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  1. Does the Ruby Princess offer a Chef's Table to its guests??? If so approximately how much per person??? Thanks
  2. Hi Folks, we're cruising onboard Ruby Princess 13 December 2019 between Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand. Has anyone got the current Drinks & Wine Lists, Spa Prices and Duty Free Liquor Prices??? Would love to review all 3 if at all possible. Many thanks for your assistance. Craig
  3. Hi folks, has anyone been to Colombo, Sri Lanka, and purchased good quality gemstones ideally Emeralds??? Would like to know where from, what to look out for in terms of any dodgy goings on etc etc. We've never been to Sri Lanka, only there for the day, my partner is hoping to find a good Emerald to bring back home. Many thanks.
  4. Has anyone been on the Grand Princess recently??? We'd like to see the Drink & Cigar List for the Snooker Cigar Lounge. We'd also like to see what Spa Services are available and associated prices. Thank you.
  5. Hi Folks, We're sailing aboard the Regal Princess from London to Sydney in October 2020. We've sailed Princess before and enjoyed their cruises very much. That said, can somebody please inform me as to what the current Wine & Drinks List prices are. I assume they are in USD. Also is there a Top Table that you can reserve for a night with fellow Cruisers. Could somebody please post the Churchill Lounge Drink List. Finally we've noticed that there does not appear to be that much storage in the cabins. Our cruise is for 56 days, is there sufficient storage for 3 large suitcases and their contents??? Many thanks for your assistance. Craig & Deb
  6. OMG Toohey's is NO Craft Beer here in Oz. Bloody awful stuff in my book. I'm not particularly keen on beer as such and even less keen on this stuff. Believe me you'd only drink this in Oz, if you had absolutely no alternative eg: had to endure Fosters or Four XXXX from Queensland. Plenty of great Craft Ales here in Australia, pity some aren't on the cruise lines instead of this......
  7. Thanks Nicho99 and Stickman1999. Interesting about Crystal not up to speed for NYE just a couple of years ago. We're going for the fireworks, being Aussie's, Sydney we've been to numerous times. Hopefully the cruise will be very good though 😊
  8. Hello folks, We're booked for our first Crystal cruise on the Symphony, which will be travelling between Auckland NZ and Melbourne Australia end of December 2021. Being Aussie's we're looking forward to being in Sydney for NYE 2021, we did this in 2013, just brilliant. Out of interest, is there anywhere that one can see the latest Wine and Drinks List for Crystal Symphony. I'd also like to see the Drinks List for the Connoisseur Club, if at all possible. We've cruised on several different cruise lines to date over the past couple of years ranging between 4 and 5.5 Star. Many thanks for any assistance. Craig
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