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  1. I posted the comments on Meraviglia's NE/Canada cruise in October, 2019. I was told by the CD that the ship used a different production company from that used by Divina and Seaside out of Miami. I stand by my comments that Divina and Seaside, both of whom I have cruised on twice, have the best shows at sea. Meraviglia's were a total disappointment. I can only hope that they would switch production companies to that of Divina and Seaside once they located to Miami in November. The entertainment wasn't their biggest problem. The food in the MDR and on the Buffet was pretty bad. The Buffet menu seemed to be repeated almost every day with the same boring food meal after meal.
  2. There are venues throughout the ship that play a variety of dance music. Every evening, there is a big dance party up on the pool deck. There are also smaller venues with what I would call "house bands" playing popular dance music. There you see a variety of couples dancing, some who just want to enjoy each other and also those who look like they took dance lessons before their cruise. The smaller venues are always near a bar where you can sit and relax and watch the people dance. There's no shortage of dance opportunities; that's almost universal on all large cruise ships.
  3. When I started this topic, I was speaking of the experience of eating in the MDR and Buffet. Having stayed in the YC on Divina, I agree their menus were great. Unfortunately, the YC is very limited and the vast majority must dine in the MDR and Buffet, where on the Meraviglia, the menus and quality of the food, in my opinion, we’re sub-standard for a ship cruising in the US. We all had the same theater entertainment on the Meraviglia, and that too, in my opinion, was poor and not up to the standards set by Divina and Seaside.
  4. We cruised on MSC Meraviglia in October, 2019 from NYC to NE/Canada. This was the second cruise for the Meraviglia after it re-positioned from Europe. Having cruised on Divina twice ans Seaside twice, our expectations were sky-high. The ship was beautiful and the crew was great. At the Meet & Mingle, I asked the Cruise Director about the theater entertainment and would it be the same or similar to that on Divina and Seaside. I truly believe Divina and Seaside have the best theater entertainment at sea; second to none. He told me that Meraviglia was using a different production company, but not to worry, that we would love it. Sad to say, the entertainment was horrible; read my cruise reviews for more detail. Even worse than the entertainment was the food served in the Main Dining Room and Buffet. There was a very limited selection each night in the MDR and the quality and temperature of the food was poor. The same could be said about the buffet for lunch. It seemed every day was the same selection and that selection was very limited. The best meal on the ship was breakfast. We figured that once Meraviglia started cruising out of Miami, the people at MSC in Miami would somehow bring it in line with the quality of food and entertainment available on the Divina and Seaside. From reading recent reviews for January cruises, it appears that nothing on the Meraviglia has changed. A large group of friends have booked the Meraviglia for a February 2021 cruise and we're reluctant to book unless someone suddenly wakes up at MSC. I'm interested in hearing what others who have sailed on Meraviglia have experienced as far as food and entertainment are concerned.
  5. Just came off MSC Meragvilia 11 day cruise to New England and Canada from NYC. From the first day of the cruise, I noticed people coughing and sneezing in the elevators, dining rooms, theaters and other public areas; many didn't bother covering their mouths. You can use hand sanitizer all you like, but as long as inconsiderate people continue to board ships when they know they are sick, this is going to be a problem. By day 8 or 9, all six people in our party were coming down with coughs and colds. Don't be cheap; buy travel insurance and if you're sick, cancel your reservation, stay home, and don't infect 4000 other people.
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