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  1. So 2021 is a wash I suppose ☹️
  2. FYI it’s not just NY. NJ and CT are in the tri-state area and require the same quarantine for out of state visitors as NY.
  3. The NBA is not in a bubble....it IS a bubble. The players, coaches, staff, refs, announces, TV crews, and whatever family members they might have brought. The bubble is a complex, not only of arenas, but hotels and condos. Everyone entering the bubble is tested before entering, then forced to quarantine for a period, and then deemed "ok". If anyone leaves the bubble, be it for a family emergency like Zion Williamson did, or be it for a strip club like Lou Williams, they must get tested daily while outside the bubble, sending the results to league health officials. And when they return, th
  4. @Fredric22 The flu is our best comparison because it is a contagious virus that causes between 30,000 and 80,000 deaths in the US each year Covid has caused 120,000 deaths in 4 months. So busting out my fingers and toes and trusty abacus... 120,000 in 4 months = 360,000 in 12 months. Flu - 30,000 to 80,000 deaths in the same 12 months. And somehow these are the same???
  5. Lol seaman your best bet is to go buy a sail boat. Sorry bud.
  6. I wish everyone who thought this in the US spent a week in NYC during the height of the virus. Your view would change instantly
  7. For me, While I’m not out there ignoring every guidance the experts give, I’m also not really worried if I did catch the virus. 42 and in good shape. No medical conditions. What concerns me: - 3 year old son who spent 31 days on a ventilator from 2 months old to 3 months old with pertussis (the whooping cough) - wife who has had asthma her entire life - mother who lives with us and is 74 years old who is a survivor of a stroke and lung cancer - being quarantined at sea for a month without a real idea when we might get home. that’s the thing with this v
  8. Kinda like those medical waivers we used to have to sign saying we weren’t sick? Because there was ever a person ever who checked YES when they read checking YES would deny boarding. Voluntary questionnaires are useless. It’s just a liability waiver form for the cruise lines. Like a woman checks off she’s not pregnant, god forbid goes into labor on the cruise and something bad happens. Cruise line can say “she declared she wasn’t pregnant” and not be sued.
  9. agreed yes. But FCC is typically for people booked months in advance whose cruise was cancelled. Booking and paying in full...once cruises have sailed....definitely the smart move imo
  10. I’m pretty sure if Someone tests positive on a ship all that is closed and your confined to your cabin, in quarantine. Food delivered to your room. No casino. No bars. 1000 less channels on TV. Entire cabin the size of 1 room in your house. And if your one of the unlucky soles who booked an inside room...no outside light. I’ll pass
  11. I just hope all the people lobbying for cruises to begin again are prepared in the event they spend 30 days at sea in quarantine and don’t come back complaining afterwards. Not any specific poster here, just in general. cruise with 3000+ people in close quarters....very likely chance of someone testing positive. And what port, in the US or abroad, is going to let them dock after what has happened these last 4 months?
  12. I did the same thing but I’m looking at it from the other point of view. I’m so glad I requested a refund. What good is FCC at this point? It’s a future credit for booking a cruise that literally, NO ONE IN THE WORLD, knows when it might happen. Every time the cruise lines think they might be starting up...they push back the date. Every state that reopens and begins getting back to normalcy...sees a surge in cases. Every expert out there is predicting a huge second wave come fall/winter. So yes, I lost out on an extra 25%. But if you look at 2021 cruises on all lines, the
  13. While this is an NCL thread, this is first hand knowledge from my MSC booking. Few weeks back, right before Canada closed it ports... 2 days before I wanted to upgrade my room. On their website it showed rooms available in a higher category however when I called the customer service person, they said that it was showing all rooms on the ship as being sold out. She noted that it was odd since none of their cruises were sold out. But nonetheless, couldn’t upgrade. The next day, online when I tried to do a mock booking to see if the upgrade room was still available, when I cli
  14. @rkacruiser I book thru MSC casino and I spoke w my casino rep on the phone after the cancellation. When they were told of the announcement, they were also told that MSC has no plans of sailing from NYC in 2020 or 2021. I have a 30% casino voucher that he allowed me to move until dec 31 2021 Incase things change but more than likely that is wasted.
  15. I believe the sheer shady-ness of what has happened to us Tri-State people is being overlooked. Many of us cruise from NY because it is a short drive to the pier, so why fly to Florida and add expense. Some of us cruise from NY out of not wanting to fly (my wife is terrified of it and that’s not a way to enjoy a “vacation”) We had all our 2020 cruises cancelled, albeit and understandably beyond MSC’s control, on Monday. We were offered FCC or refund in 60 days. So we called and many Transferred their deposits to the 2021 cruises leaving from NY. Personally, I cancelled a few days earl
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