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  1. Oh - I certainly will. This was our first Carnival Cruise and we have only food things to say about the whole experience. To have a special happy ending would be like the cherry on top!! Not really... just one she cherishes. ❤ she’s the anxious yet feisty sort. She’s trying to joke about it and still hopes it’s in her suitcase (I’d be the most shocked of anyone) - but who knows how she’ll be later. Maybe too tired to care tonight! ETA in rental house is 11:22 PM. 😜
  2. Oh. Can you believe a few years ago my mom got her a back-up, which is grown into being “orange taggie” (vs main “yellow taggie”) and she had BOTH of them on the ship. 😭😭 sadly we wont be to our AirBnB (on the way home) til almost midnight so I don’t even have time to run to Walmart. I will get her a back-up-back-up tomorrow. She is intermittently crying and getting angry at the cruise ship. 😜
  3. I was wondering this myself. We did set dining and had a nice team. They didn't lobby for tips, though did ask for us to do the survey. We tipped them all separately on the last night, in addition to the normal pre-paid ones. We then tipped our cabin steward additional monies in each of our cabins (family of 8). I wondered if this was the new norm? Tip with pre-paid grats and end-of-trip grats. We had empty tables all around us last night which was very likely a coincidence, but I also wondered if it was to avoid awkward last-night tips??
  4. Google search lead me to that page. I filled it out. We had the nicest attendant for our cabins and I hope he found it and cared enough not to toss it. It was a short cruise, but we did connect with him. Oh - dare I hope? It’s no camera or iPad - but I’d trade my camera AND iPad for her blankie. She’s a doll of a kid, but is generally anxious. I could kick myself over and over. I went through every cupboard and drawer, but forgot her bed. 😭 Thank you. ❤
  5. We left Carnival Valor 3 hours ago. DD6 just realized she left her blankie. We are crushed. Is there any chance at all to retrieve an item? please advise. Broken hearts standing by.
  6. We are going to Passion Island in Coz and going to try this shuttle thing in Progreso. 👍
  7. Perfect timing answering me! We are on our way to NOLA right now! Cruise out Saturday!
  8. OP which ship were you on? DS19 has long as the food allergies, (including sesame and garbanzo). We have not cruised Carnival before, but we have a five night on the Valor next Saturday. On Norwegian and Disney they had us pick out his meals each night for the following day. Or sometimes a few days in a row. On DCL we just worked with the waiter. On Norwegian they assigned us a maître d’. Did you check in with the maître d’ first? Or someone in dining services? Thank you!!
  9. Thank you @CruisingViper Is there any way to know what is on the specific ships? also - are these movies running all day like MUTS in Princess?
  10. Does anyone know what they are showing on Valor this month?
  11. What’s a reasonable expectation for non-premium guests for disembarkation? We will be able to manage our luggage. We have a long drive ahead.
  12. We are on Valor next month. Is there express disembarkation? On my Princess and NCL cruises we just queued as soon as we ate and were in the first dozen or so people off the ship. We were in our cars and on the way home by 8AM.
  13. Will someone please tell me what beverage choices we have at breakfast? Just coffee, tea and water? Any hot chocolate? Juices? Or only with beverage packages? Thank you.
  14. sorry for barging in OP - but thank you everyone.
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