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  1. All-ready2cruise

    Hawaii question

    Good info, thanks 😉
  2. All-ready2cruise

    wine package

    Yes, the funny thing is, while the wines themselves may have changed, the actual prices for the packages haven't; they've been the same since 2012...........shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone.. lol
  3. All-ready2cruise

    NCL Jade Vs Star Vs Spirit

    Jade would be my choice, why? I just disembarked Jade Feb. 1st and had a wonderful cruise; great crew, wonderful staff, lovely decor. Love the great outdoors on the Jewel class ships (Star doen't have GOD) and the lay out is great and easily navigated. While Spirit has been on my bucket list for a while, I understand it has it's plusses and misses, Jade has everything I needed for a great cruise. Have a wonderful cruise no matter which ship you choose. Cheers
  4. All-ready2cruise

    Latitudes Question

    Couldn't have said better myself.
  5. All-ready2cruise

    Latitudes Question

    I don't see the Encore listed when I pull up the "Past Guest Offers" on the NCL website. Not surprising since it's brand new ship. Only cruises listed and showing the little "Gold" star in the listed qualify for the Latitudes perks/OBC.
  6. All-ready2cruise

    Breakaway / Live (*) / Solo - Feb-07-17-2019...

    Hi Sid, glad I found your thread early on and looking forward to reading whatever you have time to share. I'm just off the Jade this past Friday so totally understand about not doing the live report. Hopefully, you'll have a very relaxing cruise and feel rejuvinated and refreshed when you get home. cheers, Connie
  7. All-ready2cruise

    Two music charters on our cruise?

    For chartered cruises, check out Sixthman music festival cruises, which is owned and operated by NCL. For incentive charters look up Incentive Cruises, can't post websites since they are TAs and not allowed to be posted here. HTH
  8. I wish there was a simple solution so we could all enjoy our previous level of access to these great, knowledge sharing boards; however, for now, we have to take what we can get. Not happy with the new forum though. CC Hosts/Mods... do you know the new format/platform the IT/new Cruisecritic site is being utilized? Is it the size of the servers? the type of formatting/ HTML program codes/ Word Press design..... that's causing the problems or something else? It just doesn't seem to be working well enough to support Cruise Critic forums as a whole. Sorry, not trying to be nasty or anything but I do understand the frustration of others and agree with the sentiments. Best wishes in your attempts to correct the issues.
  9. All-ready2cruise

    Site seems a bit wankish

    rec'd and Exactly the error I continue to receive.
  10. Well, doesn't look like anyone else has posted so I guess "you're the man". Hope all is ok with your niece, keep us posted.
  11. All-ready2cruise

    Booking excursion question

    Totally agree with previous poster; they could just be late posting excursions, for some reason a popular port on a TA, Ponta Delgada, won't have tours available until 60 or maybe even 45 days prior to the cruise. If I were you, I'd wait for a bit or call the excursion dept. and ask if they have any tours avialable. Maybe they will, maybe not and it becomes a waiting game. You could also look at private tours which are sometimes less expensive and more focused on your needs/wishes.
  12. All-ready2cruise

    Odd things to remember

    Yes, clothes line in the shower that you pull out from the wall. I bring a few clothes pins to hang things like wet bathing suits.
  13. All-ready2cruise

    Halong bay excursions

    Russel, welcome to Cruise Critic. Please click on the link posted here to be taken to the area where you might get help with the information you're looking for: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2578902-march-16th-2019/ You'll find fellow cruisers at the linked page at the Roll Call for your cruise. The alternative is to look on Ncl website to find a tour they are offering. Good luck, hope you enjoy your cruise.
  14. All-ready2cruise

    “One and done” NCL ships

    You'll love the JADE, it's a lovely well manned ship and beautifully decorated.
  15. All-ready2cruise

    “One and done” NCL ships

    I've cruised on Star (32 days), Epic, not my fav. but not b/c of the BR situation (I consider some of the situational issues really silly and unreasonalble, JMO), Sun, loved it, Pearl, loved it, MSC Divina, loved it and Jade, loved it. Did I tell you I love cruisng? Would likely still cruise on Epic since DH is no longer around and he really was the one who disliked Epic immensley due to the size of the ship. YMMV Enjoy your cruise no matter what ship/what line you choose... lots to choose from.