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  1. I've never heard of this. It sounds like a lot of fun.
  2. It is definitely a single row. We always rent one when we go to HMC. We just walk up to the rental hut at the beach to do it and then select the one we want. I didn't realize they now have the option (or maybe they always have) to rent them ahead of time.
  3. We always preorder the pack of water each cruise. It's a good price.
  4. I will reach platinum on my August cruise. I originally had the 14 day check in. However, I called Carnival and worked my way through customer service people (it took over an hour) until I got to a supervisor who was able to change it. She said they got some type of email that day regarding this situation and that they couldn't just change the date, they had to upgrade my status to platinum. I thought it already was upgraded because my original paperwork had platinum on it and platinum benefits begin on day 1 of a cruise in which the person is reaching platinum. But it appears their check
  5. Nobody in the service industry is going to get offended if someone offers them a tip ahead of time. If anything, that will be an incentive to give very good service. I've never pre-tipped myself because I am fine with regular service and tipping later. However, if my expectations were higher I would have no problem pre-tipping and I am sure the server would have no problem accepting extra cash.
  6. Oh, that's one way to get free popcorn. Wait on my balcony with a cup.
  7. I agree. If their popcorn was movie theater quality, I would have no issue with paying for it. To me, it's not worth $3. I have no issue with them charging for popcorn. I will opt out unless they improve the quality and serving size.
  8. There are always people who will worry about everything. They will worry that the few unvaccinated adults might not wear a mask. They will worry that people will produce fake vaccination cards. They will worry about all kinds of things. Either people trust Carnival to run a safe cruise or they don't. If they don't, then waiting until next year might be a good option. I don't know how some people even go grocery shopping with such constant worry about being anywhere near an unvaccinated person, but they are everywhere. On planes, buses, at stores. Everywhere. There might be a few u
  9. Me too. Wow. The crew members work very hard. I can't imagine cutting someone's tips when they are doing the job that Carnival asks them to do. That person is definitely better off moving on to another line.
  10. It looks like most people choose evening cleaning. We always choose morning cleaning. We like to eat breakfast and then go for a walk around the jogging track. We only need extra towels. We are fairly neat, so the cabin is fine with service just once a day.
  11. I can't wait to hear from people on the first sailing. My cruise is just a month away and it doesn't seem real.
  12. Right! Cruising during hurricane season and during a pandemic is a crazy time. Anything can happen. I used to worry about hurricanes while cruising this time of year, but I don't even give them a second thought right now.
  13. That sounds so good! I like having a cup of coffee with dessert.
  14. Exactly. And California is a perfect fit for others! We are going to Florida again in a few days.
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