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  1. Thanks people. Yes you're right the cruise fares etc etc will rise quite a lot. If the cruise lines have to forego filling their interior and oceanview cabins as per US CDC instructions, then fares will rise by 30% plus to make up for the loss of these cabins. Then you have the additional cleaning costs, additional medical costs, various social distancing changes etc etc. Cruise fares are going to go up and up. Finally have to say Cunard's WiFi prices are nothing short of a rip off. We cruised late last year on Princess. We had access to super fast WiFi throughout the ship, cost $5 per day unlimited.
  2. Hearing that QM2's South America 73 Day cruise may be cancelled very shortly due to the Coronavirus spreading throughout South America. Its possible a new 2022 World Cruise for the QM2 will be announced by Cunard in the coming few months. Therefore, we're not looking at doing this World Cruise if it is indeed confirmed by Cunard. We last did the World Cruise in 2014 on QM2. So I daresay the drinks prices, WiFi prices etc etc have all changed. Is there anywhere where I can see the current drink prices for wine, spirits, as well as the current WiFi prices? Are there any daily packages offered by Cunard now for both drinks and WiFi? None were offered back in 2014. Many thanks for your assistance.
  3. Has anyone got a link or information on the current drinks list prices aboard the QM2, particularly the Commodore Club. We did the World Cruise in 2014, imagine the drinks prices have gone up a bit and are still in US Dollars. Has the coffee improved aboard her, it was shocking last time.
  4. I purchased in advance of the cruise. $10 a day which was a far better deal that I could get from our Australian Telecom providers (any of them). So for $140 Australian, I had 14 days unlimited internet onboard Ruby Princess. Worked an absolute treat. BTW for some reason I could have paid for this using my OBC before the cruise as this was offered to me by Princess.
  5. Just finished a cruise on the Ruby Princess. Once onboard you'll be able to access the Ships Internet and log in. I found the internet service provided onboard really good, fast and no problems streaming you tube etc etc.
  6. The current December 2019 Drink Prices onboard the Ruby Princess cruising Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific Waters. Personally as these prices are dearer than pub prices here in Australia, I wouldn't bother buying drinks onboard unless you're going to pay the almost $90 Australian a day, then you have to drink a bit to make it worth your while. Coffee package of $36 for 15 coffee's is available, but the coffee is bloody awful, dark roasted beans, often burnt, the milk and cream is UHT Long Life Crap and White Sugar (no Raw or Coffee Sugar).
  7. Has anyone got the current 2019 Sea Princess Drinks List and associated prices. Just trying to work out whether its better to get the drinks package or just wing it.
  8. Could you post the Ruby Princess drinks list if at all possible, that would be very handy for everyone especially those considering the $87 a day drink package (which seems to be the only drinks package Princess are offering).
  9. Can you bring your own soft drink on board??? $3.75 for a can of Coke is a bit over the top in my book......
  10. Can somebody please let me know what a Special Coffee with Baileys in it would cost??? Last time we cruised Princess was back end 2015, the all day drinks package was $70 AUD, which I took full advantage of as the Sea Princess has a dedicated Whisky Bar (the Whisky Range was wonderful). Just trying to work out the daily cost for a couple of Special morning coffee's, 4 or 5 Coke Can's, plus a Wine (Red or White) Dinner and around 4-5 Whisky Coke or Rum Coke during the day. Given what I've read on this thread it would appear the Drinks Package all inclusive the way to go. We've been to NZ before so this time around we'll spend a lot more time onboard the Ruby Princess.
  11. Has anyone got the current 2019 Drinks & Wine Lists for the Sea Princess??? Or a link to them??? Sailing on the Ruby Princess in December, Sydney to Auckland, so the drinks prices should be the same as those on the Sea Princess. Thanks
  12. Does the Ruby Princess offer a Chef's Table to its guests??? If so approximately how much per person??? Thanks
  13. Hi Folks, we're cruising onboard Ruby Princess 13 December 2019 between Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand. Has anyone got the current Drinks & Wine Lists, Spa Prices and Duty Free Liquor Prices??? Would love to review all 3 if at all possible. Many thanks for your assistance. Craig
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