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  1. We used Natural Wonders. We found them via Facebook. He took us places the other tours don't go. Had an amazing time.
  2. Thank you for posting the pictures. The beach looks amazing. Very excited to go.
  3. I could be wrong but when the missing honeymooner, George Smith, was brought up there was no mention that he sailed on a Royal ship - huh, wonder why?
  4. We did a tour with Natural Wonders. You can find them on facebook. It was awesome. Raul, our guide, taught us so much and was an awesome guide. The places we visited in El Yunque where we had it all to ourselves. I will use them if we ever make it back to San Juan.
  5. Mitsugirly, thank you for your review of Sapphire beach. Because of your review we went there on our visit to St Thomas a couple weeks ago. We loved it! I loved the view of so many islands and the young adults appreciated the opportunity to snorkel. Thanks
  6. It is a nice feeling!!! We booked about 16 months ago and hard to believe the wait is almost over. Hope you have a great cruise.
  7. Would like to know if anyone knows where the Carnival Liberty docks?
  8. Rainforestgirl - any idea where the Carnival Liberty docks?
  9. Ok, thanks. I thought a long time ago they were adjusted but my mind isn't what it used to be. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Do they adjust the early dining time when in port? At which port do they dock in San Juan? On the Lido deck what is open for dinner?
  11. Our most favorite mudslides ever!!! Love Rum Point!!!
  12. "Painful" is the perfect word. I am only on these boards if I have a cruise planned. It's hard for me to post a review when I return because I know I won't cruise for awhile.
  13. We had ours opened and we didn't like the way it opened so we had it closed.
  14. Good to hear. We are using them in July and are very excited for our tour.
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