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  1. I'd love to see copy of FunTimes as well! We are doing the same trip in July! Glad to hear you had a good cruise!
  2. Just curious ... how can they tell the difference in a wine bottle?
  3. We will be on the Sunshine for our 2nd sailing this July. We can't wait! We loved it! We did not notice the smell of smoke anywhere but the casino. The comedy club was a little hard to get in to see a show ....you just have to be willing to go a little early and stand in line. We love the Serenity deck! We actually loved that it was near the lido deck! We were able to get a chair on the glass wall and watch the "fun" of the lido deck - without having to be in the middle of the madness! lol Yes, you can hear it - but not at the volume that is on lido! In fact, this is why we have booked the Sunshine again! We are taking our adult children this time, and cannot wait to share the Sunshine with them! Enjoy!
  4. This is the "dance floor" that you will be over. I would definitely be concerned if my cabin was over the Liquid Lounge, but this was not a very loud area of the ship, in my opinion.
  5. Last time I was on the Sunshine was 2015. The "dance floor" that you see on Deck 5 did not get really rowdy or loud when we were there. It was a live singer playing on a simple stage. The Alchemy Bar is right next to it. There were several tables. My husband and I sat and watched the singer for a bit, and had a drink from the Alchemy. We were able to talk and enjoy the company. It wasn't a really loud area in my opinion.
  6. My daughter is 24 and just signed up to get points to purchase gift cards for her cruise! 😉
  7. They are out of the $500 cards. Does anyone know how often they run out, and how frequently they replenish them?
  8. Do you know if you can get a 1 day pass to the thermal suite on the ship? I don't think I want a pass for the entire length of the cruise, but I'd like to try it for a day?
  9. Thanks! I'm getting Cheers, so this will be nice to make a check list of must haves!
  10. I notice there is shipping. Is the shipping a percentage of the cards, or per card? They only have $100 cards now, so I'm wondering if I should wait until they have the $500 cards? I don't sail until July, so I've got some time, but I thought I could start purchasing some each week/month.
  11. This sounds like a great topic! We were on the Sunshine in 2015, and we will return in July! I can't wait! We'll be getting Cheers! this time (for the first time) so I'm also interested in drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that might make this trip special! We ate at JiJi's last time. I got a little seasick that night, but it was still amazing!
  12. I was hoping we would have Mikey on the Sunshine in July, but it looks like he is leaving end of May. Anyone know anything about Adam Cornes?
  13. Sunshine has the BEST serenity area! A small pool with a waterfall, a great bar, amazing seating options .... quiet & remote, or quiet with a view of Lido deck! This is why we have booked the Sunshine again! ❤️
  14. I just booked 3 cabins on Sunshine for July 8, all on Deck 8. I called Carnival to check if there were fridges. None of the three rooms have fridges. 8163 (balcony), 8175 (interior), 8206 (interior).
  15. We are purchasing the Cheers package. Do you think my husband and I would be able to order a couple mimosas in the morning on the ship, transfer them to a thermos, and 5 minutes later order a couple more mimosas to put in the thermos? Would I be able to take the thermos to Half Moon Cay?
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