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  1. I love the taco salads. I get to pick my ingredients. Yum.
  2. I think it will hit $50 again someday too. Although this virus seems like it will last forever, it will be just a blip in time.
  3. That wasn't why you were being flamed, simply for stating your opinion. If multiple people see something in someone's posts, maybe it's the way the person communicates in a constantly condescending and negative way. But typically people who do this don't see it in their own posts. But keep acting like you are the victim.
  4. I am looking forward to Carnival starting short cruises from the US this fall. I hope it happens and is successful. I think two night cruises could be very successful and realistic for this fall.
  5. A 15 drink maximum is more than reasonable for an alcoholic beverage plan. Drunks on a cruise ship are not a safe thing for anyone. The maximum accomplishes two things: a person getting so drunk that he/she is a danger to himself or others and someone sharing their drink plan with one or more people. Good for Carnival for this rule.
  6. It seems like people flying on a plane for longer than two hours would probably have to drink something, which means removing their masks. If you are sitting near someone removing their mask to drink, I am just not sure how well that would work if that person has the virus. Thankfully, I don't need to travel by plane anywhere. My relatives want me to visit, but they know I don't feel like taking the risk by flying. These flights would not be direct, so there's the additional layover time in airports. I just can't see how people are flying longer than a couple of hours without ever removing their masks to drink something.
  7. I don't know. I felt relieved when Carnival cancelled my September cruise so I could rebook it to January without a penalty. All I know is that I won't get on a plane any time soon while the virus is raging. I hope cruising will resume in October, but I feel like we are still in the middle of the worst of everything so it's hard to make any predictions. I would love to see cruising resume this fall.
  8. I agree. Once there is a solid plan in sight, I think the travel stocks will rise quickly.
  9. I definitely think the travel stocks are a good risk. I diversified, so if something sinks I will still make out way ahead of the game some time in the future. I watch them every day for more opportunities. Once there is a vaccine, I think stock will really reach some highs.
  10. That is promising. Even though it's not in the US, it's good to see cruising beginning somewhere in the world. It's a good first step.
  11. I agree. As I have gotten older, I have realized that experiences are more meaningful than material items. Less is more, in a way. What really brings happiness to my life aren't items I can buy. Cruising is an experience that I hope to get back to in the near future. I also feel compassion for the hard workers on the ships and those on the islands and know that they need things to get back to normal for their survival.
  12. With the shareholder's credit, it did not automatically transfer to my rebooked cruise. I had to email Carnival with the new cruise information. I did and they added it to my new cruise. I can see it on my paperwork now.
  13. I had previously emailed my information to the shareholder's email, but never heard anything. So yesterday I emailed it to both the shareholder's email and the guest email. Carnival responded the same day with the credit to my cruise. It even shows up on my documents.
  14. I like the atriums on the dream class ships the best. Then again, I like everything about the dream class ships the best.
  15. I emailed my stock information to Carnival several weeks ago and had not heard anything. So, I sent it again this morning, but to both emails at guestadmin@carnival.com and shareholders@carnival.com. I got a response within a few hours and the $100 was added to my account as an OBC. Now that's service! As far as the shareholder's OBC, I think it's worth it to Carnival to have so many people own stock. The cost is extremely low to them, especially if any of it is used on drinks, bingo, or dining. It's a smart program and I don't see them discontinuing something that works.
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