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  1. Yes I work in Midtown (right in the heart of Times Square) so definitely will be able to go into a passport agency in person once we receive the documents. IF everything goes smoothly, should give us over a month by time we go in to the date of the cruise, which I believe is enough time. Big IF there of course. Will definitely post any updates. Thank you for your advice and help, and also thank you very much for the congratulations. Even if we can't go on the cruise, the fact that everything will finally be finalized and complete is what's important. Just money if we have to cancel.
  2. Quick update (for those of you following along), spent about 3 hours today calling/emailing with various parishes in Louisiana. The parish I thought the case was in was actually incorrect, and it was in another much smaller court/parish. Let me say, dealing with court clerks and officers in a state like Louisiana is such a better experience than those here in NY. The people I spoke to genuinely seemed to care and be sympathetic to the situation as opposed to the "whatever" attitude I was expecting. Bottom line though, everyone I spoke with seemed to agree, if a certified/signed letter by a judge stating that we were our son's legal guardians and perspective adoptive parents scheduled for 9/12/19, along with the approval to apply and obtain a passport for him under his birth name until his name is legally changed, is not sufficient, then nothing would be. On the positive side of things though, the clerk on our specific docket/case, promised me that she would personally FedEx the finalization decree to me on 9/12/19, right after the case is settled and finalized. While it is not a birth certificate (that comes from official records and will take weeks), it will indeed decree we are legally his parents as of that date. If I get that on 9/13/19, I am hopeful I can submit to the US Dept of State and request the passport then be expedited (for a fee of course). Right now, that seems like our best hope to be able to go on the cruise.
  3. Thank you very much for the advice and help Jen. Will post any update
  4. Not a bad idea and worth a shot if I can get someone on the phone. Will try now
  5. @kitkat343 Thanks for looking KitKat, much appreciated, and yes the adoption is what throws everything for a loop because... We did have his original birth certificate (although we are not listed as the parents, his birth parents are), and we have the original certified court document from Louisiana indicated that we are his legal guardians and perspective adoptive parents. BUT.... The originals are now all with the US Dept of State, as for passport applications, you must send in the originals. So when (if) the supervisor ever does call me back, one option we have if they reject the application is request the original forms be sent back ASAP so we can take them on the cruise. But I'm not sure if they will even suffice, since we're not technically listed on the birth certificate. And I don't want an international Amber Alert thing.
  6. Yes, Meraviglia, NYC-Canada-New England-NYC We were thinking maybe not getting off the ship at the Canada ports, since wouldn't be an issue in the US ones. But then when we get back to NY and go thru customs, what do we show the custom agent?
  7. We're in a tough situation here and needing some help and guidance, preferably from someone who has first hand knowledge. Let me explain... We (me, my wife, our adopted 22 month old son at time of departure) have an MSC cruise booked for 10/18/19 leaving from NY. My wife and I are seasoned cruisers, and this will be our son's third cruise. The adoption of our son is not finalized yet (mainly due to the backlog of cases in both NY and Louisiana (where he was born) in family court). The final court date is scheduled for 9/12/19, however we have been advised that even after the final ruling it will be 6-8 weeks before we receive any paperwork, including his amended birth certificate listing us as his parents. For his first 2 cruises, we were able to obtain a certified/notarized letter from LA Family court listing us as his guardians and prospective adopted parents, as well as granting us permission to obtain a temporary passport on his behalf, which we did. However, the US Dept of State put an expiration date on that passport of 12 months, as I assume that is what they deemed the appropriate time for the adoption to be finalized. It expired in June 2019, and we submitted all the necessary (and same as the first time) paperwork to renew his passport for this cruise we have upcoming in October. On Friday, we received a letter stating that the submitted documents no longer are accepted under the United States travel policy, and that we need to submit an original birth certificate listing us as the minor's parents in order to obtain a passport. I immediately called the number on the letter and explained everything to the woman I spoke with. While polite and cordial, in short she told me "tough" and that there was nothing she could do as this was the regulations of the law. I asked if there was a supervisor I could explain the situation to, and offered to send the most recent letter we received from LA family court listing the adoption finalization date, prior to the cruise, but that we would not receive the birth certificate until after the cruise due to the backlog of cases. She put in a request to speak to a supervisor, and indicated one should call me back in 10-14 business days!!! (what?!?!) As the cruise is in less than 2 months, as you can imagine, we are past final payment. We are going to Canada and New England (if that helps). But we're unsure what to do here. Is a passport required for a child under 2? Can we get away without one, although he have no other ID for him as his legal name is still his birth name, which is different as mine/wife's last name. Are we basically screwed here and can't go on this cruise? Any help would be appreciated, and sorry for the long post.
  8. Still a sizable savings, and by no means am I defending NCL's current price increases (heck that's why we are trying MSC to begin with), but not quite as big a price difference as the $4k per person.
  9. So I guess I'm not getting it 😞
  10. I was told when I booked that for Bella rooms, there is a charge for all kids program choices. But for Fantasica and above, it is free. That was definitely a swaying point in us booking a higher up package as our son will be 2 when we cruise in October. Hopefully I wasn't misinformed?
  11. I don't think this is an apples to apples comparison, as to the best of my knowledge, there are no inside Haven rooms. All are balcony rooms, and most are considerably bigger than your average room and balcony. A YC inside room vs. a Haven balcony room is not a fair comparison. What would a YC balcony room with comparable size have cost in comparison to that same Haven room you priced out?
  12. Open up an NCL credit card. Pay for the cruise, plus you'll get some OBC
  13. We're 9 weeks out from our cruise. When do the bid emails go out? And are the random like NCL, or does everyone receive them?
  14. I posted on the MSC boards since lack of response here, and got an answer. They don't have casino cards like NCL. Your ship card is used in the casino and inserted into slot machines. And you can charge your room (without any fee) when the card is in the machine. As for tables, he believes it works the same, with the card being given to the pit boss to take money out, but he is not a table player so couldn't say 100% sure. Do like the no fees. Don't like that I have to type in my number over and over every machine I go to. Would rather just take a sum of cash in 1 transaction, but I guess that's not doable.
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