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  1. i have been on Celebrity and hated it, People, EVERYWHERE. Horrid. I never even went to the dining room as I had no desire to dine with so many people. i dined in the alternate restaurants every night. I was shocked, when dining in the Chinese restaurant I was charged for a cup of tea. Are you kidding? I hate being nickeled and dimed, I knew I made a mistake when I boarded and it was verified for me when there was blasting music every day at the pool and I could not find a quiet, shady place to sit. Sometimes a deal (which I got) should be passed up. That being said, Crystal is the most amazing product and if you are ok without tons of loud people and crowds you will love Crystal. There is NO comparison with the cuisine, even considering the alternate restaurants in Celebrity
  2. I have friends going and they could only get early afternoon appointments (1:00 and 1:10) I just looked at the BTA form and it says to a make a morning appt. Has anyone had an afternoon appointment and had a problem? Everything is closed now so they can’t get any answers and turned to me as they know I go on CC for information.
  3. Thanks for your review. I can be, and in my former career of fund raising, had to be, an extrovert. I am also completely happy to be an introvert. I loved sailing solo on the July 3 cruise. I do think there were a lot more guests onboard then as various guests I met invited me to dine with them. I would do lunch with others but never dinner as that's my time. I think the OP would have had a different experience then. They did have the singles tables at the various restaurants and it was printed in the Herald. I am planning to book the Bahamas again and would love having the ship to myself. I know that is the rare opinion and I too do not want to be flamed for sharing my opinion.
  4. So if a friend sends a OBC to a friend as a gift, and that is not used, the friend has essentially given Crystal a “gift” if the recipient does not use it and it cannot be refunded to the recipient. Is that correct?
  5. Sorry, but you would not keep me off the elevator or from seats in the magic show or anywhere else. I always ignore rude people so you would be yelling and I would not change anything, and just not reply.
  6. Rocking a Mumford and Sons vibe. And how many of you are going to google that?
  7. I didn’t realize Crystal added elevator operators. I remember them when I was a kid and went to luxury store with my Mom. They would tell people to “Please step back” and “Watch your step”. How lovely that Crystal hired someone to be an elevator monitor. I must admit, I never listened to the elevator operators and certainly would not now.
  8. How long will Bill Miller be on for? He is great
  9. I will let you know when they let me know. They are doing the post cruise stay in AMS n their own.
  10. No, not for you, just a generic question as many cruises end in AMS after 7 days and I always do 3 or 4 nights pre river cruise. I have friends who are starting their trip in Italy and then going to Basel for a Basel to AMS cruise so hopefully they will be fine. Crazy times.
  11. So if you start your holiday in Europe 10 or 11 days before your riverboat arrives in AMS and you were not in the USA for 11 days before arriving by riverboat in AMS you should be ok.
  12. Did Norway cancel the port calls due to covid concerns? Norway is beautiful and I would think it would be a great place to have the zodiacs in the fiord. Any idea how many are on for the next cruise which is Reykjavik to London? I hope the numbers of passengers increases.
  13. Who did you contact that you received that reply from? Was it a government agency?
  14. It always amazes me how some people cannot read a room. No self awareness or they just don’t care. I hope those boarding next week have a great cruise and that hurricanes are avoided.
  15. I fly all the time and always test at CVS 5 days after I return. I do this for both domestic and international flights.
  16. Yes, I would like information on this also. The CDC cruise ship color code site shows both Serenity and Symphony as Green, which is wonderful, but as Endeavor is not touching a US port for while we have no way of knowing the situation unless the passengers onboard happen to be on CC. I hope someone boarding on Sept 5 will be posting here.
  17. Are the people that tested positive now required to quarantine in Iceland? This is a very important question, They cannot fly home as one has to upload a negative test to the airline used to return to the US and this is physically inspected by the airline. So they can’t fly home. What do they do. Endeavor is cruising around areas with covid and on their cruise from Iceland to Greenwich they will stop in Scotland which has the highest incidence of covid in the UK. So what happens to those that test positive.
  18. Sadly, they did not on the July 10. The gal who use to give out the kits and did some of the needlepoint classes now works at reception. She is from Tokyo. Lovely lady.
  19. So will all guests boarding now need to wear masks? Yes, lucky it happened on the last day, not the first.
  20. And no masks need be worn unless you choose to, correct?
  21. I am so glad you enjoyed everything. I love sea days and on the 7/10 cruise there was soooo much to do. I am guessing the first two cruises had more people than subsequent cruises based on cruise reports. Its funny, I leave the pool area for the hour the DJ is there. One of the reasons I will never go on a mass market/premium line is they seem to blast loud music by the pool all the time. I can hear it while listening to my classical music on my headphones. Now, if they had a classical duo/trio by the pool I would become a groupie. Hope you did not get too much rain in BHM.
  22. I was asking if the people you yelled at, who were walking with drinks and no masks, yelled back at you. You said it was “not legal”.
  23. And did they yell back at you?
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