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  1. I know and I don't agree with any cruise line allowing anyone to wear jeans or shorts in the dinning room. Most people do wear what they are suppose to but not always. They aren't suppose to allow them to stay there, they are suppose to go to the buffet but I don't leave or not cruise on that line because of it. I just figure it is their cruise as well and it is up to them to wear what they want. And if someone on the cruiseline says something then they do and if they don't then they don't. It dosen't cause me not to eat or enjoy my dinner.

  2. Okay I wasn't going to comment on this at all as I really don't care what others wear. However, I do cruise on Carnival (2 actually) and I find your comment a little hurtful. Are you saying that Carnival cruises are what??? You can actually view some of my formals and they are all nice, not any different then some of my RC or Princess formals. So please watch how you say something. I have just as much "right" as the next and I am a "Carnival Cruiser" and PROUD of it. But I am ALSO a "Princess and Royal Caribbean Cruiser".


    Beachwear is fine for a beach but this was on a ship during "formal night". And anyway what is a Life style cruise? Is it full of swingers or something. I'd rather be a prude and have some class and dignity than show my tatas to every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane. It is disgusting and it should not be allowed. But then what do you expect from Carnivale Cruises.:eek:
  3. I have worn several with a small train. On one a couple people stepped on it, but as long as they say, "hey sorry" I was okay. The one who stepped on it the most was the DH.


    Thanks for the complement. I actually had another dress picked out but found this at the last moment at a Dillards super sale and though it looked better on me. (maybe I will wear the other one on the next cruise.):D;)


    I was worried at first, but the train was very small (at the most 12 inch at the most elongated part) and the the only time I had trouble was when my hubby accidentally stepped on it. I would not do one any bigger - it was the perfect size. Sorry you got yelled at- I was very careful about staying out of people's way!

  4. Picture time ~ what camera/lens did you use for this picture? It's fantastic.




    I noticed your in Overland Park we are in the KC area now to. Your also on the Emerald right after us. To bad you weren't going Oct 31st as we could even fly out together... Do you ever meet CCers for dinner?

  5. KansasScrapper-I know what you mean. On our last cruise (first one for the grandaughter) my friend and her husband had a balcony which was $500 more than my promenade. She bought three pictures and I bought $540 worth. Different strokes for different folks! I also scrapbook. You know there really should be a 12 step program for us!!!


    Do have yours posted anywhere? Would love to see them.

  6. How cool!! I wish Princess would start doing new or cool photos like this one. Carnival dose do different backgrounds with props evey night, with me being a scrapbooker I LOVE IT!! And spend way to much on the photos. But that is what I buy.



    This was taken by a "creative" ship's photog on HAL Noordam last year. My mother LOVES it as I always seem to have a martini in hand and she thinks it's very James Bond-ish:rolleyes:

  7. Hey Dave and Bryan! I am loving this camera, but still have a very long way to go. I did pick up one of the 4GB cards at Costco when I went to visit my Mom. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to need another lens though. The 18-55 just doesn't do it for me. It's great, but just not enough. I think this is going to turn out to be an expensive camera...:eek: I can also see my studying has just begun. :D Reading up on lenses now...

    Hope you're having a great year so far.


    I know what you mean my hubby got me the Nikon D50 a couple Christmas's (is that a word) ago and it came with the small one but the next gift was a Quantaray 18-200. He knows me so well. I use it ALL the time. I don't even change them anymore.

  8. Expensive, huh? I don't understand what you mean...:p


    Instead of adding a longer zoom, you may want to consider a one-lens solution:



    I am considering one of these as a travel lens. Really well reviewed!


    Glad you're enjoying the camera!




    I have a lense close to this one... Quantaray 18-200 and LOVE it. I was tired of changing between them. I have a Nikon D50 and LOVE it!!!!!

  9. So we've had almost a whole page of no new dress postings. Let's get this thread back on topic, folks..I got a clearanced dress at Dillard's, 84 bucks! And then I tried on the dress that wasn't clearanced. Of course I loved that one, too! The short brown one was the steal, and the one I had to go to 3 different stores to get my size. The long grey one was just my destiny.







    I would love to be able to wear one like the gray one. Being short it is hard to heim the gray one. The brown one is pretty. I haven't been able to find any like that one on sale. I haven't broken down a paid full price yet and they usually go when they first are put out.

  10. Here are my dresses (dinner & formal) from our cruises. We dress up for dinner, I know we don't have to but we do. I always get mine on sale. I wish I could get some of the tighter fitting ones but you can't heim them and I am short.









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