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  1. Anne & Kev. May 16th 2020 on Koningsdam to Alaska for 7 days. 1st HAL cruise. Looking forward to it
  2. I’d normally not pay but our flights on this cruise are almost 5hrs long and don't fancy sitting at opposite ends of the plane (which actually happened on our last flight to Spain!)
  3. Thanks for the replies.....decision now made and seats now booked! Peace of mind! Thanks again
  4. What is Thomson/Marella like for sitting you next to each other on your flight, if you don’t pre-book seats. We don’t normally do it, but as the flights are almost 5hrs long, we’re thinking it might be better to book than taking the chance? Has Anyone ever been separated on their flight? Thanks
  5. Just booked cruise for 6/11 on dream and got it for less than yesterday with the code 👍🏻 I’m very happy
  6. At least it wasn’t Titanic 😂😱
  7. Are there any quizzes on the koningsdam either during the day or evening, as we enjoy quizzes - I think it’s because we both love finding out just how much we don’t know! But enjoy taking part in it anyway.
  8. Thanks for all your replies but was wondering if it’s too early to apply as I read somewhere, were they said you should get them as soon as you’ve booked, while other places advise getting them a month or so before. So conflicting advice! What should we do?
  9. Enjoy 🛳🍺🥃🥂🍹🍾. Only 269 days to go for us!
  10. Travelling from the U.K. a, touring Canada and then Alaska cruise in May next year - when do we need to get our visa’s etc. Thanks
  11. Thanks, will check the itinerary and see if it’s different.
  12. Thanks for the schedule, it’s handy to see how many ships are in port at the same time. Are the timings for arrival/departure correct (not sailing till May next year?) as one port, it showswe don’t arrive till 13.00hrs, and need to know re trips being organised
  13. We're touring around canada and cruising in Alaska next May - and didn’t realise that during our cruise it would be the last game of the season, so if English football was shown on board, I know someone who would be very happy.....
  14. Thanks, will ask the TA and see what they say.
  15. As far as I am aware in the U.K. we don’t have that available to us. The price we pay is what is available at the time and if it goes down - tough, but as someone said on a UK thread if your happy with what you’re paying then don’t look at the price again! Be happy with what you have. That said - I wish we had what you have in the USA as sometimes people are paying almost the same price for an inside as a balcony when there is a price drop!
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