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  1. That is very good thinking. I get the feeling Canada is going to be more cautious opening their borders, so your thinking makes a lot of sense. As I've said before we will just have to bide our time and see what happens.
  2. Rest assured in the Wake of the Vikings is still available. Seemingly not a lot of availability but some.
  3. Thanks so much for your reply. Interesting they are listed as sold out. I still doubt that we will be welcome over the pond. We will just have to hold tight and see what develops.
  4. We are due on this cruise in September but fully expect not to go. However both cruises, from Montreal and New York later this year are apparently no longer available to book via the Viking website. Our cruise is showing on my Viking Journey. I really can't believe both cruises are fully booked. Could some kind person in US, Canada, Australia or anywhere other than UK look to see if it available to book there? I am wondering if we Covid Variant riddled Brits are no longer wanted in US / Canada, or at least in the near future, I can fully understand if that is the case, I would just like
  5. Sadly the Foreign Office has updated it guidance, and now states nobody should go on cruises, due to the perceived risk, previously it was only the over 70s. If Viking do try to start with round Britain cruises I fear joining them may be problematic.
  6. A Viking hotel will do me nicely, thankyou. Originally I said I didn't want to be a Guinea pig on the first post pandemic voyage, however, if the price is right and all things considered it looks good I might well change my mind - a woman's prerogative!
  7. It hasn't been stated when this cruise may go it could be September, when Sky should be doing Eastern Seaboard Explorer, which wont happen due to Canadian restrictions. A lot can happen in 3 to4 months, nobody knows, hopefully the world will be in a better place, if it isn't I wouldn't give the cruise a first glance let alone a second. As I see it Viking are testing the water to see what the interest might be, no point in trying to organise something if everybody is negative and there will be zero uptake. A lot of hoops will have to be jumped through and at the end of the day the
  8. P&O doesn't specifically operate cruises round the UK and islands. It might have a UK clientele but operates further afield. IF Viking can come up with a viable cruise, that wont involve any pre or post isolation, and the cruise experience is not diminished we are definitely interested. There are lots of elements that have to be right before we would go, but certainly worth considering. How else are we going to get our cruise fix this year otherwise?
  9. I know the feeling. We were supposed to be doing Eastern Seaboard Explorer ( Montreal to New York). 24hrs after I cancelled, Canada said their waterways shut to ships over 100 person capacity until Octber 2020. The cruise hasn't actually been cancelled by Viking yet, obviously it will be, but we have rebooked, got a stateroom we want and the cruise we want, so we are more than happy.
  10. The 125% is if you rebook a cruise that Viking cancel. If you cancel its 100%. I cancelled our September cruise and rebooked for same cruise next year and got 100%. As luck would have it the cruise is marginally cheaper next year! Another factor to consider is, if the world is not in a better place than it is now, by the time of your next cruise, provided you book by 30 June, you will be able to rebook again at no charge, or take a FCC valid for 2 years. By my calculations that means you will have up to 3 more years before you have to cruise again. If the world is no better by then, heav
  11. I have just moved our September 2020 Eastern Seaboard Explorer to September 2021. Should things not have improved by this time next year, because we have done this before 30 June, we will be able to cancel and get a FCC, or move to another cruise to be taken within 2 years, I.e up to 2023. In my book a really customer friendly strategy.
  12. Thank you, you've just confirmed our thoughts and probably added more fuel to the 'no go' scenario
  13. Andy, can I pick your brain. I am not expecting a definitive answer just a very shrewd guess. We are due to sail out of Montreal in September finishing up on New York. Currently, we have no intention of going, a long haul flight, via Paris, wearing masks and gloves, no food or drink for 8hrs really is not an ideal start to a cruise. We also have concerns about the on board experience. We have cruised with Viking 4 times and don't fancy a diluted experience. What I'm asking you can you see any possibility of this cruise happening? We are hoping Viking will cancel so we can get our deposit ref
  14. Have a look at 'Viking cancellations' thread, posting 31, that may help.
  15. We are in a similar position to yourselves, although our cruise isn't until early September. Again the over 70 factor comes into play as my other half is there. However, my reading of the first cruise cancellation and amendment notification, is that you can cancel up to 24hrs before departure and get a FCV for the monies already paid. So, if you cancel your Alaska cruise before paying the balance, you will get a voucher for £2700. Yes you don't get the money back, but neither do you actually lose it. I believe you have until the end of 2021 to use the voucher. This is an option we are co
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