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  1. Z--I assume you need to investigate into treatments for Schizophrenia...

    which should help in your situation...

    No wonder you have almost 6000 post.... a man that thinks he knows everything but actually knows nothing...... A Bosthoon


    Your personal attacks continue. I refuse to crawl under the bridge to where the trolls live.

  2. Just curious if you are ordering drugs for legitimate or recreational purpose.


    Also curious if are ordering for the latter, would you prefer for the goods to show up and the Feds to bust you then?


    Also curious if you have waited at least the 5 weeks before complaining.


    Will you be as vocal when the goods show up? People compalin all the time about all kinds of things, but few ever seem to admit they made a mistake.

  3. Just look at how many have had a bad time getting order and what some who know people says he get . It look like he did not order but is talking about something he has no first hand knowledge of.


    The business is legit. Some people pay for their cruises with the money they save.


    I'm still waiting for someone to say how long ago they ordered (and PAID) and what they ordered.

  4. Maybe customs will wake up one day and set up "speed traps" for ships that call in Belize. People were buying all kids of addictive meds when we were there . . .


    Maybe someday we will stop blowing up the rest of the world and exporting our problems overseas? Yeah, right.


    How about fixing what is wrong in the US?


    Belize is one of the few countries the US hasn't p*ssed off. And they speak English.

  5. I

    I'm residing in New Orleans, went through the whole ordeal and stayed at the Hyatt Regency downtown in New Orleans providing back-up operational support during Hurricane Katrina to a TV station. I'm also a meteorologist, so I should know my stuff.


    Seems to me the Hyatt was where some of WWL-TV relocated to...


    For those collecting sites, here is another one:



    Late season hurricanes sometimes go the "wrong" direction as Hurricane Lenny did in 1999. It sank a "cruise" ship (Sir Francis Drake) I was scheduled to go on a few months later, along with my deposit. :(



  6. The horse and carriage rides are just about at the dock. When you go through Festival Place you should see them lined up.


    They say allow 2 hours for the walking tour, although you can do it faster or slower. And you are never more than a few blocks from the ship - if time is running out, just end your tour and head directly back to the ship - which you can see from many of the locations.

  7. I will be traveling solo (female 42). This walking tour seems wonderful, but I am concerned about safety. Are these places/streets crowded enough where I could blend in and not advertise that I am alone?


    Only one person offered to sell me drugs and that was as I wandered away from the tourist sights. Never felt concerned about my safety, though. There were people on the streets and were a number of cars driving up and down.


    Again, maybe one of the buggy tours and you can see what places you might want to walk back to?

  8. Thanks for the beautiful photos.


    We will be visiting in couple of months and can't wait to see the places for ourselves.


    This time, we will be traveling with two young ones, a 1 year old in a stroller and a 3 year old who will be walking sometimes and in a stroller the other times.


    How is the walking tour in terms of difficulties?

    Do you think it is do-able for us?


    The difficulties I see are it can be hot, some of it is up hills, and some I did was up and down stairs. Not sure you could easily make it to the Fort with a stroller or two.


    You can certainly do some of it, and no part was really more than a few blocks from the dock - Queen's Stair Case and Fort Fincastle were the the farthest, so when you've had enough you can allways stop - or as in my case, I stopped in a cafe for a cocktail and a bite to eat.


    Not sure if a buggy would make you a deal or not or what to do with the strollers other than leave them on the ship. The buggys are very close to the ships. They say 4 max, but with two little ones, I'd don't know why they couldn't take 5. Check out spots you might want to walk back to and then pick up the stollers?

  9. Guess I should explain mo' bettah. Everything I've seen was fresh, just that if you are going to keep anything for an extended period (like over a year), the expiration date is of interest. If you buy anything packaged or in a blister pack it will have, but if in a baggy, then I would ask about the expiration date.

  10. The pharmacy in the tourist village makes far too much money to rip people off or to sell tainted merchandise.


    The drugs are packaged in specific quantities, and if you buy in a different quantity they have to break the original package up. It is true they don't have the plastic pill bottles we are used to getting from our local pharmacy. If the pills aren't packaged in a blister pack, a baggy is what you get.

  11. Belize is in Central America, but if you are looking for a continent, it is still North America.


    Many of the drugs sold in the Belize pharmacy are "generic" formulations.


    As for Mexico, don't think I ever met a pharmacia that didn't have a doctor on call to prescribe just about anything.


    Also, Mexico is becoming less restrictive, not more.


  12. zydecocruiser


    I just loved your pictures. we will be in Nassau on May 16th. How hard is the Queen's Staircase to walk down< What is there to see at the bottom of the staircase. Again your pics were great



    It's 65 stairs with a couple of places to pause along the way. The pictures show what is at the bottom, but I did not go up or down those stairs. (last 2 pics in post 19, all of 20, 21, and most of 22).


    Queen's Staircase (much restored):



  13. I didn't really pay attention to time, but would think it could be done in an hour or so. I basically did it twice and stopped for lunch in a few hours and was taking my time.


    I would say 5-10 minutes walk to the Straw Market depending on where your ship docks. The carriage rides are only 20 minutes and I think they go by most places. That might be a good way to see what places you want to walk back to.


    For me, the straw market was only a photo stop from the outside, 'cause I don't shop. :cool:


    I was more interested in the historical stuff and the stairs, fort, and views. And conch fritters. ;)

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