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  1. Another thing I was told is send yourself an email with passport numbers/bank card numbers(making sure if hacked people don’t know who your card is with) As it makes it easier if you ever lose or have them stolen to contact the banks/passport office etc
  2. I have a set of little bells attached to my purse, which if someone tries to lift my purse they jingle, so alerting you. You can buy them off amazon, not expensive. But I also don’t take much out with me, usually only enough money for a meal/coffee and a souvenir, and always try to be aware of my surroundings (leave valuables excess money/bank cards on the ship).
  3. I think me standing naked by the railings would frighten them more than looking down at the sea! 😂😂and thanks for the picture
  4. Hopefully people won’t want to look through the glass panel on the landing🤦🏻‍♀️(To scared😂 )
  5. We’ve rebooked our cancelled cruise for May 2021 (should have been this May) which hopefully will happen - so the fact you’re going 2022 - enjoy and plan away
  6. We’ve rebooked to go to Alaska next May, and have upgraded ourselves to a balcony instead of the inside we would have been in this May! 🙂 our TA has booked cabin VF8160, and was wondering if anyone has stayed in this room, any pictures and is there any noise from above (sea view pool) also are we overlooked from above. Thanks and everyone stay safe
  7. If you’ve booked through a TA can you contact a PCC re an up sell or do you go through your TA. Thanks
  8. We are going with an open mind, and the fact that it’s an Alaskan cruise, means hopefully the scenery will be more of a draw for us. Glad that they do quizzes though - love realising just how much we don’t know, when we only get a couple of answers right !😂
  9. We’re on the koningsdam in May 2020 around Alaska, and we our a bit disconcerted about the lack of entertainment we keep reading. about. We don’t need it constantly, but like to go to a show in the evening or a bar with band/singer/quiz at night. We have been on a few English cruise ships, (Marella/P&O) and they have fabulous west end style productions shows also music/quizzes during the day/night (many quiet areas you can escape to if you wish) but a good variety of entertainment, which you at least have a choice for. Which is what seems to be missing with HAL. I understand being in Alask
  10. Anne & Kev. May 16th 2020 on Koningsdam to Alaska for 7 days. 1st HAL cruise. Looking forward to it
  11. I’d normally not pay but our flights on this cruise are almost 5hrs long and don't fancy sitting at opposite ends of the plane (which actually happened on our last flight to Spain!)
  12. Thanks for the replies.....decision now made and seats now booked! Peace of mind! Thanks again
  13. What is Thomson/Marella like for sitting you next to each other on your flight, if you don’t pre-book seats. We don’t normally do it, but as the flights are almost 5hrs long, we’re thinking it might be better to book than taking the chance? Has Anyone ever been separated on their flight? Thanks
  14. Just booked cruise for 6/11 on dream and got it for less than yesterday with the code 👍🏻 I’m very happy
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