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  1. I called in to MSC cruises. Their customer service is a little weak but after going around a few times with them I finally got an answer. This is an old drink package which has less on it than the current Easy Package and the 15% gratuity is not included when you do get drinks. It was recommended that I switch to the Easy Package to get better selection and eliminate paying a gratuity every time. The person I spoke to was not very knowledgeable about the packages. MSC needs to work on getting their staff better equipped to answer questions or make their website better for answering questions.
  2. My wife and I booked this Meraviglia cruise out of Miami in January 2020 over a year out. On our paperwork, the drink package is listed as OBS FREE UNLIMITED DRINKS. Does anyone here know which drink package that is? The MSC site is pretty much useless for looking up this kind of information. Thanks for any help. Mike
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