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  1. I called today, because I cleared the waitlist for the shore excursion I wanted. The agent answering could not get our credit to apply so transferred me to a shore excursion specialist who also could not get the credit to apply. So to not lose the sold out excursion I paid in full and she informed me that onboard they would credit my account. Hopefully the credit will apply to anything charged to my account, like the daily service charges. We have "have it all" and Club Orange, and doubt we will book any other excursions, so the account won't have much charged to it. They also tell me to wait
  2. I booked my one and only non refundable deposit NRD back in Feb 2020. I understand that if I cancel, I'd get the deposit refunded in the form of a FCC minus $200.00 each. What I can't find is the use by date of the FCC and if there a sail by date? Anyone with experience with this? Thanks
  3. I read sometime ago, but can’t find it now, that several members have said that Los Lobos can be better a la cart rather than using a specialty dining credit. Any details to share, since I can’t remember why?
  4. I hope they don’t actually. And they are selling shore excursions as well as allowing dining reservations, so I’m hoping we are good.
  5. We are booked in September. I got notice of the ship change and stateroom change (both of which I was happy about; I've been on the Bliss and loved it, but have wanted to try the Encore, and my room was moved to floor I had wanted on the Bliss, so win win). Also got notice that the itinerary would switch Juneau and Icy Point days/times. When they brought the sailing back up for sail, myNCL showed the ship and room change but not the itin change. I can make dining reservations in the Encore specialty dining rooms. So I have to wonder if they are not changing the itin? If not they are selling an
  6. I'm thinking floor 10, but have no reason other than a gut feeling. Thoughts and/or insights appreciated. This would be an Edge westbound transatlantic.
  7. I like that ta back to NY also, may just book it. You’re right - the Bliss in the Baltic would be nice, she’s such a beautiful ship
  8. Any guess’ on why The Bliss is doing a quick 11 day one stop only eastbound transatlantic arriving April 19, 2023 - then just a couple weeks later on May 5, 2023 a unique springtime westbound transatlantic? My only guess is maintenance at Cadiz. Any thoughts.
  9. Update: I called Celebrity just now and the agent immediately emailed me the booking confirmation. I had booked directly on the Celebrity website.
  10. Yesterday I made a booking that included classic beverage package for two. I forgot to take a screenshot and what celebrity emailed me was simply a confirmation number with the total amount Saying that my deposit was being processed.How long does it take them to send an invoice? I am anxious to make sure my perk was included. Thanks for any insight.
  11. I could swear I saw a photo of the resort deck of The Apex and the sculpture that is a set of wings on The Edge was a heart instead -- but now I cannot find that photo. Anyone else have it or a link to it? I'm beginning to doubt my memory!
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