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  1. I’m aboard now and must say as a first time Viking cruiser (but cruiser on many other lines over 30 years from Princess to Regent) that I am very impressed by Viking so far. Perhaps I’ve found a match for my inner simple luxury loving knowledge nerd.
  2. I have not previously sailed with Viking. I will sit alone or meet new friends. I’ve been on several cruises alone and have met some of my good friends that way.
  3. I rather doubt that. But my opinion of Viking is much higher now.
  4. I am happy to report that Viking came through and refunded my single supplement.
  5. I’d also like to emphasize that this “lower fare” only impacts solo travelers. Perhaps they don’t value them?
  6. I would consider writing off cancellation fees and rebooking however I had to pay in full at the time of booking and the waived single supplement was waived within 3 weeks of sailing. They have me in a no win situation. I have more than 200 nights on ships. 160 on Regent Seven Seas alone. This is my first Viking trip. With the attitude they’ve exhibited, it might possibly be my only. This is a very shabby way of treating passengers regardless of if they’re first time or have 35 years of sailing.
  7. My travel agent called. Nothing. No upgrade, no onboard credit, nothing.
  8. I’m on the Viking Sky as a solo traveler on the August 28 Iceland cruise. I booked it about 3 weeks ago and paid the single supplement (which is several thousand dollars). That’s fine, I’m used to it. Now Viking has eliminated the supplement on the remaining Iceland cruises for most cabin categories. Great, right? Nope, they will not adjust my fare. Is there anything I can do? Has anyone run into this before? Seems to be a pretty shabby way to treat a solo cruiser.
  9. In certain cultures (Japan is a prime example) tipping is considered rude because you are essentially bribing them to do the job that they are supposed to. Some cultures feel it makes them feel like servants. Others see no need for tipping because everyone is paid a decent wage.
  10. Good, it sounds like I can meet new friends and dine with them. I was having visions of eating alone in my cabin every night. While I could certainly deal with that, it’s more fun to meet fellow travelers
  11. How are they handling solo travelers in the restaurants? Or in other places? I’m traveling solo on the august 28th sailing
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