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  1. Here is Hurricane Jose's latest spaghetti models: Source: http://www.myfoxhurricane.com/custom/storms/storm3_models.html
  2. Arctic Ace

    Hurricane Irma Watch

    We have a flight to FLL on Wed and Cruise is scheduled on 17th Sept but we are worried (as many other) that Irma would make very big damages as it look now (direct hit to area). How vulnerable Port Everglades or FLL is for hurricane damages? What about the major hotels next to Port (e.g. Hilton, Hyatt etc.)? According the RCCI Chief meteorologist, Allure will sail if infrastructure damages does not prevent it. How fast do you think that RCCI will inform about the possible cancellations? Two days would be not enough for us because we would be traveling earlier than that.
  3. We will stay two nights after a cruise in Florida so we are considering to rent a car and drive from Fort Lauderdale to Key West area. Basically we would like to see the Florida Keys area and just to relax - night life or beach life is not our target. Should we book a hotel from Key West or Marathon (where we could have a day trip to KW) or from somewhere else? We will have 9pm flight so what time should we leave from Marathon or KW to be on time on FLL?
  4. Here is the latest forecast: Source: http://www.myfoxhurricane.com/ Interactive model: http://models.myfoxhurricane.com/models.cgi?basin=al&year=2017&storm=11&display=googlemap&run=latest
  5. Have you been on meet and mingle event before? What kind of experiences did you have? When (before/after departure) and where (pool/meeting room/ conference center) this event usually will be held? Do you think that you got better service from cruise line after they knew that you are CC member? https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=32
  6. Arctic Ace

    ? Port Change on Allure

    >Allure is down one propeller How many propellers there are? How the loss will affect for cruising speed?
  7. In our last cruise (@ Carnival) there was a rule that you can bring two bottles of wine when you board to the ship. Is there similar policy in Royal Caribbean? Two bottles per cabin is allowed? If it is possible, would you recommend to buy wine bottles on Fort Lauderdale Harbor Wine shop or from Airport (as tax free)?
  8. Arctic Ace

    Hotel booking tips at Fort Lauderdale?

    We have reserved few days for "sightseeing" before and after the cruise so Key West would be one thing where we are planning to go. We would like to be somewhat close to city center and beach, so there would be different dinner/shopping options would be open. However, we dont know how much there is to see in Fort Lauderdale centrum? What do you think about following e.g. hotels (and locations)? - B Ocean Resort - location seems good at map - no complementary breakfast? - Sonesta - beach hotel, is this too far away from centrum? - no complementary breakfast? - Hyatt Place Ft. Lauderdale 17th Street Convention Center - Best Western Plus Oceanside Inn - Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina Key West? - Where to book hotel there?
  9. We will arrive Fort Lauderdale airport at 9pm on Wednesday evening and cruise will departure on Sunday afternoon so that means that we will have three full days to spend in Fort Lauderdale / Miami. Should we book a hotel for first night near Fort Lauderdale airport and then move to the better location or what should we do? Where in Fort Lauderdale should we book a hotel and what hotels do you recommend?
  10. Arctic Ace

    Upgrade from cheers to allegrissimo?

    Thanks! Allegrissimo drink packet was great and good value for money! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. Arctic Ace

    Dining options, which on is most popular?

    In our cruise in Nov, 2nd seating was fully booked. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Arctic Ace

    Hotels Miami

    We were at Holiday Inn Port Of Miami-Downtown. Good location, reasonable pricing.
  13. Which one is the most popular dinner option in Mediterranean cruises (Fantasia class), at 7pm or 9.30pm? We have a Bella experience, which dinner timing we probably will get? How much menu will change during the cruise? Same menu options on each day?
  14. Arctic Ace

    Should I be mad?

    Sorry to hear this. You should not be mad because this is the way how travel and cruise industry work, prices goes up and down by supply and demand, and that's has to be accepted if you like to travel. Same goes with hotels, airline etc.
  15. Arctic Ace

    Upgrade from cheers to allegrissimo?

    I called to our TA and they were able to do this "Cheers to Allegrissimo upgrade" right away. We had to pay extra 9,5eur/pp/day. How does the Allegrissimo work? - Are all purchases recorded to our "cabin on-board invoice" and then removed in the end of the cruise or do they give other card which is used on bars? - Does the bar menu's state which are included Allegrissimo and which is not? What is the risk that you will order accidentally something what is not included to this packet? - Does Allegrissimo include any basic gin/rum drinks&coctails or are these only available in Allegrissimo Premium level?