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  1. You also received an email from kathymccarty99@hotmail.com awhile ago. Probably the first one you've received. She is waiting for your reply and asked me to reply to you on Cruise Critic as she is not at her computer. Pls reply to her first. Thx 😄
  2. I think Jim is currently performing in the District Brew House on the Joy. Could someone confirm this, and also find out when he is departing from Joy? Thx.
  3. Does anyone know which deck we board on, forward, mid-ships, or aft, on the Joy in San Pedro?
  4. I will have a good amount of non-refundable OBC from NCL on my next cruse. May I use it to purchase CN certificates?
  5. Thanks, Bird....you are always such a help. We have good reservations for Footloose and Elements so will get a comedy show or 2 and then lock in 2 nights dining since we have Teppanyaki lined up already.
  6. Due to a significant price drop after final payment, we were upgraded from a BA to an aft B1 (nice!) on Joy for our Mexico cruise. However, having just checked MyNCL, all of my dining and entertainment reservations were apparently lost in the transition. I called NCL Reservations and of course now at 89 days, all good dining times are unavailable, though we did get entertainment times we wanted. I'm aware NCL holds back a large amount of reservations which can be made upon boarding the ship so I'm not too concerned. My question is, on Joy, other than trying to login to MyNCL in the terminal, or rushing to individual restaurants, is there a central location to go to make dining reservations on board other than the touch screens near the elevators?
  7. My Joy Mexico cruise dropped $672 from when I booked it so I called my online TA who called NCL. We are 80 days out. She was told they would not give OBC as long as there were upgrades available which there were. We were upgraded from our BA to a B1 aft balcony. Not worth $672 but a darn sight better than nothing!
  8. Seems there are a couple of them, but not many people on them and nothing for sale. Hoping someone on this board may come through with a couple.
  9. The thread below by comp830 has gotten quite long and confusing. I am looking for 2 x $250 CN certificates for a cruise in April 2020. Willing to pay $125 each which is the cost on board ship. Please reply here as I check this site numerous times daily. Thanks.
  10. Birdie and Sue......is that the Dec 1 Joy to MX cruise?
  11. Thanks. I found some Alaska dailies which indicate as stated by Monique above. I'll go with that and make changes later if required.
  12. Final payment date tomorrow and then 10 more days to hit the 120 day mark when I can make dinner and show reservations. Since this cruise is only the second of the season to MX, I obviously have no dailies to refer to regarding the days and time of the shows. Would any of you CC experts care to venture an educated guess as to the days and time of the shows on Joy, specifically Footloose and Elements? I realize that the reservations I make now can easily be changed once on board, but I'd really like to try to nail things down at the 120 day mark. This cruises embarks on Sunday, Dec 1. Thanks.
  13. Thanks, ddlb. I'll do that early on in the cruise to see if it works. I will have no other OBC and the DSC has been paid in advance by my TA. If anyone else on an earlier cruise (mine is Dec 2019) wants to try this and report back it would be appreciated.
  14. Still unsure. In Post 16 above, ddlb clearly states it can be used while in post 9 Pcakes 122 says absolutely not. Finally, in post 22 tokidoki says they definitely did so just last month. My OBC is the result of $50 pp booking award from NCL plus $100 for being a latitudes cruise and another $100 for using 2 CruiseNext certificates. All clearly non-refundable OBC. I would hate to download $300 on my ship card in the casino and cash out the machine ticket for cash at the casino cashier, only to get my final bill with a $300 charge on my credit card and still have $300 OBC which I would lose. Thoughts? WWYD (what would you do?)
  15. I believe I've read on CC that non-refundable OBC, such as one receives from NCL, may not be used in the casino. However, I recall reading here in the past that there are ways (wink wink) to get around this situation. Can anyone enlighten me as to how to use NCL or other non-refundable OBC in the casino?
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