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  1. This. If everyone wants to get off of the ship as early as possible, but your friends need to check their luggage, then I recommend finding out the exact time that the luggage tags are available and having them be one of the first in line. We have done that and gotten the earliest possible luggage zone for our checked luggage (after priority). In my experience, they will put something in the cabin that will let people know when and where the luggage tags are available. It should also be possible to get the information from guest services. This way you can carry off your own luggage, your friends can check theirs, and all of you can exit the ship at the same time and get off to an early start for your drive home.
  2. There are signs in each of the elevators that list the locations of the laundry facilities, along with the gym and other areas. I used the self service machines when I stayed there in June.
  3. Definitely nobody should get into lakes, the ocean, or pools with an open wound. I believe that has been the way the bacteria has gotten into the bodies of many of those people who came down with the flesh-eating bacteria. It's good practice to always make sure wounds and bites are cleaned properly. Open wounds should be covered at all times.
  4. It isn't surprising that after giving out what appears to be nice gifts and then switching them for something cheap, people have reacted. I mean, if someone's boss gave gave them a $25 gift card as a gift each year and then decided to just give them a quarter one year, the person would wonder why. Even though a gift is a gift, if the gift is usually nice and then suddenly a cheap gift it will cause a reaction. It would be better to give nothing and do away with the gift than to downgrade to something like a lanyard for people who have sailed over 75 nights. That's my opinion. I don't really care anyway. When I reach platinum, all I care about are the priority lines and dropping off carry ons.
  5. If they are need to save money so badly that they have to downgrade the gift to a fifty cent item that many people won't use, they should change it to a free drink, dessert from the bakery, or room service item that normally has a fee. It would cost them barely any money and the majority of people could find some way to use it. Giving something of value and then downgrading it to a cheap item is obviously going to be seen as another benefit that has been taken away by many people.
  6. It defeats the purpose of paying for FTTF, which includes priority boarding, if you have to wait for your appointment time like the people who did not purchase it. That makes no sense at all. When I cruised on the Magic, but before I purchased FTTF, I was given a boarding zone when I printed my boarding pass. After I purchased FTTF and reprinted my boarding pass, the zone was removed. There is a priority line FTTF and the boarding zones and appointment times are no longer applicable. Anyway, the appointment time is for regular boarding.
  7. The appointment time only applies to the regular line, not the priority line or the early/late line.
  8. There is still a priority line for FTTF. I had FTTF when I cruised on the Magic in June out of FLL. I showed up at around 10:25 am and went through a priority line for FTTF passengers. I checked in and was told that my cabin would be ready immediately and then I waited until FTTF was called to board. They called FTTF around 10:50 am.
  9. My husband and I used Cocoa Beach Shuttle to get from the airport to our hotel, which was right across the street from your hotel. It was $58 total for both us, plus tip. After we arrived at the airport and were waiting for our luggage, the driver called my cell and told us where to go. There was one other couple on the shuttle and we were dropped off first. The service was very good. We used Cortrans for our return trip from the port to the airport. It was $20 per person plus tip. The service was also very good.
  10. I was worried about my 12:25 flight, but it turned out that I made it to the airport by 8:15 am. I had pre-check, so I was at the gate at 8:30. However, I would never book a flight out of MCO before noon. Just because I could have made an earlier flight that time doesn't mean it's a good idea. I think any time after noon is a safe bet.
  11. Our vacation starts as soon as we get in the car to head to the airport. That's when we are in vacation mode. Our cruise starts after muster when I turn off my phone. That's when I can really relax and fully enjoy everything the cruise has to offer.
  12. Bermuda isn't like any other port that I have visited. When we arrived around 4:00 pm, we expected to get off of the ship and grab a tour. No go. There were only a few things available, such as a night boat ride. So, it wasn't like the other ports we have visited where there are a lot of locals selling tours. We had previously booked the Historic Forts of Bermuda tour for the next day, so we spent the evening walking around the port area. Souvenirs are more expensive. It's not like in the Caribbean where there are locals selling their items inexpensively at small booths. There was a small indoor mall area near the port and a few stores that had plenty of neat items though. Things may have been cheaper further from the port, but we didn't do any shopping on this trip so I am not sure. Another thing that was different was that they had a ferry in addition to buses. The hours for the ferry are posted on a huge sign on the dock. I would recommend really looking into what you would like to do the evening you arrive and not just get off of the ship like we did and expect to find something. We really enjoyed the tour we took and wished our ship was there for another day. Our cruise was only one night and part of the next day and we feel like it was not nearly enough time. We went to Grand Turk next. Anyway, if I ever return to Bermuda, we will definitely go on the cruise that stays a couple of nights. As far as it being worth more money than going to Grand Turk and HMC, yes it was for us. However, if my main objective was to go to a beautiful beach, then I think HMC is one of the nicest ones I have visited. Bermuda has a lot more to do than HMC or Grand Turk and it was enjoyable seeing how everyone out there lives. I am glad we went.
  13. I prefer Carnival, but I agree with the previous poster and think you should stick with the line that you know well and enjoy. I like Carnival because of the constant comedy shows and a few other things, but if not for those things then I would have chosen Royal. It sounds like you really like their ships. Carnival could work out or you and/or your parents might be disappointed. I would save the Carnival cruise for another time.
  14. I see you are cruising on Royal and am not sure if they offer this, but on Carnival you can get a letter from guest services if you have an early flight. Then on the morning you leave you can wait in a special area and walk off of the ship with your luggage right after the priority passengers. Maybe Royal has something similar. It will help if you travel with carry-on luggage so that you won't have to stand in line to check your bags at the airport. Also, TSA pre-check REALLY speeds up going through security.
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