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  1. I'm sorry - I understand this. At the start of this lockdown, I focused on making books of prior trips (a girls' trip to WDW was in Nov). Then I did started an album from a cruise in 2016 we never made a book for. Then when lockdown persisted I had to walk away. I'm in NY. I still can't go anywhere... 😛 unless I want to quarantine afterward. So we are camping again next week.
  2. I'll look at Liberty. I need Galveston for 5/6 nights though. Thank you!
  3. Our last night at sea we were really rocking and rolling. I was trying to watch MUTS and the water was pouring out of the pool and the empty chairs were sliding. The staff was picking up any seat that people were not in.
  4. I've been on three cruises since, but haven't been high and forward again. My mom has a history of Meniere's disease, so I wonder if that would predispose her. Honestly - I see that I could have (as of now) three OV for the almost the same as the ultra spacious and I'd rather offer my mom an ocean view than an interior. ♥ (8121/8123/8500 vs 2300/2302/2304)
  5. Ok. I'm calling my TA in the morning and have her run "official" numbers. I need the rates that allow for cancellation until PIF. We've had too many cancellations through our lifetime to have non-refundable anything. It sounds like I can't go wrong with either venture. The dates for Explorer are a wee bit better, but it is one less day on the ship.
  6. I'm sorry. Oddly enough, we had planned to skip a family vacation this year to put some attention (coff-coff- money) into our house. We instead updated a bathroom. That said, I've had to cancel one NCL cruise and one MSC cruise the last few years when our plans abruptly changed. Wow - when was that Princess trip supposed to be? Glad you didn't get stuck ON the ship! 😲 Do you get oceanview seating in the MDR with a large group? That impresses me. We've never had dinner near a window on any ship.
  7. Gotcha. Yeah - by 6 we had stopped eating so we'd be hungry for dinner. I didn't notice what was closed on deck then.... I just know we went back for BBQ at times and found it wasn't open. I never dug into why. Sigh - post-Covid (mid-Covid?) cruising could be a whole other beast, huh?
  8. So true. But I am not a foodie, so I am not hard to please. My family is the same. We can even handle "just ok" for one meal here or that. Sounds like I wouldn't be disappointed with Explorer OTS. Thank you. I see RCCL has some far forward Ultra Spacious Ocean View rooms available, which takes me back to the question I started with on Carnival's page.... will far forward be "ok." The only time I had problems was after a forward interior voyage on Caribbean Princess. Post-disembarkation I spent four days sleeping off "mal de disembarquement" or some such seasickness. I would hate to do that to my mom.
  9. Ah - see - these are words from the pit of Hell to DH. 😉 This would be cool. (See what I did there?) Ok. I need to dig into Explorer. They have some Ultra Spacious Ocean View rooms available, too!
  10. OH - we found it! It was not open all the time, though, whereas Guy's was.... It was delicious. It was also quieter back there. I really liked the food on Valor.
  11. Thank you so much for your detailed response. Wow. That is disappointing about the Dream! We had a very different experience on Valor. Our wait staff was very good. My oldest has food allergies and they met that well. We did have a dark corner, BUT it ended up being near a quiet exit toward a bathroom - so it ended up perfect. We also had a good view for the nightly dancing by the staff and the parade of baked Alaska. 😉 My DD15 (then) is huge into trying new things (frog legs, ox tongue) etc., and she delighted in the unusual offerings. I ordered two desserts almost every night. It would have been an exceptional disappointment if the dinners had been bad. I did the Princess cruises with just me and another mom friend. Both were awesome, but I'm not sure I can recommend them for families. I suspect smaller kids who enjoy clubs would be fine, bc they do get great reviews for kids' programming. But there really wasn't much in the way of "activities." In general shows aren't really my thing, but we do like Movies. MUTS is fun, but that is always subject to what is showing. Maybe for a port intensive cruise.... but I'd probably look at other options, too. Did your kids actually make time to do ice skating? My big kids never liked clubs when they were younger, but my youngest two loved Camp Ocean on Valor last year. The staff was very engaging. Kids' clubs aren't a deal breaker for me, though. We spend much of our time together, like you say. Thank you!
  12. Thank you for your response! We enjoy dinner in traditional dining room style. The "fun food" on deck is important, but not as important as the dining rooms. I'm assuming RCCL has wonderful dining room meals.... would you say they do?
  13. IIRC they have four waterslides and a child-friendly water area. We also like Guy's and Blue Iguana (I know - I know - I've said that a few times... 😂 ) I posted on RCCL about things to do on Explorer. I just had an alert to my first response. I don't know if Explorer shows movies after dinner. We aren't really into stage shows. We've tried them on Carnival and NCL and didn't stay. (DCL was another story and was a one-and-done-$$$ adventure.)
  14. Used RV and lots of beach trips. We'd keep up our road trips (assuming those become less restrictive).
  15. Well - then I am especially grateful for the honest responses I've thus received! My family is actually super easy to please. We had a blast on Valor out of NOLA last summer and that ship is sort of bare bones by newer standards. My youngest two had wonderful experiences in the kids' clubs and the older kids (and DH and I) enjoyed movies under the stars (errr - not exactly MUTS 😉 ) each night. We also loved the size of Valor and our dining staff was fabulous. I don't think we'd have a BAD time on either ship. I guess it's a good problem to have. :) Ugh - I have conversations like these and then remember that life is still far from normal! I'm extremely hopeful we can do ANY cruise next May!!
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