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  1. Definitely the Dream class. It's not too big or too small. I like the layout, the theater, and the comedy show lounge. I like how the chairs are arranged on the pool deck where we can grab two chairs near a door under the shade, yet still have a view of everything going on. I like being able to lounge on the promenade deck. After my husband and I cruised on larger and smaller ships, we realized this is the perfect size for us. Our least favorite class is Vista. We would go smaller before we would go larger than the Dream class.
  2. If you log into your account, you can click on Booking & Order Details. For me, it lists everything extra I have purchased.
  3. I agree with where you cruise out of has a lot to do with the crowd. When we cruised out of Baltimore, it was much more low-key than our cruises out of Miami.
  4. If you choose a time other than school breaks and summer, you will be more likely to have a quieter crowd. I've cruised a lot on Carnival. I usually book 7 or 8 nights, but did go on a 4 night cruise at Christmas time once. It was fine. All of my Carnival cruises have been fine. I was very hesitant to book my first Carnival cruise several years ago because of the reputation, but I worried for no reason. I have cruised on three other lines, but Carnival is our cruise of choice now. If you cruise during spring break or right after schools get out, you might see more college kids partying. I think shorter cruises during school breaks will attract a younger crowd. We have always been able to find quiet places to relax, even on the Vista.
  5. I am sorry this happened to you. Sadly, luggage can be stolen or taken by mistake any time it's in an area accessible by the public. When my son was in high school, he travelled to Europe. His suitcase, with his travel wallet inside, was stolen off of a train. I thought maybe someday we would get it back, but we never did. He had a few things in the backpack he carried, but not much. He had to buy clothes because it was in the middle of his trip. Thankfully, I had purchased travel insurance and it covered the cost of everything except the cash in his travel wallet. Also thankfully, an adult kept all of the passports so he didn't lose it. For my cruises, I purchased suitcases in different colors and also use large bands so that they will not be taken by mistake. This doesn't help in case of theft though. Travel insurance is worth the cost.
  6. If you want to see a list of your purchases, you can log into your account and click on Booking Order and Details. You should also be able to make changes to your orders there too.
  7. I wouldn't mind if someone needed one thing and asked nicely. I eat at the buffet a lot during cruises and haven't witnessed any horrible behavior that stands out. If someone was rude and cut in line, I must have just shook it off.
  8. Oh wow, how disappointing for the people scheduled on this cruise!!
  9. If people want to eat and drink there, it's up to them. I don't think it's unreasonable for people to be cautious and concerned though. That's common sense. Since these deaths may be a result of tainted liquor in which methanol was added, it is definitely a cause for concern. There may be many other deaths that were reported as health-related, but were actually the result of tainted alcohol. Anyway, I would not feel comfortable drinking there until it is resolved, if it gets resolved.
  10. I have cancelled excursions online on my account for a full refund. It's very easy to do. You just log on to your account, click on booking order and details, and then you can edit your purchases.
  11. Another way to look is to click on excursions, then click on the first port (the one you are sailing from). FTTF should show up there. On one cruise, it didn't show up until closer to the cruise date.
  12. It seems like kids would love to go into that store and make their own selections.
  13. That's expensive and not worth it to me.
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