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  1. I have flown into FLL and cruised out of Miami a couple of times. While it definitely adds some travel time, I found that uber made it as quick as possible and less expensive. When I got an uber at the Miami port, he showed up in five minutes and it was a quick drive to the FLL airport. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
  2. I am fine with the cruise lines eventually requiring proof of vaccination. It is unfortunate that some people are unable to get vaccines for medical reasons. However, if that is the case for some people, then their medical situation might not be a good idea to choose cruising while covid is running its course. I am ready to get the vaccine as soon as it is available. Those who opt out can continue wearing masks.
  3. I've had three cruises cancelled. In my experience, I have lost any OBC given as a promo for booking a cruise and promos for rebooking the cruise. If Carnival repeats previous offers, when they cancel a cruise they will offer an OBC to rebook the cruise. All offers on cancelled cruise, including special rates, are completely cancelled. The rebooked cruise will need to be rebooked with a new offer.
  4. I'v always liked the perk of self service laundry machines on Carnival ships. We travel with carry-on only bags and do a load or two mid cruise. Thankfully, I will reach platinum whenever I get to cruise again so I will probably get free laundry service. My next cruise is on the Mardi Gras in April.
  5. I think all companies and struggling businesses are doing whatever they can to stay in business. I do not think Carnival will go under. I think we are too close to a vaccine for that to happen. They may require all of their crew members to get it and require proof to cruise, which I will completely support. I have a cruise booked for April. That might be too soon, but I will just reschedule if it ends up being cancelled. I have a couple of elderly relatives with major health issues who are eagerly waiting for a vaccine. Those who opt out can step aside for the rest of us.
  6. The blog lists the requirements. I hope they can get enough volunteers when they are ready because it sounds like the first step to moving forward with cruising. https://www.*****.com/2020/11/12/heres-how-sign-be-volunteer-royal-caribbean-test-cruise
  7. It never ends. Unless the cruise lines are able to quarantine people who test positive with covid during the cruise instead of cutting a cruise short, it seems like things won't get rolling until there is a vaccine. Maybe then the cruise lines will vaccinate all of the crew and have people require proof of vaccination before cruising.
  8. I've made more money trading the travel stocks, including Carnival, in the past 5 1/2 months than I have in two years at my job. Monday was a huge day for selling for anyone who bought the airlines and cruise stocks recently. Good news doesn't seem to last long. I think they will drop a bit in the next few weeks. Even at today's price, I think Carnival is a good buy.
  9. There are huge advantages to selling and rebuying. However, it's not for everybody and takes paying attention to the stocks. Trading can be very lucrative for people who have the time to spend watching the stocks and looking for the patterns. But for many people, they like buying their shares and holding. Nothing is wrong with that at all.
  10. Sounds fun! My sister is at a resort in Mexico and having a great time. My family went to a condo at the beach in Florida. The only time we had to wear a mask was when we were picking up stuff at Walmart. We ate out every night and enjoyed the beach every day, no masks. We weren't concerned at all about covid and were so happy to have a nice vacation after six months of staying home. Still, being a volunteer on the cruise ships would most certainly mean wearing masks the majority of the time. I'm glad that many people don't mind and would volunteer. Every success will make cruising p
  11. I've been to Key West twice. Both times were cruises that stopped there. While it was nice, I could take it or leave it. I am fine with another stop replacing it. When I cruise, I like to get out of the United States and have new experiences.
  12. No. My husband said that he does not want to cruise if masks are required.
  13. After I bought Carnival in March, I continued to buy more Carnival and then Royal when they dropped. I bought Royal at $23.81, but only 50 shares. I had no idea what a money maker that would be or I would have purchased 1,000. Over time, it was easy to see the great opportunities for trading the travel stocks. Not just cruise, but also airlines. I bought more Carnival and Royal last week and am already way up. When I first bought Carnival at $27, that ended up being high because it really dropped. The key was buying more stock at the lower prices and selling at peaks. If you buy at sa
  14. April 24, 2021 on the Mardi Gras out of Port Canaveral. We aren't celebrating any events, but it will be a huge celebration for us if we finally get to cruise again. We will never take it for granted.
  15. I'm excited that we might be one small step closer to cruising. My cruise is in April, so I am really hoping things will be worked out by then. I just got back from a wonderful trip to a Florida condo. I was so happy to see everything open. People who want to shelter in place can keep doing it, but it felt so good to have a nearly normal vacation.
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