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  1. You're right, my mistake, it was the Virtuosa. I'm trying to edit my post to correct it but can't figure out how. Glad you can recommend Virtuosa, I will definitely consider it. Some time ago the reviews of MSC were rather negative but recently people generally seem very pleased with it. Alison
  2. I was on a Stenaline ferry from Belfast to Liverpool on Thursday, and we sailed very close to the docked MSC Ventura, which looked lovely. I've always previously had a prefererence for smaller ships, but the Ventura looked very tempting. Alison
  3. Just got an email about Oceans benefits. Current discounts on fares, purchases and excursions still apply, but there is a problem with onboard gifts, cocktail parties and phone lines. I won't really miss the benefits that may not be available, but somehow I felt the email was a bit of an insult - surely they should be courting the loyalty of Oceans members at this time and not cutting back on benefits; there may be Covid reasons for the cocktail parties but it can't be that difficult to get some promotional items as onboard gifts.What do others think?
  4. I notice online that the Morocco cruise I am booked on in November features a book club - 3 interesting looking titles and discussion will be led by entertainment staff. Sounds like a positive addition to onboard activities (though slighty surprised they didn't choose at least one title set in Morocco), I assume this will be happening on some other cruises from now on Alison
  5. Having booked a Greenland cruise with Ambassador, I've started an Ambassador topic on the 'Other Cruise lines' forum. I did hesitate before booking because of the comments on this forum, but as the price for 3 weeks in a single outside cabin was less than the cost of a single inside on a 14 day cruise on my usual choice of Fred Olsen, and the cruise visits multiple Greenland ports while Fred only goes to 3 which I've already been to, I decided to give it a try. I've never been on CMV.
  6. I have just booked on Ambassador's Greenland cruise departing June 2022. I understand this is a reincarnation of the failed CMV, . I never travelled on that, usually being a Fred Olsen cruiser, but I was attracted by the itinerary (many ports in Greenland - Fred Olsen cruises usually limited to 3 Greenland ports) and the price (Outside single on 3 week cruise for less than an inside on 2 week cruise with Fred Olsen) I thought I would start a new topic for Ambassador Cruises discussion.
  7. I'm interested to know, from anybody who has got information about shore excursions recently, what the cost of shore excursions is like now - does it seem to be higher because of a captive audience, or lower because they will probably sell more as it is the only way to go ashore?
  8. I just got written confirmation from Fred Olsen today about new Covid policies. It confirmed that one can only 'socialise' with one's table companions. As someone who is generally a solo traveller, this seems a lot better than not being able to mix with anyone during the cruise, but I am thinking that meeting one's table companions on the first evening is going to be more nerve-wracking than usual. It also confirmed that 2 vaccinations are required and that people can only go ashore on shore excursions. I generally like to explore independently in most places but I suppose this is a price we have to pay for cruising restarting - I hope it changes over time.
  9. I'm thinking about a Princess cruise from Southampton to the Baltic, but I've never been on a Princess cruise before. I'll be a solo traveller. For anyone who has sailed on Princess and also with P&O or Fred Olsen, how does it compare?
  10. They asked me for: Airline Point of departure Point of arrival Flight Numbers Hotel details if staying prior to the cruise Estimated time of boarding Boudicca (they have already given a time frame of 2.00-5.00pm) I provided this information willingly on this occasion because I only arrive one day in advance of the cruise and if I was uncontactable on a delayed long-haul flight at the supposed time of boarding, it would be good that they had some information about where I was and how long I was likely to be delayed. Nevertheless I absolutely agree with Tring about being asked for unnecessary information. One can never be too careful these days about where one's information is floating around the internet accessible to hackers and others (Hello, burglars wanting to know when I'll be away from my house). Despite GDPR, I think there are still privacy concerns and we're all going to need to be more cautious about leaking unneccessary information.
  11. I'm booked on a Fred cruise from Cairns, Australia in Jan, and I was phoned yesterday by someone from the Fred Olsen office and asked for information about my flights etc, apparently so that they could contact me if there was any change in arrangements. It makes a lot of sense for them to have this, but I have never been asked for it before when joining a Fred cruise abroad on a 'cruise only' basis, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this, ie if it is now standard practice when joining abroad independently. If not, I wonder if they are predicting some sort of issue arising on thie particular cruise
  12. I think Fred must be reconsidering the British Nights, because I have just got details of formal nights etc on a 2 week cruise from Cairns to Bali, and it is stated that there are 2 formal nights and one 'Tropical' night. A much better idea in my opinion.
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