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  1. Could be that they haven't updated the deck plans but it still shows O'Sheehans.
  2. Exactly why you're loaned an iron and board for a limited time only. I use the steam from the shower to persuade any wrinkles out my clothes. Works great, plus, there's also the Downy Wrinkle release as well. Have a great cruise @rbalfour
  3. Seems to me, Sachan was the bartender then... I cruised on BA in June 2019. Nice pic.
  4. The bold print seems contradictory/confusing. If the OBC is from NCL, it is nonrefundable, even if it's given from the TA. If it's purchased by you it is refundable. If it's just from the TA it is usually refundable and could even be used for DSC/tips.
  5. I believe and could be wrong, but, with earlier promos, this was the code: LATDBLX I have the T&Cs here somewhere....
  6. Right. I think they had it in 2012, didn't they? My first cruise was Feb. of that year. Seems to me they had a HH.
  7. Wow, all these cruises, all the days on NCL and now I feel I've been missing something. Happy Hour, when, where, what NCL ship(s). Not that it would have any impact on me anyway but I didn't realized NCL had a HH.
  8. Zambooka is part of entertainment, not dining, so, the answer is no.
  9. IMO, "flexible" should be everyone's middle name right now. With all the changes in protocols in countries and even the changes to the specific variants and changes, I'm not sure how anyone can hold a cruise line responsible for holding back on what's really present day. Research is always so important but now, it's imperative.
  10. I'm Platinum too and cruise solo now and I'll often offer another solo cruiser to dine with me on my Platinum Coupon. Never had a problem at all, they're very happy to accommodate. I've done it in both Cagney's and Le Cucina.
  11. In reality, it's far too early to expect any information regarding your Air/flights for your cruise in 330days. Fights, sure you've seen some posts regarding dates, but NCL doesn't give much info until around 60 days prior to sail date. I have a cruise booked in Jan. 2022 and I know the info I have is just a "place holder" and until it's closer to the actual sail date I won't bet on any info being accutate. Will NCL contact you... I doubt it. The best place to find information regarding your flights will be on your account "MyNcl". I wouldn't and certainly haven't, put much store in what's on my account, until 120 or maybe even 60 days, prior to my sail date in Jan or Feb... I'm looking at changing my sail date. All the best and hope you enjoy your cruise. Cheers
  12. I believe this was same sailing but change to the Port of Departure. (from Rome to Barcelona or vice versa) What you're asking is different and as far as I know, it would be a cancel and rebook. So, yes, you'd have to cancel using the Peace of Mind option.
  13. As @bluesea777 is suggesting: Have you considered just doing a "no-show" at the check-in counter? You would receive back the taxes, DSC charges and any shorex charges.
  14. Deck 5? I only see IF inside cabins. What's the cabin number? As far as a square shaped cabin goes, they're usually hc cabins.
  15. I'd be more interested in knowing what airline on which these pax arrived in Athens. The problem is though, this new variant is so easily transmitted, I doubt that anyone knows where these people picked up the virus.
  16. You are so right, sorry about that. Looking at OP's cruises, it looks like he's booked on GA. My BA cruise in May still has La Cucina listed but with the old menu. Have not seen a review of Jade or Gem, but haven't been looking either.
  17. @ScratchTheRat Here's Bird's thread about the menus. Hope this helps.
  18. Not sure the menu for le Cucina is the newest one. The menu I see is dated 7/23/19 and they've redesigned during the shut down. I'd look at @BirdTravels latest Encore review. I'll post it if I come across it.
  19. Looks like BAR, Montenegro I don't see any cruise Itineraries until Dec.
  20. In my experience as a GM of 15 GC, nope not all mine, our children and grandchildren, are our future. That doesn't mean I want a lot of misbehaving children on any of my cruises, however, the saying, "teach your children well", rings true for me in so many ways. So easy to avoid an over-abundance of children: book cruises when children are in school never book a cruise in summer, holidays such as Xmas/NYE or spring breaks and book longer cruises in off season. My late DH and I did a B2B in 2015... 12 day + 13 day... I doubt we saw any children on either cruise. Cheers
  21. Sixthman music cruises are affiliated with NCL - as in a partnership https://www.sixthman.net/
  22. Thanks @NW Pacific. Hawaii is still on my bucket list so I'd appreciate any info AFA departure dates go. Cheers
  23. The thing is, my only purpose posting this was to confirm that the OP @InMyFreeTime had posted accurate prices for the cabin(s) they had confirmed invoices for. I didn't accuse the OP of anything. IMO, you bet, NCL should be held accountable for their mistake and they should be giving the OP what ever cabin OP wants. Even a Haven HI is less than the Studio cabin they stole and gave to another passenger. Absolutely ridiculous. Good luck @InMyFreeTime. I tend to be pretty gnarly so I'd fight to the finish.
  24. I know right? I have a hard time persuading myself to pay that kind of money for a suite/haven so, no way would I pay that for studio, even if it was a b2b holiday cruise. Mind you, I haven't been able to persuade myself to stay in an inside or studio yet anyway, so, my bad.
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