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  1. We booked after and used Blexie. We checked “ supporting Cuban peope” and also what Oceania suggested, oeople-to-people.

    Blexie tour was great and complaint. Ifonically, ship tours arenot.



    Can we select both #1 People to people and #8 Support For The Cuban People? I am really confused on which to select. We are booked on Blexie Cuba tour... Thanks for your help.

  2. Food for thought: Beginning Jan 22, 2018 travelers from nine states will no longer be able to travel with only their driver's licenses. Residents of Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington. This is due to the REAL ID Act of 2005.


    On our last cruise out of New Orleans we did not have our passports and we had NO problems using certified BC. But be advised they also wanted a certified marriage license (which I happen to have). That was never told to us that we needed. It would of been a problem had I of not had it.


    We are renewing our passports and will take them for our flight to Ft Lauderdale. I have never taken them in port. I will get it from the ship if I need it. We had friends rubbed a couple years ago in Jamaica. They took everything they had, even passports. So we no longer take them into port.


    In Cozumel we had a cousin who got sick and ended up having to stay there. Anyone who stayed had to have their passports to get back. They were allowed to get stuff from their rooms. I will also say the travel insurance is a must for us. Granted you pay the hospital up front, you get it back later and they didn't have $332,000 laying around.

  3. My kids have done the build a bear every cruise we have taken. I thought it was actually called Build-a-bear also, but maybe it was generic.


    My daughters really loved this though, I appreciate them including it.


    Do they have the Build A Bear logo on it or is it simply stuffing a bear (different brand)?

  4. Yes, there is. Its in a new(er) shopping center within walking distance of Puerta Maya where Carnival typically docks.


    One thing we did notice, however, was that it was considerably more expensive than the store in Grand Cayman. If you're going to be in port in GC, I would highly recommend stopping in to see them. Much larger store with a whole room of clearance items.


    We are so thanks for the heads up!

  5. Here is what we did... We have done it 3 different ways. 1) We went on our own, 2) rented a room and 3) thru the ship. So now we are doing it thru the ship. It is so much easier. The place is HUGE. However, I would LOVE to go there for a vacation!!! 1) Going on your own you have to remember and WATCH your time. 2) renting the room has its ups and downs and 3) was just so much easier!!!

  6. As much as I love the Princess menu, it is a "western menu" made for western people, cooked by (usually) Asian cooks.


    My secret or tip is to ask the waiter who the best chef is and ask if tomorrow that chef can prepare you some entrees (or family style) dished from his home country.


    After so many cruises this is a great way to switch it up and to see what the chefs can really do. They always appreciate compliments on these dished and usually come out to see how you like them!


    (This is "above and beyond," so be very polite and not demanding and try to schedule in advance or for the next day).


    Hi Kansas City I live out side of Kansas City....

  7. Host Anne - We are on Carnival Glory in Jan (the cruise ships schedule isn't out yet for that date). We are in port from 10am - 6pm. Is this enough time to get over to St John and back??? We want to do the beach and maybe a little shopping (if there is an close by). Thanks!

  8. Each one is different.


    For Carnival Pride (2 volumes) I cut out the photo from the Carnival brochure and put it on the first page then added the cruise dates.


    For Mariner of the Seas (2 volumes) I used the embarkation photos.


    For Star Princess (6 volumes) I used the 8x10 photos of the ship I bought onboard.


    For Diamond Princess (3 volumes estimated) I'm not entirely certain since I'm just starting it. I'm thinking of just using some pretty paper and silver stickers for the Alaska theme.




    Do you have any of your scrapbooks posted? Would love to see them...

  9. I scrapbook ours. On our Grand Princess cruise out of Gav, TX we found out that Princess actually kept our cards. I had to think "fast" and I told them, "oh I packed our cards." Darn it so they checked us out with our DL. :D We had never had them keep our cards before.


    Here are some of the pages from our cruises and how I included our cards. I like the Star Princess cards better as the ship photo is on the cards.


    Our first cruise Star Princess




    Grand Princess


  10. The PHOTOS!!! I am so GLAD I bought the ones with my Dad, as he has since passed away. I spend a lot in the photos. But I also don't really buy anything else. I don't say anything about what my DH spends on drinks and he doesn't say what I spend on photos. I will say that I have cut back on them thu. I buy the Welcome aboard, all ports and then some of the others. I also scrapbook them. :D

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