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  1. Great week reading your Live cruise. I try to read all of your Live Cruises threads. Although Norwegian Cruise Line is the line of choise for my wife & me still love your reports. Thanks, and a safe journey home. Will look forward to your posting some more of your pictures. Charles PS: I know you are a travel agent, Do you lead groups on your cruises?
  2. Radio, Looking froward to your live posts. This morning it was 4 degrees below zero here in Chicago. Charles
  3. Does someone know where the current cruise to Bermuda is now. From the weather reports Bermuda is either in a hurricane now or one is about to arrive there. Charles
  4. Radio, Will be following your live posts from the Explorer of the Seas. Enjoyed your live posts on the Norwegian Cruise Line's Majesty & the Spirit and will look forward to this one from the Explorer of the Seas. Charles
  5. tuffy88

    Bayside-Holliday Inn

    We stayed at the Crown Plaza last October. Are they connected to the Holliday Inns? They both have a "priority club" card. If so I don't know if that card will do any good at the Holliday Inn. Charles
  6. tuffy88

    Bayside-Holliday Inn

    Thanks all for the response. It was helpfull. Charles
  7. tuffy88

    Bayside-Holliday Inn

    We are booking a cruise on the Pearl next October and want to stay at the Bayside Holliday Inn near the the Port of Miami. Has anyone stayed there? And what are their prices? Thanks. Charles
  8. tuffy88

    Star coming to Tampa!!

    Do you know who will replace the Star on the Mexican Pacific Coast cruises? Charles
  9. tuffy88

    Pearl or Sun??

    We have been on the Sun 2 times and loved her over all. One thing about the Sun that could be improved is the beffet. The Pearl buffet stations were much better last October when we were on her. Does anyone know if the Sun has changed its buffet to stations from what used to be a caffertia line? Charles
  10. tuffy88

    The former Norwegian Crown

    Parsman & White Star, Thanks. That is what I wanted to know. Charles
  11. The Norwegian Crown went to the Fred Olson lines several years ago. Can someone tell me what its new name is now? And where is it cruising now? Had heard it was back in Ft Lauderdale for the winter Carribean cruises, but did not know that Fred Lewis had any ships sailing in the Carribean. Thanks. Charles
  12. tuffy88

    Favorite NCL Ship?

    Have cruised on the Crown, Wind, Sun(2 times), Sky, Spirit, Pearl(2 times) and the Jewel (2 times). My favorite is the Sun where we cruised once to the Western Carribean and on the second Sun cruise through the Panama Canal. Charles
  13. Look forward to your reports, Radio. Thanks. Charles
  14. tuffy88

    NCL Pearl "cheat-sheet"

    I would liike a copy also. Thanks. c.leary@comcast.net
  15. tuffy88

    NCL Majesty review

    scchasgal, Thanks. Charles