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  1. I'm a nurse and fully a third of our staff has declined. Not just the ones in child-bearing age even. Many of the over 60 group (we have a lot of "retired" per diem staff) have declined, as well. To be fair, most of us have had covid (myself included) and experienced mild cases. If the cruise lines require the vaccine (their right) I will have to just do beach vacations in the US.
  2. That's funny. Made me smile. I do consider them extremely miserable and though I follow the law, I won't voluntarily wear them one second longer than I have to. I actually cut down my work schedule this summer (per diem) because - I've learned - you can't pay me to wear them. 😂
  3. YES! As of yesterday, I noticed this at my Walmart too. We've had to line up outside since early April in a cordoned off area with a security guard at the beginning of the line. Today it was gone. Then, DD16 and I noticed all the one-way signage was gone.
  4. Yes. Agreed. I don’t mean to sound argumentative. Just that we have some decent options for urgent (non-travel related) needs. I’m not a fan of testing just to test TBH. Still mulling over a lot of these details.
  5. My only, only, only concern about opening up cruising is the original concern that was used to employ a lock down in the first place: to not overwhelm healthcare capacity. I can see where a ship would quickly become overwhelmed if people were dreadfully sick. It would be particularly concerning if it were staff members becoming drastically ill. Otherwise, I have zero personal concerns about traveling and coronavirus, or about the virus on its own.
  6. My best bet is choosing words. In the case of coworkers sent, it was because of potential exposure, not because symptomatic. At one point about a month ago, said employer had three people out d/t positives and 22 others out because employer was concerned about exposure. My real point was that the results were super fast. ♥
  7. ? in Penfield, NY (Roch suburb) the Urgent Care has same day results. DH’s employer has sent many people there.
  8. These poor port businesses. They have been far too long without revenue, and these safety plans don't do them much good, either.
  9. All good questions. I wonder how the insurance industry will reconfigure. We booked a short 5 day for next May back in July. I haven't bought insurance yet, bc I was just thinking that I have until February to decide. Now I am wondering what insurance might look like. Each traveler can likely deal with some of the changes, but we have our own deal breakers. I can handle the ship-only excursions if I have to (they'd better offer more), but wearing masks on deck would turn off my family big time. And while we can handle a modified buffet, NO buffet would break
  10. I am in Western NY. We can just go to an Urgent Care and say we need a covid test and the doctor will order it and they do it there. In my area, we have an urgent care that gets results back to you in 3 hours. DH's employer has sent quite a few staff members there. They "charge" in that case based on the insurance the individual has or does not have.
  11. I'm so happy to see forward motion, but it just feels very non-vacationy. So happy for crew!
  12. If I didn't have to quarantine when I got home, I would cruise right now, period. As long as we could afford the voyage and DH could get the time off work. I don't have an iota of concerns otherwise. I miss the sea. ♥ I'd strongly prefer no masks, but I'd find a way to deal with it if that could get us back to cruising.
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