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  1. Heading to ST Maarten early August and having trouble deciding what to do. Leaning toward a catamaran tour but still not sure. I was wondering if this port is open to 3rd party vendors. Usually when available we get off the boat and pick something from the local tour companies. That way we know the weather and like that bit of spontaneity. (and yes, there are times when we book a full blown tour way in advance if there is something very specific we want to do.) But we have never been to St Maarten so not sure. Thanks.
  2. Your lucky then. The Allegiant flights out of Chattanooga only go to Orlando and Tampa. And the orlando flights are only on Sunday and Thursday. I wish we had a Saturday Flight. But Delta out of Chattanooga has a good record for the last couple of years.
  3. Thanks for the advice fellow travelers. I will consider you advice.
  4. Thanks again for the reply's. As you can probably guess some things are out of my control. Day, Time,,,, I work with what they decide. Wedding Friday night, cannot change, Cruise Saturday, although there are some cruises that leave on Sunday this is the one they picked, so cannot change. Plus due with work and stuff they want the traditional honeymoon following the wedding. My job is just to do the best i can. OS Cabin and put my credit card on file for charges. TIME OF YEAR, several of you asked about that and hesitant to say, but AUGUST. I KNOW, risk goes up. But i'm a firm believer in luck. Last year i book a cruise on same day as Charleston got hammered and another storm was going beside St Thomas. We had perfect weather and calm water. You can book the perfect time and get storms. Flight. Flying Delta between Chatt and Atlanta and they have a pretty good record. I travel often and have cruised about 7 times, just never out of Fort Lauderdale so was mostly concerned about travel time at to and from. THanks.
  5. Thank you for the advice fellow travelers. I will go ahead and bite the bullet and book an earlier flight. PS. Booking a honeymoon cruise for my Son. Getting Married the night before and planning on booking a nice hotel the night before. Did not want them spending their honeymoon night traversing airports. Also didn't want them getting up at 4am to catch the first flight out of Chattanooga. I will try to find a compromise with an earlier flight or a closer hotel and give them at least another hour of leeway.
  6. Just wanted to verify, if we have a flight arriving at 12:54 at the Fort Lauderdale airport, with checked luggage, will there be any problems making it to the Port Everglades Carnival Magic. And with that being said, is a Taxi the fastest/easyist method? THanks.
  7. I am also doing this same cruise in Sept and wanted to thank everyone for this information.
  8. Thanks guys, I will check out the tour companies and appreciate the geographical advice. Helps to plan.
  9. Thank you. That explains alot. Carnival ship monopoly on excursions. (or close to it)
  10. going to amber cove in Sept on Carnival Magic. Would like to find taxi for four adults with tour and shopping, then get taken to beautiful beach. Then grab another taxi back to ship later. I understand taxis are outside pier, short walk and a ‘handler’ to arrange, what beach would you recommend for swimming and lounging with food and facilities and taxis available for return trip? Thanks, advice appreciated.
  11. Anyone have any information they care to share on this?
  12. we normally get off the boat and talk to guides or taxis and pick a tour then. Not all ports do this, so first want to verify this an option at PR. Then more specific we like to get a tour of city and then go to a beach where we can get drinks and sit in the shade then catch a cab back to ship. Your advise would be appreciated. Thanks.
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