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  1. We have noticed the same nonsense in the UK pricing. There is no way we will travel again with Azamara at the prices they are currently asking and this sort of phoney deal only serves to annoy loyal cruisers. They treat us as if we are all stupid. Don't we all convert headline prices into $ or £ per day when making comparisons? My suspicion is that post Covid they may already be planning to minimise the use of inside cabins just in case there are lockdowns.
  2. We were on the Tahiti to Auckland cruise and I agree that the wifi was pitiful. However we had free unlimited access as part of our package so I just put up with it. If we had paid separately for it I would have been furious. Tried to check the speed but it was too slow for the speedchecker to make much sense of it. It is completely unacceptable in this day and age that wifi on cruise ships isn't both free and good. The wifi on our last Viking cruise was excellent as was their onboard phone app.
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