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  1. That may explain it then. I don't know what happens regarding payments when you phone to book. I suppose one solution to having to make those payments would be to phone back and cancel and then do the bookings online (assuming there are still spaces available and they let you cancel). ________ I called - for some reason the purchased extra 4 meal package had not registered yet in my account. They fixed it quickly!
  2. Yes it's been added to my final bill _I called for Teppanyaki instead of booking online perhaps that's the difference? Other things like the upcharge for Cirque and excursions I booked myself online it made me pay online with a credit card.
  3. I have used the SDP on the Bliss, but did not go to Teppanyaki and thought that I understood the program. With our upcoming cruise, we have 4 meals from NCL and purchased an additional 4 meals. I booked all my dining yesterday, and everything was as expected except that for a table of 4 (traveling with friends who also have the SDP) it added full price plus service charge to my invoice. (final payment is only 90 days prior as we booked before they changed to 120 days). So if I pay my final payment which includes the full price for Teppanyaki, when we swipe our cards to dine will I get a credit on my onboard account? Or do you suggest I call NCL and get the charge removed if that is even possible? Thanks in advance for guidance from more experienced NCL cruisers!
  4. Thanks for the spoiler actually! Can hardly wait. We are coming off a 15 day Dubai/Suez Canal cruise on Celebrity that arrives Athens 5 days before, so will spend 2 days in Athens and 3 days in Venice prior. So happy I found this sailing on the Dawn that matches up so good. Any recommends for a Venice hotel. How as the weather in April? Thanks for any tips!
  5. Following also! Booked for this 9 night in April 2021, it will be the Dawn on this route in 2021.
  6. When I was on the Bliss last October, the smoked mozzarella ravioli and a warm banana pudding with caramel sauce really stood out. Next I'll be on NCL Getaway and plan to eat at specialities 8 (4 from Free @ Sea and will purchase an extra 4 night package) of the 19 nights. For those other nights in the MDRs what are some your favorites (especially mains)? I thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. On a recent NCL Bliss cruise, we were able to have housekeeping bring an iron/ironing board to our stateroom (limited duration) Would anyone know if that's possible on The Edge? I thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. For lunch with a view in Key West I'm trying to decide between, Casa Marina at the Waldorf Astoria or Louie's Backyard. Thoughts?
  9. Thank you so much, it does help - quite a bit
  10. On our day they only offer the 1/2 day to Blarney due to the ship's limited time in port. I am trying to decide between that 1/2 day to Blarney or a different 1/2 day to Kinsale. Thanks for all the replies so far! Does anyone prefer one over the the other?
  11. Our cruise stop in Cobh is too short to visit both places. Looking for recommends on which to visit. Thank you in advance!
  12. Of course it will be the first Pacific Coastal for the Bliss, so there will be no first hand experience, but I have a curiosity question to put out for educated guesses or experience from others on other new NCL sailings. Looking at dailies and other postings from passengers that have been on the Bliss, the Show Havana is presented on Sunday and Monday nights and that matches my sailing on the September 30 Pacific Coastal, as I was able to book Havana for the first night which is a Sunday and it's also available to book on Monday, thus matching all I've read already about the showtimes, but here comes my question - will there be a Welcome Aboard show that first night? Thoughts?
  13. Booked at the Pan Pacific on purpose because I verified with the hotel that you can check your cruise bags with the Hotel Bellman and take the elevator downstairs to check in. Now my traveling companion has voiced concerns over doing that, instead wanting to check the bags with the porters directly. Are there any drawbacks either way? I was excited about leaving the bags with the hotel. If we do go that way, what would be reasonable tip amount? One additional question would be for a recommend for breakfast place near the Pan Pacific. Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks a million! I will read your reviews next. In the meantime, I found this: http://www.beyondships4.com/norwegian-gem-2017-review.html which has b4 and after pictures and this info: Refreshed accommodations In late 2015, the Gem underwent a refit in which her public areas were re-done. The flashy decoration and bright colors were banished and a more subtle color scheme was implemented reflecting both changing tastes and Norwegian's increased sophistication since Gem entered service in 2007. With this upgrade Gem renewed her membership as a first tier cruise ship. The refit, however, did not cover the bulk of the cabins on Gem. As a result, the bright mixture of orange, green and purple that plagued Gem's original dรฉcor continued to haunt the ship. However, Norwegian is in the process of revitalizing the cabins while the ship is in service. A team has been developed which can transform a cabin in the space of a few hours replacing the carpeting, various furnishings and even the artwork in the rooms. Not only do the transformed cabins look new but the furnishings and color scheme are much more in keeping with contemporary tastes. Passengers are advised beforehand that their cabin is scheduled to be transformed and may opt out. My cabin had already been done before the cruise began. However, a friend's cabin was transformed during the course of one morning with little disruption of her schedule. Both cabins had a pleasing new look. i'm going to assume (dangerous I know) that since it's 2018 (and my cruise is in 2019) that all the rooms are done by now.
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