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  1. Yeah ours was March 21st and we haven't received any refund either. I had purchased our drink package and specialty dining for a total of $1005 on top of our cruise price and haven't received that either.
  2. I’m not sure if anyone posted this yet. https://www.cnn.com/asia/live-news/coronavirus-outbreak-03-02-20-intl-hnk/h_8c36b6b47f64a43dfe3ad31e8bed9929 20th case in California recently returned from a cruise that went to Mexico.
  3. You have until 14 days before to cancel and get back 25% so we have until this Thursday.
  4. Pretty sure there’s a suspected case there now too (St Maarten)
  5. That’s my concern too. My fear is being a carrier with no symptoms and passing it to people who can’t handle it. I’m worried about being quarantined. And lastly I’m worried about it being a cruise to no where. I love cruises but I do rely on ports to be able to walk around as I can start to get sea sick. It hasn’t been too bad but I’ve also had ports to go out on. I guess it’s less about myself getting actually sick but mostly about the other ripple effects that may happen!
  6. Have a cruise on the Breeze 3/21. One of the stops is the Dominican Republic who just apparently confirmed its first case. By this point I think we are gonna cancel for future cruise credit or else we would lose everything but 25%. 😩
  7. I’m not sure if anyone will know. We have a cruise coming up March 21 and we are throwing around the idea or whether or not to cancel. My question is with Carnivals insurance the 75% we get back in cruise credit is that for the straight fare or the total we paid? I know if we cancel outright we get 25% of the fare refunded but what happens to the gratuities, taxes, etc that we paid? Do we get that completely refunded back to us? thanks for any help! I plan to call during my lunch as well if no one knew exactly.
  8. Nope, they will not let us change it as it’s after final payment and a casino offer. The offer was originally on an old VIP number (they created two for me for some reason) so I got emailed the offer that’s when I first saw it. They said that number should have been deleted and I should have never gotten it so they gave us $600 OBC which was nice. However when they combined my VIP numbers my current number still has this deal. We paid $3200 (with vacation protection and tips) for a balcony and I can get the same thing for $1500 with vacation protection and tips under my number. What a differen
  9. Our March cruise has kept going up slowly under my husbands VIP code. Through mine however there’s a deal making it $1800 cheaper. Hard pill to swallow there!! We booked under his casino offer. 🥺
  10. So there was a ton of extra things that happened because they created a new number for me so I had two going on and received the offer on my old number. They said that the number should have been deleted and we should have never gotten the offer in the first place. They merged it with my new number so I have the appropriate points and gave us $600 OBC and free drinks in the casino (which we have the drink package). It was my husband who spent the two hours on the phone with him so not exactly sure how it went down. It’s not the deal that I hoped for but I would have understood (albeit upset se
  11. I don’t really know how to word the question correctly I’m sorry! We currently booked our cruise in March (fingers crossed) under my husbands VIP number however I got an email for me and booking with my number gets us a deal that is $1800 cheaper with $100 OBC!! Can they switch that for us? Are we just out of luck? Thank you!
  12. We were just deciding to purchase Cheers or not for our 7 day cruise. (Which we did) We don't drink a ton but I can see hitting $55 during a 12 hour day. We also don't really drink on port so that is money saved for us. We don't drink a ton but like iced coffee and energy drinks so two of those a day. A drink in the morning, drinking in the afternoon, and 2-3 glasses of wine in the evening I think we are about breaking evening and I'm sure on sea days it may be a couple drinks in the afternoon. We aren't the type of people who will worry about making our money back but we are definitely the ty
  13. Well my husband told me he was calling to upgrade us to OV and surprised me with balcony instead haha. So we get to keep our deck 8!
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