.
  5. KansasScrapper

    Blexi Tour Question - Best Time/Car Type

    Just got back. Used Blexie our driver was Mary! She and the driver were wonderful! It is very hot so we did a hard top and loved it. You can fit 4 people in all the cars. If you don’t do a hard top then you will all be hot. We also did the Strawberry Walking tour. You will do a lot of walking. Make sure you get some of the 25 cent CUC coins as they call this the “pee pee coins” you will need one every time you use it. You will need towelet paper or small tissues when you use it too. I will be happy to answer any questions.
  6. KansasScrapper

    Whale Shark Encounter & Snorkel Experience

    Has anyone done this snorkel yet?
  7. KansasScrapper

    Playa Mia Beach break - cruise excursion?

    I’m sorry but I’m not finding her post.
  8. I wonder how much it will change after dry dock...
  9. KansasScrapper

    How Much Cuban Currency Do We Need?

    So should I figure out how to get the Canadian money or just us my American money? My bank will charge me to even get the Canadian money so is it worth the hassle to get it or can I just exchange my American money when we get to Cuba?
  10. KansasScrapper

    Cuba Tour Meeting Requirements

    So you selected both on the travel affidavit?
  11. KansasScrapper

    Cuba Tour Meeting Requirements

    Can we select both #1 People to people and #8 Support For The Cuban People? I am really confused on which to select. We are booked on Blexie Cuba tour... Thanks for your help.
  12. KansasScrapper


    anyone know if you can tour the lighthouse? Also can you get to it? Thanks!
  13. KansasScrapper

    Postcards from Cuba?

    Did the post office take US $$$?
  14. KansasScrapper


    Food for thought: Beginning Jan 22, 2018 travelers from nine states will no longer be able to travel with only their driver's licenses. Residents of Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington. This is due to the REAL ID Act of 2005. On our last cruise out of New Orleans we did not have our passports and we had NO problems using certified BC. But be advised they also wanted a certified marriage license (which I happen to have). That was never told to us that we needed. It would of been a problem had I of not had it. We are renewing our passports and will take them for our flight to Ft Lauderdale. I have never taken them in port. I will get it from the ship if I need it. We had friends rubbed a couple years ago in Jamaica. They took everything they had, even passports. So we no longer take them into port. In Cozumel we had a cousin who got sick and ended up having to stay there. Anyone who stayed had to have their passports to get back. They were allowed to get stuff from their rooms. I will also say the travel insurance is a must for us. Granted you pay the hospital up front, you get it back later and they didn't have $332,000 laying around.
  15. KansasScrapper

    Anyone buy a Parazul bag?

    Anyone know if they went out of business?