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  1. thanks miller cruiser for info we haven't been on transatlantic before but we are very much looking forward to it we are up for an Halloween party as well. I will get her who must be obeyed to have a look on facebook
  2. we are going on marella explorer 2 on the 30th October re positioning cruise naples to Caribbean, does anyone know if they put on an Halloween party on the ship cos my other half and my sister are going to bring some masquerade ball type masks if they do. 6 weeks to go cant wait anyone else going ?
  3. hi I like to browse the marella cruises website, I have just tried it and cant get on, is the site down for maintenance or what, any info please
  4. thanks for the total agreement brummijam, I don't think I will get many but that's ok got wide shoulders. bring on the outrage. the point about the mdr being left half full on dress to impress night is the best, cant see marella letting that happen they would have a queue from the buffet to the bridge to get in lol. 50 years ago very few people went on a cruise and if you did I suspect most nights would have been full formal dress. these days cruising is in the reach of most and more every year are younger, these kids in the main don't go on holiday to look like they are at tea with the queen.
  5. times are a changing people, there is no real dress code on marella anymore. sure its there if you want to dress up and make the effort as you call it but most of the younger crowd and some older don't fancy it and prefer to be laid back on their holls. as for implying that they should be asked to dine in the buffet on these fancy occasions well its their holliday as well and if marella think its ok then ime good with that. some of you people think that maybe they are on the wrong cruise, well maybe its you people who are on the wrong cruise, after all you could book a cunard ship or even one of those eye watering new 6 star jobs like silver sea ect as I know they have a more strict dress code. like I said times are a changing and a younger crowd, more innovation and more things to do now. one of the old traditions (dressing up) is fading away and in maybe 10 years will be virtually dead. jack was in steerage on the titanic but nowadays he is in all cabins on the ship and you cant ask him to dine in the café cos you don't like his/ her attire. just for the record I am a pants and shirt guy at night but that's my choice
  6. yeah, thanks for that info kopite96 its good to know who and where i suppose the next question is are they good bands, been on a few marella/tui/thomson ships and cant say i have heard any bad groups. many thanks
  7. hi can anyone tell me where the live bands and singers perform in on marella explorer 2. the squid and anchor along with quiz and karaoke, but where else ? on discovery they have the live room a great venue that hosts live groups/ singers and bandjam. do they use the indigo bar ? also what are the bands and singers names. thanks for any info. are they as good as b12
  8. its a supply and demand thing ime afraid, if a particular cruise is selling fast the price can go up, and when its not doing so good they drop the price. they will try to fill as many cabins as they can.
  9. they do the north sea off Norway and above it in winter months so they get to see the northern lights. you cant see them in the summer because it is permanent daylight at that time of year. the ship would have coped just fine if not for engine failure
  10. hi babby dont know about chaweng beach we didnt go. we came back from cable car direct to the ship from memory it was 35/40 mins. we were at a beautiful beach before that and i think it was about 15 mins to cable car from there. we were out most of the day in langkawi, the driver even wanted to take us somewhere else but we opted to go back to the ship. all for the all in price of 200 ringitts was well impressed. looked on tui website yesterday and a grand suite was advertised for 2500 quid to fly out this thursday. oh to be retired we could not pass on that. enjoy your cruise
  11. hi babby, can only tell you what we did in langkawi. got our own taxi, agree a price don't go for the hoard of them walk further away and get a better price. for only the 2 of us the guy took us virtually all around island and stopped at all the places we wanted and for as long as we wanted, he even waited while we went up the cable car and we were gone over 2 hours took us to lovely beach and big eagle and other places. all day with taxi man and he only wanted 200 ringits (about 40 quid) told us lots of stuff on the journey in his air con taxi we were so impressed we gave him 220 and he was very grateful. cable car price 45ringitt each and skyglide 15 each.an well worth to do skyglide cos it takes you to the sky bridge and its a must do. if you don't pay the 15 you can walk down the steps to sky bride that would be ok but then you walk back up (need to be fit) for 3quid ime on the skyglide can buy all at the ground cable station. (tip, don't get off the cable car at the first station you are not at the top yet, we nearly did so stay put and get off at next station and marvel at the view then go to the skyglide that takes you to the sky bridge. you will love it
  12. saigon was great experience, travel to form was about 1hour 30 guide on bus gives you map and loads of info. drop off and pick up is at bitexco building. air con shops inside and toilets and money exchange. about 4 million scooters on roads in saigon, crazy mad crossing road they even ride on the pavement when there is no more room on the road lol. guide on bus will tell you dont argue with cars,bus or lorries but cross road slowly steadily dont stop and face turned to see the mopeds and they will navigate around you.watch the locals do it, its great fun, no other way to get to other side. we chose to walk to sites, the post office and notre dam cathedral next to each other, not far to war museum, and markets and lots of little places for drink, food and coffee. didnt use taxi but are cheap,as always agree price and make sure you are talking in dong, but i think they will accept american dollers. you will have a great time,. i wish we had longer there. well bon voyarge on wednesday. jammy buggers. ps also went to kl on marella bus as that is a long way too worth it though.
  13. hiya redsails9 we took us dollers partly to spend in cambodia cos cambodian reals is a closed currency, so no point bringing it back and everyone there take us dollers but dont change large notes like 20 or 5o dollers unless you buy something for that cos you may get local money back. it turned out that the ship add the visa money to your on board account in brit pounds it was £24.50 each, so then i had to many us dollers , cabin lad got these. i looked on line and found a local tour company called sihanoukville guide tours its run by a local lady called aya she has a few guys as local guides and we ended up in a minibus with 7 of us. it was a good day tour for 5o us each they will meet at port gate. see my post called cambodia visa and currency that i posted in november i think cos i was asking the same questions then. in fact i think you have a reply on there. on my post you will see some of the others who joined us on the tour asking me questions. if you need any more info about anything please get in touch, i know its only a away week so happy cruising 8 months to our next one
  14. yeah thanks for that redsails9. elma got moved on our second week from live room to bar11 but he was always at pool bar on deck 9 in afternoon. i will do all your ironing and carry your bags if you can get us back on the ship lol 11 hour flight out is hard but what the heck your on your jollies, 13 hour flight home its a killer, we could put up with it though, we still sooooooo jelous
  15. so redsails9 the squid and anchor has been done up a bit as far as the furnishings go it does mostly as before with gameshows and quiz but the 2 live bands alternate in there and they have karaoke as well, but the best room to watch a live band is the live room. look out for the band jam which they put on in the live room it is really good and involves all the live musicians. we are really jelous of you you will have a great time do us a favour at the pool bar in the afternoon and in bar 11 at night say hello to elma the barman we have known this chap for years he was always on marella celebration but now marella discovery he is a great bloke to know tell him graham says hiya pal thanks
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