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  1. I appreciate the suggestion but there is no way we will spend big $$$$ for a suite, only to have to gerry-rig the furniture. We’ve already cancelled the Summit after her drydock and will be cancelling Equinox as well. These changes make X ships less attractive to us, we will keep our two bookings on Reflection and once she gets retrofit, we will probably find another line. We enjoy X but with increasing prices and the (for us) questionable decor, we will switch. We spend 90% of our time in our suite and comfort is paramount. Please don’t 🔥 this is just our opinion.
  2. Unless they swap out the super low divan style couch we will not be able to give Edge a try. With arthritis of the spine there’s no way I will be able to get up from the couch without help. Crazy when style overtakes substance and functionality.
  3. You cannot make this stuff up....
  4. Thanks OP for posting! We have this cabin booked for Bermuda next yeAr and are hoping that you can comment on how sunny or shady the balcony is. I hope you can post some pictures. This suite is costing us the bomb and if it’s not worthit we will book again on Reflection or try Crystal.
  5. Looks like we will be cancelling our July 2020 Bermuda cruise. The lack if shaded areas in the Retreat is a deal breaker. We booked 6146 thinking the balcony was partially covered and now we are not sure since it appears that there is no shade at all.
  6. TA OBC is refundable, Celebrity OBC is not refundable.
  7. Sure....it makes sense to me to pay seriously big bucks for a suite and then eat breakfast on a tv tray table. Ridiculous beyond words....
  8. Love the packing cubes. I have them in small, medium and large and also the flat traveling cosmetic bag and won’t pack without them! The cubes slide onto the shelves in our cabin and it’s easy to find what I’m looking for. We have ebags...
  9. We are on this sailing and just watched Reflection pull into port. Whoever is in my cabin needs to wakey wakey so that our cabin steward canget ready for us!!
  10. One of my evening bags is a clutch type and I just sit it on top of the wastebasket in the stall. Other bags are wristlet type that I loop on my wrist.
  11. We have stayed in 3 S1’s AFT on Reflection and it is our favorite location. We don’t recall being awakened by chairs being moved above us. We have the same suite booked for 3 more cruises! Guess you could say we love the location!
  12. Sky suites have access to Michael’s Club. Reflection does not have The Retreat at this time..it will be added when she is drydocked in a few years. Luminae is great but we tend to eat in specialty restaurants ...our preference but many suite pax eat exclusively in Luminae.
  13. We have booked Murano for our 50th anniversary celebration. It will be fun to “dress up” a little! Where we live restaurants are all very casual, even if the restaurant is considered to be fine dining!
  14. Definitely normal! I am instantly transported to our last cruise when I use Bulgari body lotion!
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