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  1. Thanks for this explanation. I knew the UK was different but didn't know the details so thanks for the info. 😉
  2. I agree with DS that the atrium is horrid place for the game shows, however, I never attempted to find a seat in the atrium itself, for the shows, I'd always go up to O'Sheehans... get a glass of wine and sit at the rail... great place to have some fun and... when you've had enough, easy place to vacate. Usually plenty of seats available too. Cheers
  3. I agree with BQ, you may need to climb the ladder... keep digging. Find the real answer. Your gov't has set policies to protect when it comes to travel. Find out more info... JMO. Good luck
  4. Well, have a good day. I'm off to pick up a few things before my GD gets here. Cheers, Be kind and stay safe.
  5. Show me where I said an FCC was a refund equal to cash. I'm very happy the OP has rec'd his refund to his CC. As I said before, "Cash is king". Maybe try reading my previous post again.
  6. I believe BT is referring to the OP not telling the CC company that NCL offered them an FCC as a refund (post #3). If this is true and CC company did not investigate further, nor contact NCL then, it could be seen as fraud (omission of relevant info). However, if the CC company gave the OP the refund knowing NCL gave the OP the FCC then, it's not fraudulent. So, if the OP rec'd the refund back to their CC and doesn't have an FCC attached to their NCL account, no worries. The FCC is the real kicker.
  7. Guess you can include Canada there as well. Happy Canada Day, welcome to travel to Europe.
  8. Exactly what happened to me. I have no idea where the "we were given a choice of refund or FCC" is coming from if you cancelled the cruise. To me, since I did cancel my cruise, Mar 29, NCL Dawn, TPA to NYC and was only given the choice of FCC, DONE, and it was made very clear to me that I was not entitled to a cash refund, ever. I had actually accepted the possibility that I would receive nothing since I cancelled the cruise. I was quite happy when the FCC did actually show up on my account, even though it said I needed to use it by Mar. 29th 2021. This whole experience has been so new to so many that to castigate those who took the new T&Cs incorrectly is ridiculous... I was glad that some knew how to translate the new path being followed.
  9. Thanks, hopefully you'll have a nice July 4th celebration as well. Cheers 🥃
  10. I guess it does for some, however, considering what many/some have been experiencing recently, it may sound pretty good. A place to go, relax, enjoy some else's cooking.... sounds pretty good to me. Just lookin' on the upside of things... cheers, and may you sea the brighter side of cruising too, sooner rather than later. 🥂 😉
  11. You'll get a bag on each of your linked cruises. Not sure if they'll allow you 2 bags per cruise ... you can always ask.
  12. Exactly correctly. I cancelled my Mar. 29th cruise when NCL said I'd need a Dr''s note in order to cruise. That didn't go over too well with me... throw my Dr under the bus just to take a cruise, no way!! However, I guess what's different in my situation, is that the rep told me up front that I'd only qualify for an FCC. He even explained what all would be included in the FCC which was pretty much everything I'd paid. I know most want their money back but for me, it worked out well (at least for now) since I had a major B2B booked for April 2021. Most of it's paid for with just a little left to pay at final payment in Dec. , I'm satisfied with the way it turned out for me, sorry it's not the same for you OP.
  13. It would help a lot if we knew what ship; smaller ships may not have what you're looking for. The newer/bigger ships all have studio cabins (except the Joy) which are great for solo cruisers.
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